Hotel Booking Confirmation SMS

SMS is a valuable resource for so many services. Hotel booking confirmation SMS messages are especially useful for reservations at a moment's notice when guests are preparing for a vacation or a place to stay for the night. And, best of all, Textedly makes it easy to send hotel booking texts with just a few clicks.

Why Send Hotel Booking Messages via Text?

Sending hotel booking messages via text will ensure that the room you have reserved will be occupied. They serve as a friendly reminder that the party has booked a room and can include a thank you with instructions on how they should go about changing or canceling should there be a need.

Benefits of Sending Booking Messages

Sending booking messages benefits both the establishment and its guests in many ways, including:
  • Increases and enhances communication from the start.
  • Improves customer satisfaction.
  • Personalized marketing.
  • Invites feedback.
  • Link to your website for further information about the hotel and events.
  • Frees your desk-staff from time-consuming booking confirmations and questions.

Some impressive text messaging statistics also include:

Booking Confirmation SMS Templates

There are many possibilities for the types of booking confirmation SMS templates you can create with Textedly to save time, some template ideas for booking include the following:
(855) 397-6679

Hi Sammy,

We're looking forward to your arrival on Friday at 3PM. This is just to confirm that we have the correct information and to ensure your room will continue to be reserved for you and ready. Is there anything else we can do for you at this time?

(855) 397-6679

Hi Watson family,

We're anxiously anticipating your arrival on June 12th. Please confirm this reservation so we know you are still planning on being our guests. If you haven't already, note the babysitting services and fun events and activities we have planned for children on our website located here:

Sending SMS Booking Confirmations with Textedly

Texedly makes it so easy to use hotel texting services for both guests and the hotel that the only question you'll have is why you didn't use it sooner. Ready to start sending reservation text messages? Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Textedly today.