Schedule a Text

One of the most common questions when it comes to SMS marketing is, “How to schedule a text message?” With a text marketing platform it’s easy. Schedule a text message from your phone or computer in just three easy steps - compose your SMS message, select your recipients, and set up a time for sending your message.
Scheduled texts keep your subscribers engaged and informed about your new products and services. Use an autoresponder to automate your replies for faster engagements, or create all your marketing texts in your calendar for steady scheduling.

Scheduled Text: What is it?

With a scheduled text, or “delayed text”, you compile your messages in advance and select the date and time the message gets sent. Once the scheduled date and time approaches, the texting platform sends out your scheduled text message.

How to Schedule a Text

Scheduled texting helps remind customers of appointments, meetings, and events. SMS marketing platforms like Textedly allow you to easily schedule customized messages to individuals or a group. Our built-in calendar feature lets you schedule a single message to an individual subscriber at a specific date and time - perfect for appointment reminders or upcoming events

Scheduled Text Message Benefits

The main benefit of scheduled text messaging is helping your business prepare messages days, weeks, or even months before. Then, sending these scheduled texts on your timeline.

Scheduling text messages in advance also include these benefits:

  • Providing you time to carefully craft up the perfect text;
  • Scheduling repeat messages sent by the hour, day, month, or yearly;
  • Editing or canceling anytime to adjust your message or dealing with canceled events;
  • Never forget to send important reminders;
  • Pre-planning seasonal SMS marketing campaigns;
  • Important deadlines notifications as urgent alerts to employees before a deadline;
  • Reducing no-shows as missed appointments save you time and money;
  • Improve organization with scheduled text reminders to suppliers, delivery services, staff, customers; and
  • Reaching out to clients at convenient times based on your collected data about them.

Using Textedly to Schedule a Text Message

In just three easy steps with Textedly, you can schedule a text message. Simply compose your text message, schedule a date and time, and send.

Compose Text Message

First, you will need to compose your text message that you would like to send. Typically, the most characters (including text and links) you have to compose a text message is 160. Your text message must be simple and concise within the 160 characters limit. 

 But, with Textedly, you’re able to include over 300 characters to ensure that you cover all important details. 

 Choose ‘Send Later’ 

 Schedule your text message to send any time. You can always change the scheduled date before it sends. 

Send Scheduled Text 

 You don’t need to do anything more. Your message will be sent automatically on your scheduled date.

Understanding Scheduled Text Message Types

We offer three scheduled text message types. They include scheduled texts, unique reminders, and autoresponders.

Scheduled Texts

You prepare one text message to send to all your contacts (or select groups) on a scheduled basis.

Unique Reminders

Individuals need reminders so they don’t miss important meetings or events. Create unique reminders with information such as the type of meeting (in-person, video or audio call, etc.), date, and time. 

 Auto Responders

Going on vacation or a business trip or suddenly become ill? Don’t worry about missed opportunities.

Our autoresponders allow you to quickly create a standard reply to texts. You create an auto-response message for whatever situation arises.

Let your texts or callers receive a fast reply informing them when you will return to your office. Or, provide information regarding an alternative to contact you during specific days or times.

Start Scheduling Text Messages With Textedly

Don’t wait until the last minute to start scheduling text messages. Great marketers like to think, write, and edit before publishing. Take advantage of our automated text messaging scheduling platform to plan ahead. Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Textedly to start scheduling texts today.