Sending a Long Text Message

Text messages have the benefit of instant communication with colleagues, customers, and clients. Sending a long text message is no different than a short message, except most text messaging services have a character limit that rivals a Tweet. When characters limit you, you may have to break up your texts or send a vague, confusing message. Textedly gives you the ability to communicate in a variety of text lengths.

What is the Standard SMS Length?

Most text messaging services limit SMS messages to 160 characters. You can say a lot in a short message, but it’s not always enough. Clients can confirm or cancel an appointment or follow a link to an online survey, but you might have to leave out the details.
In some cases, you could shorten the message to the bare minimum number of characters, but that could change the meaning or make the message confusing. In others, you might try to send the message in multiple texts. But how annoying is it to read through three texts to get the gist of one message? There’s a better solution, and it starts with Textedly.

How to Send a Long Text Message

When it comes down to how to send a long text message, it’s simple—with Textedly. To send clients a text message longer than the standard 160 characters, you need a texting platform that offers more.
Log into your Textedly dashboard, pull up the mobile number or list you’d like to send the message to, and write the message. You can send the message immediately or schedule a text to send it later.

What is the Maximum Length for a Long SMS?

How long is a long SMS message? Textedly lets you send texts with over 300 characters in an SMS text. That’s almost twice as much as in a standard text. However, you can add a picture to send an MMS message with up to 1,600 characters. That’s a serious amount of messaging power.

Sending long text messages gives you distinct advantages over the competition. With long texts, you can use Unicode symbols. These symbols alone may take up 70 characters, eating up a significant portion of your text. If the clarity of your message relies on these types of symbols, with Textedly, you have the character limit to use them.

A texting platform that expands the number of characters you can use simplifies communication, too. Typically, if you go over the standard 160 character limit, the texts separate into multiple messages. Those messages aren’t always delivered in the order written. The result is a jumbled, confusing mess. If the message is hard to read, it’s less likely to increase engagement.

Sending Long Text Messages With Textedly

A diversified communication strategy requires messages both short and long. You can keep it short and sweet, dive into the details, or add a picture. Our diverse range of texting options lets you tailor your strategy to the messages that are the most relevant to your business and clientele.