How to Use Text Messaging for Events and Conferences

When done tastefully, using text messaging for conferences allows you to make the most of your contact lists.

It's often best to set up a central SMS tool with a dashboard like Textedly to help organizers manage the whole event. The end goal is to distribute large mass texts with the click of a button so that attendees or prospective attendees can get alerts on new speakers, increase participation, get directions, and so forth. 

Mass texts are an important way for organizers to communicate with their audience. They are also essential for helping organizers to communicate internally. They can receive directions and updates in real-time as the conference progresses.

What is Conference Text Messaging?

Conference SMS is mass texting from a user- friendly online tool. There’s so much more you can do with conference texting tool than send a plain SMS:
  • You can set up codes for VIP functions 
  • Let people check-in using their phones 
  • Poll using text messages 
  • Create live screen updates to a large TV or projector screen that allows attendees to communicate to the larger group just like an organizer would. 
  • Provide directions 
  • Run promotions.
  •  Encourage them to sign up for sessions
Conference sms is among the best ways to encourage attendees and direct engagement on priority conference topics.

How Text Messaging for Conferences Benefit Organizers

Planning for an event is intense. It requires a lot of planning and engagement from organizers to arrange one. On top of that, there is the element of trying to determine how many people wish to attend. Text messaging for conferences is one of the most powerful tools event managers can employ for their conference in the planning stage.

Besides helping potential attendees engage, organizers can benefit internally from mass texting. Text messaging for events and conferences keeps people informed as things happen, and they don't need to be near their computer to receive updates via text. Of course, it makes group conversations much easier than they would be via email.

As far as operations go, text message is practically a necessity at this point. With experience marketing increasing in popularity, the productions are getting bigger and bigger. People cannot just frequently stop and check-in at a computer while they are getting set up.

Text messaging keeps everyone in the know for operations. Individuals can give and get directions, ask questions, and ask for help much easier via text. As long as everyone isn't too busy, they should get faster results as well.

Ways to Use Conference Text Messaging for Your Event

Use the Big Screen

Also called text-to-screen, this is a way to get people engaged. Let them text one of the organizers and post it on the big screen. Depending on the type of gathering, texts might just be interesting chatter, promotions, questions and answers, or news

Follow Up With Attendees

Building relationships with attendees is essential for earning trust. You can keep the conversation going leading up to and after the gathering, or you can talk a lot during the event. Either way, people are likely to remember more names and share more.

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Follow-up can be in the form of questions, but it can also take on the form of photos or invites to follow on social media. There are numerous polite ways to follow up with people that don't involve asking too many questions.

Take a Poll

People love voting and sharing their opinion. While you can't poll too often because it may overwhelm visitors if overused, you should poll when it makes sense. There is so much information to be learned from audiences. There's a lot to be gained from well-done polls.

Share Your Sponsorships

As you text back and forth, share your sponsors' names. A little extra promotion can't hurt!

Generally, you want to avoid spamming people. Consult with an expert to find out what is the optimal amount of promotion on texts.

Skip the Microphone

Organizers don't always like using a mic to wander around and ask people questions. Allowing attendees to text the speaker their questions is a great way to keep things moving. When people have a little bit of time to think and write their questions down, you will aggregate better quality questions.

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Get Started With Event and Conference Text Messaging

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