Constant Contact

Constant Contact Integration

Email marketing is still running strong, but when you can do Textedly texting, you extend your reach by uniting email, text, and so much more. Constant Contact is a one-stop-shop for email marketing and website management, from planning and analyzing campaigns to building a website.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an email marketing platform that’s expanded to include building a website or eCommerce platform. You can customize one of the hundreds of mobile-optimized email templates to give your communication professional appeal or schedule campaigns and analyze the results in real-time. You can plug Constant Contact into an existing site to manage email marketing, use it to create and manage an online store, or build your website into whatever you need it to be.
Now envision that with the ability to send mass text messages with Textedly.

Using Constant Contact and Textedly

Constant Contact collects and creates customer lists for email marketing. Add Textedly to that functionality, and your email campaigns get text follow-ups, coupons, deal alerts, or notifications. Text messages have a 90 to 98 percent open rate with an average response time of 90 seconds. When you use Textedly for mass texting, your SMS and email subscriber list can grow as you integrate fast, personal communication into your marketing campaigns.
Textedly lets you integrate your existing Constant Contact data list. Keep both channels, email and text, in sync through a single platform and easy integration. Send a Textedly SMS. And when new contacts sign up for your Textedly list, send data into Constant Contact. You decide the triggers from one platform that lead to an action in the other and vice versa, working together so you and your customers get a seamless experience.

Constant Contact and Text Messaging Benefits

Constant Contact and Text Messaging Benefits
  • Sync your marketing channels when collecting information using either Texted or Constant Contact
  • Automate email/text sign-up responses with text or email
  • Create new lists from existing or new contacts
  • Add/remove contacts based on response to email or SMS

Send SMS With Textedly

Integrating Textedly and Constant Contact adds the speed and convenience of text to your email campaigns and website management. Try Textedly with a 14-day free trial today and see the difference texting makes.