Text Message Data Collection

Text message data collection, or SMS data collection, helps you get to know your customers quickly and efficiently. The right data also helps you determine the kind of messages with which your customers interact the most.

Gathering Subscriber Data With Textedly

Textedly automatically gathers and inputs each subscriber's state, city, and zip code upon signup. It's all a part of the subscriber onboarding process that Textedly takes care of for you. Later on, you can make adjustments to the kind of information you gather based on your needs.

Benefits of Using Textedly for Data Collection

Textedly's text message data collection helps you determine how to best reach your customers. Geographic location alone tells you what time your customers will most likely take a lunch break or the latest breaking news in their area. Using Textedly for data collection also:
  • Allows you to segment your subscriber list
  • Export data as needed for use in developing marketing plans
  • Customize and schedule text messages for the future
  • Adjust delivery times based on audience location

Custom Subscriber Data

Textedly provides custom data fields that let you tailor data collection to your needs. Every answer stays with its corresponding mobile number and gets stored by Textedly in a secure database. You can even change custom fields as you learn more about your customers.

How to Use Text Message Data Collection

Custom subscriber data allows you to send birthday messages, messages customized by location, or messages designed for subscribers of a certain age range. Skin or hair care companies can collect information on sky type or hair length. You can also use it to look for interaction and buying patterns based on the message type.

Staying CTIA and Mobile Carrier Compliant

There's a lot that goes into staying compliant with the latest CTIA and Mobile Carrier compliance rules and regulations. We work to continually provide a 100 percent compliant SMS texting platform. We handle opt-in and opt-out messages, welcomes, and all the right disclaimers, so you're fully compliant.

Collect Text Message Data With Textedly

With Textedly, you can customize your data collection, organize your audience segments, and focus on your SMS marketing and texting plans while leaving the organization framework and compliance to us.