Our story

We are a proud and happy company providing text messaging services to thousands of companies and organizations. Textedly was founded because we saw the need for a personalized service when it came to communicating with mobile phone users. Very early on, we realized mobility was changing the way we approached mass notifications. We knew the one thing missing was a seamless way of broadcasting your messages. As the world of technology developed, our company was formed. 

Quite simply, our purpose at Textedly is to power success for you!

Our team

Mountain bikers, hikers, runners, Peloton enthusiasts, to bakers, we're a diverse but very close-knit team. No, make that family! United by a passion for all things digital and to serve our customers.

Our team is your team

Our culture

Culture is the very foundation upon which everything else is built. And that's why we take a lot of care to ensure we put our culture behind every product and every customer, guided by our values and powered by our people.

Our culture is abundantly important

Our style

Textedly was built upon core principles, guiding what we do and how we do it. Each team member learns them, loves them and lives them. We always put customers at the heart of everything, informing and inspiring them all day long.

Our style is Customers first

Our home

A great team requires a great work environment. With modern offices in two vibrant cities, Los Angeles and Nashville, each has its own personality, but they're all full of smart, talented people who are dedicated to helping customers succeed.

Our home is your home

Our services

As a full service digital mobile provider, we help companies and organizations with everything they need for mass communication across all mobile phone devices.

Our services are built for you

Our impact

Through the Textedly Impact Program, we constantly push ourselves to be the best corporate citizens. Every day we arrive inspired to make an impact through our time, talents, passion and hard work.

Together we can all make a difference

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