Black Friday Text Marketing:
Creating the Perfect Black Friday

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Black Friday is one of the busiest times of the year with numerous business transactions and sale campaigns.

Black Friday text marketing has become a way to amplify mobile sales as consumers look at product deals before, on, and after Black Friday. Take these sets of ideas to plan Black Friday deals ahead of time and develop a creative Black Friday SMS strategy for promoting your products. 

 A fully thought-out Black Friday text campaign includes messaging weeks before the holiday begins, often providing early deals. On the day of Black Friday marketers send a series of custom alerts throughout morning, evening, and most commonly, leading up to midnight.

Marketers should be capturing post holidays sales just as aggressively in their Black Friday text campaigns. This may be adding in short-lived extended sales or notifications on re-stocked items. With 70% of sales transaction on portable devices and Cyber Monday bringing in $9.4 billion more online sales than Black Friday, your Black Friday texts should carry into the weekend.

4 Reasons Black Friday Texting is Taking Off

Shopping events and exclusive product offers are common during any special holiday season, such as Christmas, Cyber Week and Cyber Monday, but a great percentage of a business's revenue is primarily generated during a Black Friday sales campaign every year because Black Friday is popular among consumers who expect to find amazing deals on products. In-person shopping has been a traditional method of Black Friday shopping, but mobile shopping has begun to rise in today's digital world.

Based on a study done by Salesforce, mobile shopping is an ever growing trend for many businesses since retailers promote their products a few weeks prior to Black Friday. These are the results of the study:

  1. About two-thirds of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, which includes smartphones and tablets.
  2. About half of all Black Friday transactions were done by customers who used a mobile device rather than visiting a store.
  3. The usage of business text message notifications increased over 159% for Thanksgiving deals and 29% for Black Friday deals within the years of 2017 and 2018.
  4. Both push notifications and SMS message notifications have increased in usage from customers and businesses by about 57% since 2017.
Text marketing should not be the only marketing method for Black Friday, instead think of it as a part of an aggressive holiday strategy. Businesses that think to include Black Friday texting reap the benefits and win over a huge portion of sales their competitors overlook during the entire holiday week.

Tips for Sending Black Friday Texts

In the past, businesses mostly used emails or in-store advertisements to show Black Friday deals and special product offers to their customers. However, emails require customers to open them, which may not happen, and in-store advertisements require people to be physically present in a store. Conversely, you can launch a text marketing campaign with Textedly to administer your Black Friday marketing. If you implement an appealing strategy for sending a Black Friday text message to your customers, you can quickly promote your products and have customers notice your brand. Here are some tips for sending a Black Friday SMS text.
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Increase Audience Anticipation

As a business, you should update your customers on any new opportunities that they will have by sending them advertising SMS message notifications if they have opted-in to the service for updates on sales and new products. You can engage your customers and encourage them to participate in your Black Friday sales campaign by sending them Black Friday sale text messages about product launches, exclusive deals for some products, previews of products and flash sales.

Plan Your Send Time

The time that you decide to send out Black Friday text messages determines how your customers will make their decisions in participating in your sales event. The time of day and how you promote your content influences your sales campaign. If you promote your products at a close time to Black Friday, then customers may not be responsive. However, if you send your promotions ahead of time, then customers are likely to take action and buy your advertised products. You want customers to see your messages, so sending your messages at an early time of day will help with that.

Customize Your Content

Make your Black Friday text marketing appealing to your targeted audience. About three-quarters of customers claim that they are more responsive to personalized text messages with their names and a product that they purchased recently. Share products that reflect the inclination of your audience. Many customers who participate in Black Friday sales are women, and about half of all shoppers are part of the millennial generation. Millennials may be more inclined to purchase the latest products in technology. You can also give limited deals to your loyal clients so that they respond in a quick manner and increase business revenue.

Use a Drip Campaign

You can keep your customers engaged with your brand by sending them Black Friday messages prior to the sales event and while the sales event is occurring. You can preschedule texts that Textedly will automatically send out when you need them to but not all at once. Separate your messages with a reasonable length of time so that customers will not opt-out of receiving your notifications. Additionally, give each message one distinct purpose, such as describing an available offer during Black Friday, reminding your customers about deadlines, showcasing discount incentives and providing a customer testimonial for a product.

