Auto Reply Texts

Texts are a quick way to contact and find out more information about your clients and customers. Texting platforms that include auto reply texts provide instant replies to specific keywords, giving your customers exactly what they need within seconds. Instant replies help customers feel heard and help you streamline your marketing and communication channels.

What is an SMS Autoresponder?

SMS autoresponders instantly send automated, preselected messages based on the keywords used in the text. Your customers don’t have to wait to get a reply. If they’re looking for information, an auto response text can often give that information faster than either email or in-person communication. They can also be used as part of marketing campaigns to promote sales or offer coupons.

How Auto Reply Texts Work

Auto reply texts start with your customers or clients texting your shortcode. Textedly's texting platform then scans the text looking for specified keywords prechosen by you. Within three to five seconds, they get a reply from your business with the appropriate links or message.
You select and create the messages, so they always have the most up-to-date information. Plus, you can update or change auto responses at any time.

SMS Auto Responder Uses

Text autoresponders offer a wide range of uses that add to the value of your business model. You can use auto replies to:

  • Confirm subscriptions and subscription updates
  • Confirm appointments
  • Send thank you messages
  • Send a text promotion or offer
  • Provide instructions for making updates or doing an opt-out
  • Update event schedules
  • Send links to download apps

You can decide how to best use automatic reply texts to stay engaged with customers and reduce the time it takes for your employees to sift through customer communication.

SMS Autoresponder Benefits

SMS autoresponders provide more than just instant communication, although that has to be one of the best perks. They open the door to further understanding your customers and what they’re really looking for from the businesses they frequent.

Autoresponders collect information as well as send it. With Textedly, you can see which of your keywords gets the most traffic and whether or not customers are further responding to the automated text message. That information also gives you insight into when and where customers are reaching out. Is there a geographic area that’s responding more than others? Maybe you need to adjust the keyword to reach a broader area. You can use that information to adjust advertising, signage, and other customer communication channels to make sure customers get the right information.

You also get access to if and when customers click on any included links. That information can be coupled with demographic information gathered at signup to tell who specifically responds to your messages. If there’s a group that’s consistently responding or not responding, you can adjust your message to better engage them.

When you know the numbers, you can use them to your advantage. Textedly’s autoresponder gives you the power to communicate more effectively in a way that increases leads and sales.

Last but certainly not least, people check their text messages far more than email. Marketing emails get opened six to seven percent of the time. In comparison, marketing texts get read 10 to 15 percent of the time—what a great way to instantly connect with people who are already interested in your business.

How to Set Up an Auto Text Reply

Whether you’re new to auto reply texts or a seasoned veteran, we’re here to help walk you through the process of creating an effective auto text reply. Start with keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that trigger the right SMS auto response. For example, you can tell your customers to send “SALE 2020” to your SMS short code, and they’ll receive a link to a coupon or dates of the sale.

Keyword research can help, but length of the keyword or words makes a big difference too. Autoresponders rely on the use of the correct phrase or word. For that reason, it’s best to keep it short. We’re all human, and it’s easy to mix up “SALE 2020” with “2020 SALE.” The easier the keywords are to remember, the more likely your clients and customers are to remember it correctly.

There’s no limit to the number of keywords and corresponding auto replies you set up. And remember, texting is our business. If you need help determining the right keywords or creating effective auto-replies, we provide step-by-step instructions, and some pre-written replies to get you started.

Send SMS Autoresponders With Textedly

People want easy access to information, and they don’t want to waste time scrolling through an email or listening to a robocall, trying to decide which option to choose. Businesses have to work fast to stay relevant in that kind of instant-communication world. There’s not a lot that’s more instant than SMS autoresponders.
With Textedly, we provide the instant responses your customers want with an easy to navigate dashboard. Our texting platform gives you the power to better understand your customers and tap into the patterns of behavior that increase your profits.