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Mailchimp harnesses the full power of email marketing, but when you add in Textedly SMS, you can extend that power and reach even further. Mailchimp has been the email marketing platform to beat for years. With their platform, businesses can organize email lists, monitor campaign popularity, customer responses, and do it with proven templates to make the process faster.
When Textedly integrates with Mailchimp, it creates for you capabilities to unify marketing campaigns and customer communication. Email marketing still has value, but it’s a channel that’s gotten noisy and oversaturated. Text messaging offers quicker access to customers and better results. However, many businesses already run and manage their newsletters and marketing campaigns through Mailchimp. Textedly adds texting to the list of ways you can enhance marketing.

Mailchimp and Textedly

A Mailchimp integration combines email and text messaging. All of those contacts you’ve collected through careful Mailchimp email campaigns can be contacted through Textedly's texting making things easy.
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When you combine Textedly SMS texting with Mailchimp email services, you can get the best of both world's. There’s no re-entering information into a new app or even using a second app. The process works in such a way that you can send data from Textedly into Mailchimp. Customers can subscribe to your contact lists via Textedly SMS. Considering how much more likely people are to text than email. You’ll have a higher probability of collecting the information that turns leads into sales when it’s done through text.

Send Text Messages From Textedly

Can you send text messages with Textedly? Of course. That is what we do, and we do it very well. Textedly gives you the power to contact your subscriber lists through text. Pick your list, narrow the field to target the message, and send a text that doesn’t get lost in an overcrowded email folder.
Mailchimp also lets you expand your texting list by collecting numbers through your email marketing campaigns. Add the field to your signup, and you’ve now got two points of contact for potential sales. Plus, you still get the benefits of Mailchimp, like automated emails and Mailchimp’s insights into your Mailchimp email campaigns.
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Why Use Mailchimp and Textedly?

The opportunity to send SMS through Textedly, and email with Mailchimp opens a new door to customer communication. All major carriers offer text messaging, and the majority of people use a mobile phone as their primary phone number. There’s a greater majority of people that don’t have email than don’t have text.

Text messaging is a cleaner form of communication, too. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) ensures that text stays spam-free. Only those granted permission via the customer can send texts, reducing the noise that drowns out your email messages in a crowded inbox.

Textedly SMS texting crosses devices, like tablets, laptops, and mobile phones, because most support some form of text messaging. Your potential audience grows, yet you’ve still got the ability to manage contacts and email responses through Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Integration Benefits

A Textedly Mailchimp integration expands your reach while you manage campaigns, expanding contact lists and gathering information from Mailchimp’s familiar platform. Text broadens your ability to reach customers in ways that are convenient for them. Textedly gives you the opportunity to contact customers on a personal level, a level where they read your messages from almost anywhere.

Consider that roughly 90 percent of all texts are read within 3 minutes. Compare that to an email open rate of 15 to 25 percent. Also consider that text response times typically take about 90 seconds, while an email response takes 90 minutes. Everything from signup to verification times are significantly reduced when texting gets added to the table. 

 There’s also the fact that texting is part of everyday life. It’s only natural to harness the power of instant communication to make life easier for your customers and team members.

One of the biggest benefits of Mailchimp integration is that you can convert your existing lists, information gathering, and forms to get started on text messages as soon as you specify the parameters. Textedly’s team members can guide you through the process for a seamless entrance into text marketing and communication.

Send SMS With Textedly

Textedly and Mailchimp are two sides of the same communication coin. Try Textedly with a 14-day free trial and coordinate your messaging to enhance and expand your reach.