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Grow with business SMS marketing

Business text messaging for small, medium and large businesses dominates in today's fast-paced world; email marketing is virtually dead. Business SMS marketing has the highest open rates of any marketing channel at over 95% open rate within the first three minutes. That means out of 100 text messages sent, 95 people will have seen it and read it on their phone within the first three minutes. That is pretty amazing. And, business text messaging is just getting better every single day.

How Companies Are Using Business Text Messaging

Textedly has thousands of business customers of every size. Small business. Medium business. Large business... all of them taking advantage of the benefits SMS business marketing provides over traditional marking campaigns:

New customers

Our Keyword campaigns are a simple tool we provide to help businesses grow their list of opt-in Subscribers

Discounts & alerts

Mass text messaging build customer awareness, drive people to your stores, and rapidly increase sales overnight.

Customer service

Many small, medium, and large businesses uses SMS text messaging to send their employees and customers alerts, notifications, and reminders. 


Run your entire business over text messaging  Billing, Marketing, Finance, HR  insure that your business runs effectively

Many of the world's largest businesses use SMS text marketing to generate new customers, spike their sales, and build brand awareness. Amazon, Wal-Mart and Starbucks are three massive businesses that send out very rewarding SMS marketing campaigns. The awesome news is that your business does not have to be a gigantic business to start using SMS marketing and sending out your business text messages. You can start today and watch as SMS marketing begins to have a rapid impact on your business - both now, and on into the future. Textedly will help guide you every step of the way of the way with our personal touch on-boarding process. Learn about Textedly's advance set of SMS marketing features. Our pricing plans are the absolute best in the industry. Send business SMS text marketing messages at a fraction of the cost of old-school business email marketing. Do not delay. Get your small business, medium business, large business, or any organization for that matter started today!

SMS marketing service

SMS business marketing services is so powerful for your business, that if you are not doing it now, you need to start immediately. Notice this important point again, 95% of SMS text messages are opened within the first three minutes of receiving the text message on your phone. Would you like to get new customers and driving more sales for your business? Business SMS marketing performs 5x to 6x times better than online advertising. Business texting and SMS marketing campaigns that include a coupon have a customer use rate of up to 8x times higher than coupons located on a paper flyer, or to an old-fashioned email that they have to print out.

Steps to begin text messaging service for your business

When starting a SMS text message marketing campaign for your business, you need a lineup of subscribers to send your text messages to. An opt-in subscriber list is easy to build with custom Keywords that you create inside your Textedly platform. You then can put your Keyword on your website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even your Snapchat account, as well as any printed material at your store location, inviting customers to text your custom Keyword to the short code 33222. For example, try it right now. Type the word "TEXT" on your mobile phone to the short code 33222. And you will immediately see how it works.

With Textedly, Keywords are always included in all of our subscription packages for all business types and sizes, including small business. You will have free premium access to a highly ranked short code 33222. You can start using it today for your text message marketing for small business campaigns and start building your opt-in list right away. When a mobile phone user opts into your SMS marketing campaign by texting your custom Keyword to 33222, they are instantly added to your list of subscribers. They can now receive subsequent SMS or MMS text marketing messages from you and your business at a future time and date that you designate.

Textedly's business text messaging online platform

When you decide to move forward and commit your business to our text messaging services, you will get instant online access and you can start using Textedly's SMS business marketing platform right away. All you need is one of the following, either a Computer, Laptop, Microsoft Surface, Mobile Phone (such an iPhone or Android phone), or Tablet such as an iPad. 

Essentially, our seamless web online platform can be accessed from any Internet enabled device. You simply log into your account at www.textedly.com, choose your subscribers, write your text message, and click send. Within seconds your subscribers and customers will be seeing and reading your marketing text message on their mobile phones. This system is perfect for all types of organizations, yes small business, medium and even super large businesses. Keep in mind that medium and large businesses are already using SMS marketing. On the remainder of this post, we will really be focused on helping evangelize the benefits of SMS marketing for your business. Letting you know that you too can join in on this powerful SMS texting marketing tool for your business. If you haven't already, try our online marketing platform today with a FREE 14-Day trial!

