Text Keyword

A text keyword is a relevant word your customers text to your 10-digit number or short code.

What Are Text Keywords?

Textedly provides text keyword services for your marketing campaigns. We reserve a specific keyword for your text message promotions. This allows them to sign up for your future SMS keyword marketing campaigns. For example, a steakhouse asks you to text STEAKS to 416789 to sign up for special discounts. STEAKS is the text keyword. 

 An SMS keyword campaign relies on a text keyword with your number as the cornerstone of a text marketing strategy.

How Do You Choose Text Marketing SMS Keywords? 

 We recommend these best practices to help you choose effective text SMS keywords: 

  • Make it relevant - A keyword connecting your core business to your campaign's theme;
  • Make it short - The shorter the better so customers remember it;
  • Connected directly to your campaign - A sign-up for discount glasses uses a keyword like GLASSES instead of BETTERVISION;
  • Don-t fluff - Keep it simple. Avoid long words or short phrases. Simple words are easier to remember; and
  • Appropriate for your audience - Select a word they use instead of industry jargon. Use EYEWEAR instead of GLASSES for millennials.

SMS Keyword Benefits & Uses

You can use SMS keywords in many ways that are beneficial to your business or organization. For example, invite subscribers to text a keyword to: 

  • Receive text coupons;
  • Get discounts;
  • Share exclusive offers;
  • Obtain information about changing business hours; and
  • Notices of upcoming events. 

 SMS keyword benefits include: 

  • Call-To-Action - Keywords encourage people to act for benefits like discounts or exclusive offers;
  • Expand your contact list - Different keywords attract different people to your subscriber list;
  • Easy tracking - Track how people discovered your business using different keywords for unique campaigns. Track the most popular ads using the data for more successful future campaigns; and
  • Gain insight - Use keywords to see which products resonate the most with your audience.

What Number Will the SMS Keyword be Sent To?

When you sign up for an account with Textedly, you receive a designated exclusive toll-free phone number.
You also get the option to buy a vanity toll-free texting phone number making it easy to remember a number like 1-888-GLASSES.

Text Keyword Examples

Text keywords offer many ways to create marketing campaigns. They come in handy when related to your business. Examples of text keywords include:
(855) 397-6679
Text PEPSI to 699376 to vote for our new flavor
Text to Vote feedback campaigns
(855) 397-6679
Text PIZZA to 87165 to get a special discount
(855) 397-6679
Text VIDEOS to 52888 for a chance to win free videos for your classroom
Text to Win Sweepstakes
(855) 397-6679
Text GLASSES to 54981 for 1/2 off coupon for our new eyewear

How to Create a Text Keyword

  1. Make a list of short words that are relevant to your campaign.
  2. Pick a word from the list that's appropriate to your audience demographic and simple to remember.
  3. Set up your text keyword campaign. The Textedly team can get you started if you need help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Text Keywords

An SMS keyword is a word that acts as the touchstone of a text marketing strategy or campaign. Customers text the word to your 10-digit number or shortcode, connecting them to a specific SMS marketing campaign. For example, the keyword COUPONS may opt them into a campaign that sends weekly coupons while the keyword SALES opts them in to receive sale updates.
A keyword is a chosen "trigger" word. When customers text the keyword to your phone number or shortcode, it triggers a pre-programmed response, such as an opt-in opportunity or additional information.
An SMS keyword autoresponder lets you set up pre-programmed messages to go out when certain keywords are texted to your shortcode or phone number. The automatic response can include everything from a coupon code and sale information to a notice about an upcoming event.
Keywords automate your marketing, instantly reaching a broad, interactive audience. At its most basic, a text keyword service like Textedly makes connecting with your customers simple and fast.

Setting Up Text Keywords With Textedly

Now that you've learned the benefits and uses for text keywords, it's time to think about what keyword to use. Follow our suggestions above about how to choose your custom text marketing SMS keywords. Then, let us help you set up your text keyword campaign. Sign up for a free 14-day free trial with Textedly to set up text keywords today.