Enterprise Texting Solutions

Enterprise texting allows a business to leverage SMS in order to scale customer relations and communication without adding new personnel. Textedly is an enterprise texting platform for businesses that can help you take advantage of all the benefits that text messaging has to offer.

Enterprise-Level Functionality

From securely sharing information and access with the right teams, to segmentation and automated messaging, Textedly is equipped with products fit for enterprise.

Scalable, Secure Solutions

Not only does Textedly have a user-friendly interface any employee on your team can easily manage, we can scale as big as your audience needs to be.

Enterprise Text Messaging Platform Features

Textedly offers many productive features, which allow better communication between not only customers but also business-to-business. Some of the features you can expect from Textedly’s enterprise texting platform include but are not limited to:
  • Role-Based Access: Textedly allows permission to be set for each user and is customizable, to ensure not only business security but that the right people are receiving and responding to the correct information.
  • Mass Group SMS: This allows one text message to be sent to multiple people. Within seconds a text can be sent to a group of customers, saving time and money.
  • Automatic SMS Replies: Textedly allows a customer to text a keyword that triggers an autoresponder to reply with a pre-formatted message. These auto-replies can be changed often, making them scaleable to business needs.
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  • Mobile Subscription: Any customer with a mobile phone can subscribe to an SMS service by merely sending a keyword. Within this feature, different groups can be created and keyed to separate keywords. This allows a business to market to a number of different groups and ensure that they are receiving the proper internal component.
  • Data Analysis: These types of platforms allow for collecting multiple data points. Real-time data is collected, showing customer interaction times, histories, and inactivity. This data can be used to show the success of a marketing effort or to show areas of improvement in particular areas of customer service.
  • Mobile and Desktop Use: SMS communication is not limited to just a mobile phone. Internal users can use both a desktop and mobile phone to respond to customers. This allows convenience not only for the customer but also for employees.

Benefits of Enterprise Texting Solutions

Textedly's SMS platform not only provides a number of advantageous features but also offers tremendous benefits. These benefits allow for business scaling at a low cost.
Some of Textedly’s benefits that allow for modernization of marketing and communication strategies include:
  • Easy Scalability: Designed to handle any number of customers and users, this allows for endless scalability. As a business grows, SMS services evolve with the business. 
  •  Automated SMS Campaign: This allows for quick and easy marketing. Mass group SMS messages can be scheduled ahead of major events to send marketing messages to customers.
  • Simple User Interface: Textedly allows for fast training and smooth operations. This maximizes productivity. New employees can be onboarded as quickly as new customers. 
  • Technology Leverages to Lower Costs: When one person can easily send endless messages to customers, this saves time and money. Automatic replies allow customers to receive quick responses at a meager cost.
  • Unlimited Subscribers: Textedly, allows for unlimited subscribers. As a business grows, so does Textedly. This allows for tremendous scalability.

Enterprises That Work with Textedly

Before Textedly, Walmart had trouble efficiently contacting employees to confirm availability for open shifts. Now when shifts suddenly open up and need to be filled as soon as possible, Textedly provides an enterprise sms solution to quickly communicate at scale.
Jersey Mike’s Subs
When Jersey Mike’s Subs decided to get into mobile marketing, there was only one company that rose to the top. It was Textedly. When a location sends out a mass text message blast, sales of sub sandwiches increase by 50%. They send out on average a text message blast to over 6,000 mobile phone subscribers per store location. The new sales are amazing!
New York Yankees
The Yankees needed a great way to rapidly stay in contact with all of their baseball players, coaches, personnel, and front office management. Including their minor league teams across the United States, this added up to hundreds of people across the organization. They wanted to reach all of them instantly on their mobile phones. Textedly provided the Yankees with a platform that could reach all their contacts in three seconds. Textedly provided them with the only solution possible.

Enterprise Texting - FAQs

Common questions about our enterprise texting solutions.

Yes! Every enterprise is unique and may require a unique set of features. We will work with your company to build on our current enterprise features and to tailor a solution that reflects your needs.
Textedly can help monitor opens, click-through-rates, conversions, opt-outs, along with other KPIS by segment/audience. Our dashboard offers real-time activity reports on new subscribers, messages sent, and messages delivered. Subscriber data can utilize tags and location data to showcase what segments or demographics have the highest level of engagement.
Your enterprise’s data is safely secured behind the best SSL technology and encryption in the industry.
If you are looking for an enterprise texting solution to help scale your business, then look no further than Textedly. Sign up for your free trial and start sending enterprise text messages today.