After sending your mass text message, you can deep dive into the analytics that we provide on each and every text messaging campaign. Inside your online platform you can instantly review delivery rates, advanced analytics, and any new sales you may get as a result of your text blast. If your subscribers reply to any one of your blast business text SMS marketing messages, their replies are received right inside your Textedly online platform. These replies are not a mass reply to ever phone number in your list, but rather the reply is just back to you within your online platform Inbox section. You can even choose to get instant alerts anytime a subscriber replies to one of your mass text messages. The message analytics page can help you enhance your SMS marketing efforts for your business in order to achieve better response rates in your future SMS texting campaigns, all the while increasing engagement with your business texting customers.

Increase sales with business SMS text marketing

Without a doubt, text message services for business that include a sales advertisement is a fantastic way to get new mobile subscribers to your business and in turn drive new revenue through the roof! But did you know, that as well building a nice opt-in list of mobile subscribers, a business text message campaign can also help you hold onto your customers long term. By sending weekly text message incentives, sales-offers, vouchers, and promos, business text messaging can encourage business allegiance, as well as customers returning to your business every week, if not every day. As they purchase more from your businesses, communication will spread, and your sales will sky rocket!

Another great way to increase customers with business SMS marketing is through questioning. Yes, simple questions. Keep in mind that your customers always have the right answers, and when they are expressing their ideas, you usually see beyond just your business, and see what the customers really want. Send out a blast text message to your customers asking them - for instance - if you should start to offer vegan meals at your restaurant? That is a great way of using text message marketing for business that would generate a lot of engagement and help you be better successful. Can you start to visualize the many benefits that can come to your business when you use SMS marketing?

Business SMS marketing controls

Businesses of every type and size must ensure they are engaged in a responsible, permission-based text marketing campaign. Before using the platform, you should review and abide by all federal, state, and local laws, including, but not limited to, the following, and to check for any revisions, as they may be amended over time.

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA")
  • Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act of 2003
  • Mobile Marketing Association ("MMA") U.S. Consumer Best Practices Guidelines for Messaging
  • CTIA - The Wireless Association - Best Practices and Guidelines for Location-Based Services

Starting your small business text message service

Textedly is The World's Best Text Messaging Company. Textedly is a leading provider of SMS marketing services for business. For years, Textedly has provided a state-of-the-art online web-based software-as-a-service platform for thousands, and thousand, and thousands of businesses of all types. This is your personal invitation try Textedly's text message service for your small business for free. We don't believe our superior services should be bogged down with unwanted commitments, so there is no obligation on your part. You don't even need a Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or Discover card to get started. There are no up-font meticulous onboarding charges. Zero accountability to continue if you find that SMS text marketing for your small business is not for you.

To get started right now with our free text message service for small business, CLICK RIGHT HERE ON THESE CAPITAL WORDS.  We will even have one of our awesome Customer Success Managers contact you, and help guide you through the onboarding process, answer any questions you may have, and show you all the great features that are at your deposal for your small business marketing texting needs. Alternatively, if you have any in-depth questions before getting started you can contact one of our Success Managers by calling them directly at our toll-free number 1-866-611-3050. When you do decide to get started, each business customer will get their very own custom Keyword. You choose what you want your Keyword to be, and you can use it right away and start having people text your Keyword to 33222. Building your business customer subscriber list immediately is one of the features of our Free trial.

Textedly's small business texting platform is the fastest and most convenient way to get a rapid response. Large and medium size businesses are already doing it. Don't let the other businesses win over your customers. Use your marketing dollars on small business text message marketing. You can and will win with Textedly!

Why Use Textedly for Business Text Messaging

Send Texts from a Computer or Phone

Send text from the comfort of your computer, or mobile phone if you're on the go.

Schedule Text Messages

Schedule future texts to send out hours, days, or even weeks in advance.

Send Longer Texts

The ability to send a message with over 300 characters.

Personalize Messages

Address your subscribers personally in your texts.

Include MMS and Links

Send pictures and even shrink hyperlinks in your texts.

Email Lead Capture

Easily capture subscribers' email addresses to grow your email list.

Zapier Integration

Integrate Textedly with over 2,000 + apps that you already use.

CTIA and Mobile Carrier Services

Work to ensure your text marketing efforts are conducted the proper way.