Salesforce Integration

Salesforce with Textedly amplifies Salesforce’s power to unify your customers with every branch of your business that affects their sales and customer experience. Salesforce offers a CRM platform that gives your teams access to customer information, workflow automation, and the latest data to make their jobs more efficient and your customers experience seamless. Harnesses the potential of Salesforce by combining it with Textedly. Sync Textedly with Salesforce and push contacts, leads, and customers into your CRM.

Salesforce and Textedly Integration

The Textedly Salesforce integration through Zapier organizes communication. Today’s customers want communication that happens when it’s convenient for them. That’s exactly what texting does. Texts are fast, efficient, and easy for customers to read and engage. Send data from Textedly into your Salesforce account.

Textedly integrates that ease into your daily use of Salesforce. The integration automates things and makes it easy. The process creates accessible communication channels between customers and team members while keeping information available and easy for team members to use.

There’s no need to take notes during or after a phone call because the data can flow from Textedly into Salesforce. There’s no need to copy and paste emails because, again, because Texting is the way to go. Inside your Textedly account, you can instantly respond to messages and keep your workday clear and flowing as team members can access the latest communication information and updates.


Textedly texting opens the door to the kind of organization and communication that nurtures leads into sales and lets you take care of and retain long-term customers. Have your team members respond to incoming text messages inside your Textedly dashboard. Even better, Textedly lets you customize the process. You decide which contacts and fields appear in Textedly, funneling the messages to the right recipients and teams.
Reach out via text to contacts and leads from your Textedly account. Send live communication data from your Textedly account, into your Salesforce account. This gives your customers human interaction that can’t be mimicked with AI. Communicate with groups or individuals based on your preferences.

Salesforce and Textedly SMS

The basics of how to send text messages from Textedly start with signing up for a Textedly account. After that, you create a Zap using Zapier to grant access to the right customer information from Textedly into Salesforce. The process isn’t complicated, but Textedly support is here to answer any questions and help you customize the integration to work for you.

Using the Salesforce SMS integration, you can: 

  • Respond to leads and customer inquiries almost instantly
  • Follow up after text message with leads
  • Send SMS from Textedly to groups or individuals
  • Update contacts inside your Salesforce account
  • Use incoming texts to create leads or contacts for Salesforce
  • Send bulk alerts or messages as part of marketing campaigns through your Textedly dashboard

The power of text combined with Salesforce streamlines communication, allowing you to engage customers through new channels and with great efficiency.

Salesforce + Textedly SMS Solutions

With Textedly, you can send mass SMS text messages, taking one of your business’s most powerful organization and communication tools and making it even better. Try Textedly with a 14-day free trial.