How B2B Texting Can Help
Drive Sales & Results

Discover the multitude of ways that businesses are utilizing B2B texting to improve communication in day-to-day operations and with their clients.
The foundation of every thriving business is its ability to establish and maintain relationships. One of the best ways to cultivate relationships is by using short message service (SMS) marketing to periodically reach out to clients or provide status updates on orders. While SMS is most often associated with B2C marketing efforts, B2B marketing campaigns find similar results because of two main B2B texting benefits: standing out and getting messages across quickly. Textedly is a great tool to streamline this B2B SMS communication so you don’t have to spend the time sending out those texts manually. Here’s how B2B texting can increase your company’s sales and profits.

Optimizing Your B2B Text Messaging Efforts

SMS for B2B gives clients quick notifications about key factors that are important to them and their end customers. Today’s business leaders are equipped with a variety of technological tools that are supposed to help them to do more with less.

Mobile phones are standard issue for most of them, and they often take calls after normal business hours to make sure that small issues don’t turn into big problems. When they receive lengthy, unexpected emails from vendor partners, they usually sideline them until they have more time to give the messages the attention that they deserve. As a vendor, your time-sensitive email could sit in the manager’s inbox for several days or worse for operations, weeks. 

 B2B texting exceeds performance among other channels: 98 percent of text messages are opened by recipients. Since most business professionals always carry their phones, they open text messages within a few minutes of receiving them. SMS is a tool that allows you to effectively communicate with B2B clients in a casual way to solidify relationships or by way of B2B text notifications that dial in on shorter messages delivering only the most important details.

Common Use Cases of B2B SMS

B2B marketing strategies are often more complex than ones that are designed to attract B2C customers. As a B2B business leader, you have to understand and address the needs of your clients and their end customers. Demonstrating your company’s capabilities to do this requires that you have contact with the right decision-makers at the right time.

Sending your client a text message allows them to respond in real-time, which doesn’t happen with email messages. Communication flaws arise because context is lost when there is a long lag time between email messages. The immediacy of SMS in B2B marketing is a great benefit for financial institutions that alert investment companies about trending mutual funds, stocks, and other financial products and services that are time-sensitive. Below are just some of the ways Textedly users have taken advantage of B2B SMS marketing.

(855) 397-6679

Hi Mark,

We just received our shipment of the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-32 tires. Let me know if you still need to place an order for these!

Text STOP to end

Order Management & Logistics

By using SMS in B2B marketing campaigns, you can craft personalized, succinct messages that let your customers know that you can solve one of their pain points at the right time. For instance, you work with as a car parts distributor that has several clients around the country. Due to economic events, there’s been a surge in tire sales. In this case, you can send your order managers a text message to let them know that you’ll support their surge in tire orders with extra delivery trucks if needed.

Product & Service Updates

Establishing a client list for B2B texting will allow you to give your customers personalized service that would be hard to offer without SMS marketing services. Clients who are on your SMS marketing list will be the first to know about product upgrades and improved service offerings.

For instance, your software company just published an upgrade that improves the accuracy of your clients� inventory management systems. You send them a text to let them know how much time the new upgrade will save them and offer them a free demonstration of its features. When working with segmented groups, such as tiered product offerings (e.g. basic vs enterprise level clients), you can send direct messages to specific segments on new rollouts relative to their product tiers.

(855) 397-6679

Hi Barbara,

We just updated our platform and you now have the capability to add a total of 50 clients to our dashboard. Let us know if you would like to upgrade your subscription.

Text STOP to end

(855) 397-6679

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for trying out our product! Please let me know if you need assistance or have any further questions.

Text STOP to end

Interacting With Business Leads

According to marketing statistics, the majority of the B2B buyer’s journey is online. B2B SMS marketing gives companies an opportunity to take more market share by interacting with leads early. By using B2B text messaging you can establish a personal connection with leads before they seriously consider your competitors. These customers are more likely to buy from you or negotiate favorable purchasing terms with your company because of this personal connection that you nurtured over time with a few text messages cultivating your larger B2B marketing outreach strategy.

Gathering Client Feedback

SMS marketing also gives you timely feedback about your products and services that helps you to improve your offerings to certain customers quickly. For instance, one of your clients has a requirement to source bottled water from manufacturers that use sustainable packaging. Your company bottles water in both conventional plastic and more sustainable bioplastic. The client sends you a text that they can no longer buy bottled water from you that’s packaged in standard plastic bottles. Because of this outreach for feedback you save the day and text them back that your company can ship them water that’s packaged in eco-friendly bottles composed of bio-based plastic made from sugarcane.

(855) 397-6679

Hi John,

Were you happy with your most recent order?

Please respond YES or NO

Text STOP to end

How is SMS Used for Sales?

Business clients often need more information to make decisions than B2C consumers. While they’re online searching for information about your competitor’s product, you’ll be able to text them a link to your content that shows them the value of your product for their specific needs.

B2B SMS Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

Business leaders use B2B SMS for both marketing and B2B sale efforts. B2B Sales have become more efficient and have upgraded their lead generation to include drip-campaigns for B2B texting. For B2B lead generation, you’ll want to segment your SMS client list. Add your client list into your subscribers list on Textedly, and then filter them into specific groups. Segmenting your list for B2B texting allows you to send relevant content to potential clients and avoid overloading them with information that they don’t need or want.

You can engage existing customers and prospects by:

  • Asking the right sales questions so B2B customers want to buy upfront
  • Testing short pitches to sales qualified leads
  • Offering free trials complete with a series of follow up messages for feedback/sign-up post trial

While you want every B2B customer and prospect to be on your SMS marketing list, some customers may not be the right fit for your offerings. You’ll want to make it easy for your customers and prospects to opt-in and opt-out of your SMS marketing list. With Textedly, subscribers can easily text a keyword to both opt-in and opt-out of your texts. Narrowing this list results in warmer leads in the long term. 

 B2B text messaging is an effective way to improve sales and profits. The best part about including SMS into your B2B marketing strategy is its low cost to get started and its ROI. SMS is an emerging inbound marketing channel that’ll help you to keep pace with the evolution of the B2B market space.