Fitness Texts

Text Message Marketing for Gyms

Fitness texts are one of the most inexpensive and effective methods for the fitness industry to increase revenue with prospective and current clients.

Gym text message marketing is used to reach large groups of customers instantly on their phones for general gym announcements, automating confirmation of training times, new gym opening messages, coordinating with staff, and alerting fitness class attendees of schedule changes.

Gyms across the county are using fitness texts in these ways and more to bring in sign-ups and extend the LTV (lifetime value) of their customers.

Why Send Gym Text Messages?

Everyone has a cell phone on them at all times these days. This means that more people will see and read your correspondence. This is especially important for a gym. Most gyms have a large number of customers and sending gym text messages gives you the opportunity to reach all of them at once. You can even organize your contact lists to send your gym texts to the right people.

It's a noninvasive way to reach people since every message comes with the option for the customers to unsubscribe from messages. Naturally, you want to send out enough messages to stay in the customer's mind without sending so many that they unsubscribe. This option does give customers a sense of autonomy.

One of the best reasons to use SMS marketing for gyms is its cost-effectiveness. You get so much out of it for not very little compared to other marketing methods. Depending on the number of messages you want to send out every month and how many keywords you want to utilize, you can find the perfect plan for you.

Benefits of Gym Text Messaging

of text messages are opened by the recipients
of the population between 18-29 own a cell phone capable of texting
of millennials open a text message within 90 seconds
Customers engage via SMS or MMS up to 8x more than email

Texting for Gyms: Key Terms

  • SMS

    SMS or "Short Message Service" are messages sent to your phone containing text only.
  • MMS

    MMS or "Multimedia Messaging Service" are messages sent to your phone that include text and also pictures or video.
  • Keywords

    A text keyword is a relevant word that you select and set up in your text marketing platform that users can text in to subscribe to your campaign.
  • Campaigns

    A subset of promotional messages that you send to your customers.
  • Subscribers

    People who have opted-in to receive your messages.
  • Segments

    Groups that you filter your subscribers into, typically with something in common, such as a zip code.
  • Templates

    Basic outline of the message you want to send to the proper segment of subscribers. You will need to fill in the blanks with the appropriate information.
  • Autoresponders

    SMS autoresponders are messages that go out to a subscriber automatically when they respond to one of your campaigns.

Gym Message Texting Uses

Gym marketing has completely changed over the past decade but being personal and convenient has always been important. Text marketing for fitness companies is a more personable approach enabling them to provide more value when and how it suits the customer. With segmentation and targeting, there are a number of ways to use gym message texting to reach your customers.
(855) 397-6679

Hey Regina,

Thanks for signing up for texts.

Stop in to use the gym one day for free and receive a complimentary swag bag!

Text STOP to end

Attract new customers
The first and foremost would be to get more customers. Offer people a free day at the gym or a free water bottle as long as they sign up to receive texts. Send out weekly reminders to the people who haven't completely signed up until they finally decide to put their health first and become a member of your gym.
(855) 397-6679


Your membership fee of $19.99 will automaticaly be billed to your bank account in two business days.

Text STOP to end

Billing reminders
People don't like to come across a suspicious charge in their account. Don't let this happen by texting everyone a day or two before the charge goes through. They'll appreciate the reminder. Plus, they can fix any payment information if necessary. This means you'll get more of your payments on time.
(855) 397-6679

Atention gym members:

Due to the inclement weather, the gym will be closing today at 12PM.

Text STOP to end

Inform customers about important information
Normally, a gym runs like a well-oiled machine. However, every now and then, something may happen. You may need to shut down after a flood emergency or the pool may be closed for a day. You can also let customers know about cool new things coming up, such as events or new items at the gym.
(855) 397-6679

Hi John,

Thinking about upgrading your membership? There's no better time than now - upgrade by 4/11/2020 to receive 50 cents off beverage cooler drinks.

Text STOP to end

Upsell current customers
You want your customers to get everything they possibly can out of your gym. Sometimes this means upgrading membership. Let people know the benefits of upgrading. You should send these messages to your customers about once a month or when appropriate.

How Gym Text Message Marketing Works

  1. Upload your contact list to your Textedly account.
  2. Create your text message(s) using a Textedly template or one of your own.
  3. Schedule and automate when the messages get sent. You're done."

Gym & Fitness Text Examples

Try these gym message text examples and make them your own.
(855) 397-6679

Thanks for signing up for updates from Chicago Fitness.

You will be the first to hear about new offers and classes.

(855) 397-6679

Hi, Brad.

This is just a quick reminder that Chicago Fitness will be closed on December 25th so that our staff can celebrate Christmas with their families. We will be back open bright and early on December 26th for you to work off Christmas dinner.

See you then!

(855) 397-6679

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Sending SMS Fitness Messages With Textedly

Ready to start sending out gym and fitness texts? Textedly can help you do all that and more! Simply upload your contact list, create your messages, and schedule them to send out. Sign up for a 14-day free trial today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fitness Texts

Gyms send fitness texts to attract new members and stay in touch with existing members and employees. Texts can include updated hours, class reminders, or exclusive offers for signing up for a gym membership.
Fitness texts offer a wide range of uses. The most popular include:

  • Exclusive offers for signing up
  • Gym class reminders
  • Updates on gym hours
  • Upsell current members to a more exclusive membership package
  • Billing reminders

Gym text messages take over the busy work associated with marketing and customer contact while offering instant communication with gym members and employees. 

 Use Textedly to sort your contact list into segments, so you can target marketing messages to a specific audience. For example, you can send new membership offers to contacts who’ve texted the keyword NEW or send a class reminder based on information collected at opt-in.

Textedly offers 300 characters per SMS (text only) text, a full 140 extra characters over a standard text. You also have the option of sending an MMS message that includes images or videos with a 1,600 character limit.