2-Way SMS

A 2-way SMS system makes it easier for two parties to text each other. Whether using a computer or smartphone; a reliable online platform for 2 way text messaging becomes essential in today's hi-tech world.

2-Way Texting: What is it?

Two way SMS allows you to send and receive text messages, making it a great method for connecting with your customers and clients. 

Hi everyone! We are having a huge sale on all our keto meals. As a reminder, we are delivering all our meals to your home for free. And each meal comes with a free keto dessert. Please reply to this text to submit your order.
Thank you so much for sending this reminder text message. My name is Jessica, and I have been a member of your keto club since 2018. You have the best food in the world. Question for you. Can I place my order for the next 4 weeks?
Hi Jessica! We have your account pulled up now. Yes, I see you are a valuable member to our club. Thank you for your loyalty. Yes, you can order your next 4 weeks of food. And if you want, you can order up to 8 weeks.

How to Use Two Way Text Messaging

Using two-way text messaging becomes easy with an SMS marketing platform. Here's how to use 2-way texting in three easy steps:
  1. Organize your contacts into groups for specific types of text messaging. Or, send bulk (text blast) messages to every contact immediately. Or, select individual recipients;
  2. Create a new text message; and
  3. Send to a group or everyone, or select individuals.

2-Way SMS Benefits

Two way SMS text messaging offers many benefits. Whether you want to text to friends or family to announce a party or an event - or, your business wants to promote a new product or service to subscribers. Here are some useful features of two way text messaging:
Quick and easy-to-use interface
Reserve a keyword to start building a subscriber opt-in list
Send bulk (blast) messages to any size group instantly
Receive instant responses from text recipients
Use 2-way texting for text voting, surveys, and making RSVP for meetings or events; and
Get detailed text messaging analytics

Send Two Way SMS With Textedly

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