Text to Vote

Text to vote, or SMS polling, allows you to ask for your audience's honest opinion. All you have to do is ask a simple question to determine the needs of your customers.
Many SMS marketing campaigns use text voting to establish a genuine dialog with their audience. With text to vote, you can gain awareness and full insight into your subscribers' opinions and thoughts all while building excitement with your text message voting.

Why Use SMS Voting

Sending text messaging surveys to your audience lets your business gather consumer responses that can be advantageous to your business or organization. Here are some benefits of using text messaging voting:
  • Text your vote polling is an inexpensive and effective way to increase engagements;
  • Simple to set up and maintain;
  • Allows you to pick the brains of your subscribers;
  • Lets your subscribers vote on your next offer or promotion;
  • Your subscribers get involved with decision making. They feel engaged and support your business;
  • Increases brand awareness;
  • Gather valuable customer feedback; and
  • Analyze purchase intent.

How Does Text Voting Work?

Text message voting involves creativity. You ask a question or set up a quiz or questionnaire for your subscribers to answer which can spark curiosity. Or, your questionnaire arouses other emotions that your subscribers want to contribute.

A simple question gets greater responses. But, if you seek more information from your subscribers we recommend offering gifts or rewards to inspire answers.

An example of a vote via text message involves a retailer running a sweepstakes program. The retailer offers to give away cash prizes to the five charities receiving the most votes from subscribers. Customers nominate charities and rally votes from friends and family.

Another example of an SMS voting campaign involves a frozen yogurt shop. They run a poll with their customers to see which new flavor they like. The shop displays a sign "Text FrozenYoCherry to 44444 to vote for our new Cherry Delight flavor." Other signs promote different flavors. Each one offers a free medium-sized yogurt of their favorite flavor if it receives the most votes.

How to Set Up a Text in Voting Campaign

Textedly provides you with a text to vote service to easily set up your vote via text campaign. Here's how text voting works in three easy steps:
  • Create your poll - Write your question (or quiz) for your subscribers asking them to vote;
  • Send your text vote - Send your text to vote SMS message to your database of subscribers; and
  • Wait for the responses - Use a customized follow-up message either as a simple "thank you" or include gifts or rewards. Analyze the results to learn more about your subscribers' preferences.

Get Started With Textedly's Text to Vote Service

Find out what your customers think about your service or products. Polls and surveys allow you to engage with your subscribers. Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Textedly and discover your subscribers' needs and desires using Text to Vote services today.