SMS Surveys

SMS messaging comes with a long list of benefits, including the ability to send an SMS survey. SMS text surveys use your texting platform to learn about your customers, how to better meet their needs, and adjust your policies, practices, and marketing plans to expand your reach.

What is an SMS Survey?

SMS surveys are a survey via text message. Text surveys, like other text messages, elicit a response more often than email or phone calls. Questions are typically short and to the point, so you get quick insights without disrupting your customer’s day.

Text Survey Benefits

As more businesses use texts for customer communication, text message surveys grow in popularity. These surveys offer:
  • Quick customer feedback
  • Up-to-date data collection
  • Adaptable message sequences based on customer responses
  • Engagement with customers on a personal level
  • Cost-effective data collection

SMS Survey Options

Textedly can act as your text survey app. We provide four SMS survey options, which you can program to send after specific events. Adjust when and who the message gets sent to based on customized parameters.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback lets you know how people feel about their interactions with your company. Did they receive a receipt or get greeted as they walked through the door? You can tailor the questions based on current promotions, employee programs, and special offers.

Gather Insights

Customer insights provide value well beyond the small initial cost and time it takes to set up and send the survey. Insights let you know what your customers are interested in, how they’re feeling, and what they’re likely to do in the future.

Link to Online Surveys

SMS surveys also let you send a link to a survey via text message. Surveys that are more than one or two questions might take too long on a mobile phone, and not all of us have nimble thumbs. But a user-friendly survey link sent through text can get more responses to in-depth questions.

HR Communication

Surveys can provide feedback about all aspects of your business, including your company interviews and onboarding process. You can ask interviewees if they felt comfortable or if the job description was accurate for the position for which they interviewed.

Text Message Surveys for Industries: Examples

Surveys through text can work for all kinds of industries. For example:
  • Parent feedback after school parent/teacher conferences
  • Customer like/dislike of restaurant menu items
  • Gym members select their favorite class
  • Coaches survey parents to find practice times

SMS Surveys: Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Are SMS Surveys?

Responses to surveys come in as fast as a text. Considering that 98 percent of text messages get read, you won’t have to wait long for responses to roll in.

What is the Response Rate for SMS Surveys?

SMS surveys have a 10 to 15 percent response rate in comparison to the 7 to 9 percent for email surveys. 

Are SMS Surveys Easy to Send?

SMS surveys are simple to send. Once you have the right mobile number, enter the survey link, and send your message.

What is the Advantage of SMS Surveys vs. Email Surveys?

SMS surveys won’t get sent to a spam folder, and customers are more likely to respond to them. You can also create customized responses based on customer feedback.

How Can I Send SMS Surveys?

Find the mobile number you want to contact, insert the survey link, and press send. However, we always recommend sending a test text first to make sure the messages look as intended.

Send Surveys via Text With Textedly

The more information you gather from and about your customers, the better able you are to meet their needs. Textedly SMS surveys give you an easy, unobtrusive way to tap into your customers’ thoughts and experiences.