Slack and Textedly SMS

Slack’s cloud-based communication tool gets more streamlined and effective when combined with Textedly and its Slack integration through Zapier. Slack creates a virtual space for team projects and workflows, where you can exchange data, documents, and share media. Textedly’s Slack integration lets you send your data from Textedly into your Slack account.

Slack Text Integration

Texting is one of the simplest, fastest, and easiest ways to communicate with clients, customers, and team members. Textedly’s Slack text integration makes it easy to share texts into Slack messages or create a post based on an incoming text. Your clients don’t need to download an app to communicate with you. They get the convenience of text, and you get enhanced abilities in Slack so that your responses are timely and informed by an entire team.

Forward SMS to Slack From Textedly

Communication management continues to eat away at work time, slowing workflow and efficiency. With Textedly, you can forward SMS to Slack from your Textedly account. Whether it’s a response to a marketing campaign or a customer service inquiry, the Slack integration provides a way for teams to coordinate and correspond with customers through text from within Slack.

Textedly can send customer questions or inquiries directly in Slack. From there, team members can respond from Slack while contacting other team members to make sure they give customers the most up-to-date information.

However, you can choose how you integrate Textedly. You decide what you send to Slack, including the channel or thread. For example, you could set up the integration to create threads to declutter channels or designate a channel for certain types of customer inquiries.

How to Send Messages in Textedly

If you’re wondering how to send messages into Slack, it isn’t a complicated process. We’ve worked to make the integration fast and simple. Set up your Textedly number, integrate Zapier, and instantly start funneling communication to the right team members and Slack channels. Your team can then reply to the messages directly through your Textedly inbox. With the ability to send data into Slack, there’s no message that you will miss.

Send SMS From Textedly into Slack

We provide the support so that no one on your team is left wondering how to send a message into Slack. Textedly gives you options in how you integrate to make sure that your Slack account is receiving data and workflows from Textedly, while enhancing your customers’ experiences. Give Textedly a try with a 14-day free trial and see the difference integrated communication makes.