Financial Text Messaging Service

Text messaging might seem an unlikely tool for an industry as complex as finance. Regardless, finance professionals have learned that if executed correctly, finance industry text messaging can be a highly efficient way to communicate with customers, especially when utilizing an easy-to-use platform like Textedly.

Finance Industry Text Messaging

Finance industry text messaging can be used in many ways from introductions to reminders and even documentation requests. Investment advisors, wealth managers, bank representatives, and insurance agents find SMS as an effective tool thanks to its high open and response rates in comparison to email.
After regulatory compliances, customer retention is a big challenge faced by financial businesses worldwide. Text messages allow companies to build a more personal relationship with current and potential clients by simply communicating via a device that is not only used for work reasons - your mobile phone. Studies show that individuals check their phones as often as 80 times a day, which makes a text message feel less like spam than email does.

Textedly uses the highest level of security in the industry. Using our SSL technology and encryption, your customer data is fully protected and secure.

Why Use SMS Financial Communications Solutions?

Text message marketing is a great way for finance professionals to improve communication with clients. SMS is the best way to communicate with the growing percentage of savvy, digital consumers that prefer to meet their finance goals on-demand. Aside from building stronger relationships, the right SMS financial communications solutions with a text marketing platform like Textedly can help your company increase productivity as group texts create a more

Benefits of Using Financial Messaging Services

Using financial messaging services can benefit finance service providers in many ways, which include the following:
  • Build stronger relationships: Finance customers prefer to receive business communications via text rather than email. That’s because email has become an impossible-to-filter spam box were customers believe 95 percent of emailsreceived aren’t relevant to them.
  • Increase customer response rates: Texts have a 45 percent response rate, while emails only have an 8 percent. Even worse, one out of five emails received from commercial addresses end up in receivers’ junk mail. In the finance industry, this can be highly problematic since the type of information being shared can be sensitive to time and personal security.
  • Achieve goals in a more timely manner: Because text messages have a higher open and response rate than email, they will allow finance providers to schedule meetings and received signed documents faster than via any other route of communication.

Examples of Financial SMS Messages

Finance texts can be used in a variety of scenarios. Here are some examples of financial SMS messages that can be sent:
Hi Mr./Mrs. [Last Name], thank you for subscribing to our text messaging service. My name is [First Name] [Last Name] and I’m your finance advisor at Bank United. Please call me at 888-422-3232 or text back so we can further discuss our services and how we can help meet your goals.
Changes in Company or State Policies:
Hi [First Name], this is an automated message to let you know our terms and conditions for our [service name] will be changing next month. You can review these updates by clicking on the following link [link] or give me a call at 888.432.3222 for more information.
Document Requests:
Hi [Client Name], thank you for entrusting your financing needs to us at Bank United. In order to complete your sign up process please click here [link] return the [document name] signed to our finance advisors. Thank you and we look forward to working with you to help meet your goals.
Appointment Reminder:
Dear Mr./Mrs. [Last Name], this is a reminder for your next appointment on Monday, March 5th at 9:00 AM. Please text back CONFIRM or CANCEL if you won’t be able to attend.
Payment Reminders and Follow-Ups:
Dear Mr./Mrs. [Last Name], this is a payment reminder that your balance of [Amount] is due by tomorrow at 11:59 PM. If you have any questions or concerns about this payment, please do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Staying Compliant When Sending Finance Texts

Finance text messaging is an efficient tool as long as businesses remain compliant during the process. Here’s what you should know about finance text laws and requirements:
(855) 397-6679

Thank you for signing up for opting-in for banking text messages.

4 Msgs/Month. Reply STOP to cancel. HELP for help. Msg&data rates may apply.

Text STOP to end

  • You should not text clients if they haven't opted-in to receive messages from you or your business. To increase subscribers you can use short codes along with an incentive. For example, "Text BANK to receive the latest news in the finance industry."
  • When clients opt-in to your group text messaging service, it is important to let them know the frequency in which they should expect to receive messages from you. You might also want to give them the option to receive texts daily, weekly or monthly from you.
  • Regardless of who you are texting, make sure the information is relevant to your financial services to avoid being labeled as spam.

Sending Finance SMS Messages With Textedly

Textedly makes it easy to send finance industry texts to your current or potential customers, and even among colleagues whenever needed. Increase advisor productivity, build stronger customer relationships, track efficiency via details reports and build your CRM database at the click of a button thanks to Textedly’s finance SMS services. Get started with a 14-day free trial from Textedly today.