Provide Media-Rich Content

Supply your customers with messages notifications about products that are relevant to them. You can send images, videos and links to exhibit your products in your Black Friday text marketing. Each form of media will help your customers to engage with your brand and purchase your products. During the time of Black Friday and other close holidays, consumers are searching for items that may have been too expensive earlier in the year, so you can send text messages with links and images to new or existing products. You can also send event invitations to your customers to engage with them. 

Black Friday Text Message Ideas

Enlightening your customers through text message notifications is one way that you can encourage them to purchase your brand's products and be informed about exclusive product discounts during a Black Friday sales campaign. There are numerous types of marketing text messages that you can send to consumers so that they will be informed about your company's limited product deals and product launches. Here are some Black Friday text messaging ideas that you can use to engage your customers and encourage them to respond quickly to your deals before your Black Friday sales campaign ends and all special offers become void.

Provide a Promo Code

You can give your customers an incentive to respond to your messages and buy your product with a promotion code. You may choose to reward only customers who have been loyal to you for a limited time by giving them a special deal via text, and then you can monitor the promotion code usage. For example, you can send "Black Friday Deals - Up to $30 off any purchase. Promo Code: 9CH9JU2" to your subscribers.

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Sale Countdown

You can let your customers know about any sales that may be ending soon by sending a Black Friday message to them so that they can take action accordingly. You can issue a sales countdown that relays the ending of your Black Friday sales campaign. One example of using this type of message is saying, "No time to waste! Our brand new 54" TV sale is ending in 10 hours. Act now to claim yours."

Offer a Discount

Many shoppers value discounts on products that they want to purchase, and discounts give them an incentive to act quickly before other consumers take their special deals. You can ask your customers to text back with a specific keyword so that they will receive the discount on a future purchase. For instance, you can say, "Limited Black Friday Offer. Text 'QUESOPIZZA' to receive a $3 medium pizza with any number of toppings of your choice."

Sale Extension, One Day Only

You may want to continue showcasing your exclusive Black Friday sales even by the day’s end, so you can keep your customers informed of your campaign's status with a text message notification that alerts them of your campaign's activity. You can send them a message similar to "Our Black Friday sale is still active for the next 24 hours! Act now so that you don't miss out on our special deals and offers."

Request Phone Calls

Some businesses may primarily operate from phone call orders, so any marketing done via text can be directed toward phone call marketing. You can use a specified phone number that customers can call to receive a Black Friday deal. For example, you can send this to your customers: "Exclusive Black Friday deal - 75% gaming laptop @ Gamer's Warehouse. Call us at (100) 555-9999 today."

Exclusive Bonus Offer With Purchase

Some customers might be more motivated to purchase a product if it comes with an exclusive offer that might not have a special Black Friday deal. As an example, you can send a similar message to your customers: "Special Black Friday Deal - Receive a free 1 TB hard drive only with the purchase of a computer accessory until midnight."

Send a Link

You might not have a promo code to engage your customers with, but you can send text message links to encourage customer participation. You can use a special URL for tracking the count of all people who used the link advertisement in a similar fashion to this: "Black Friday offers are still on until Tuesday. Activate your exclusive deal by clicking here:".

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Send Survey After the Sale

As part of customer feedback, you can issue a survey to your customers and ask those who participated in a sales event about their Black Friday experience. You can use RMM to customize your survey so that it is easy to navigate and simplify it so that customers do not become discouraged and exit the survey. Customers should be able to easily submit their responses without a page redirection. 

Your marketing campaign for Black Friday sales events can be simplified by using Textedly. Textedly can give you the tools that you need to send Black Friday SMS messages to any customers who have opted-in to using the service. You can schedule specific text messages to be automatically sent to certain individuals at any time before or during Black Friday sales. You can issue links, promo codes, images of products and Black Friday sale reminders to your customers to motivate them to respond to your advertisements and help expand your business. With Textedly, you can improve your digital marketing methods.