Delivery Service Text Messages

All delivery businesses are very dependent on good customer service for long-term customer loyalty and higher-order frequency. Using a sms text delivery service is one of the best ways to ensure that customers are given full transparency of their orders.
The perfect medium to communicate with customers is through delivery service text messages with a SMS marketing software like Textedly. Most people already use text to communicate with others, so it's only smart to send food or order delivery texts for communicating with customers as well, such as a quick text when their delivery is complete.

Why Send SMS Delivery Notifications?

There are many reasons why SMS delivery notifications should be used. Customers want to know what's going on with their delivery. Customers want to know that the delivery person was sent out in a timely manner and that they can expect the delivery to arrive on time.
In addition, food delivery texts can be used to announce potential problems. For example, if the delivery vehicle breaks down, then it keeps customers in the loop. It lets customers know that you care about them. Transparency is a huge plus, especially because it empowers the customer. For example, you may decide to offer a discount for the late delivery and cold food, refund their order, or provide them credit for future use.
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Hey Melissa,

Please expect a 10-minute delay in your food delivery. We deeply apologize qnd would like to offer you a 10% off promo for your next order.

Just use code XYZ10 on your next order at checkout.

Text STOP to end

Benefits of Delivery Notifications via SMS

Delivery notifications via SMS is a great way to market to existing customers as well as bring in new customers. Here's why:
  • SMS response is 7.5x higher than email. If you're sending out a marketing campaign to generate sales, you want to be using a channel where customers are likely to respond.
  • New studies show that open rates for SMS is 98 percent. If launching a food delivery marketing campaign, the first thing you need to ensure is that your prospects and customers see the message. Many users may ignore or miss emails. SMS is very hard to miss.
  • Three-quarters of people actually don't mind promotional offers from businesses they like. If your restaurant is known for great food and service, there's no reason why you shouldn't take initiative to reach out to people with your promotions.

How to Start Sending Delivery Service SMS Messages

Now that you understand all the benefits of sending delivery service SMS messages, you'll want to get an idea of how it all works. Here's a quick overview of what you'd need to do to set up a text marketing campaign.
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  • Promote Your Keyword

    A great way to bring in more subscribers to your text messaging list is to promote your keyword. You want to promote it on your official website, physical store, promotional pieces, and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Send Delivery Service Texts

    Of course, the final step is to start sending out your delivery text. You can use a texting platform to send out delivery notifications, food-related promotions, and alerts to customers about potential delivery issues.

Sending Delivery Service SMS Messages With Textedly

Looking for a good platform to build your food delivery SMS campaign on? Textedly is an SMS marketing platform with an extensive list of features to help you take advantage of the text marketing channel and help your business food delivery business generate more sales. Sign up for a free 14-day trial today.