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WordPress and Textedly

With WordPress  integration through Zapier, you can send text messages from Textedly, alerting your followers and customers of posts, schedule changes, order confirmations, insider deals, and more. And then send data from Textedly into WordPress. The power of text combined with the functionality of WordPress increases your ability to reach your audience. Text messages offer a more personal way to communicate. With text, 90 percent of messages get opened within 3 minutes—no junk mail, and no getting lost in an overcrowded inbox.

What is WordPress?

If you pare it down to the basics, WordPress is a website builder. It’s powerful, adaptable, and offers some of the best functionality available. Its wide use means that developers continue to build and expand what you can do with WordPress—everything from embed videos, play music, set up virtual trade booths, or create a one-of-a-kind customer experience. Even the White House website relies on WordPress.
WordPress powers nearly one in four websites, offering impressive functionality for a wide variety of site designs. It’s a content management system that offers everything from basic graphics to impressive integrations and themes. Businesses and private individuals use WordPress for eCommerce, forums, photos, recipes, and blog posts about everything imaginable. Restaurants post their menus, live music schedules, directions, and hours of operation. Various widgets are available to adapt WordPress to post links to Twitter, enhance upload speeds, improve SEO, or add a countdown timer.
The beauty of WordPress is that you can do all of that without knowing a single line of code. Learning the dashboard comes with a somewhat steep learning curve, but even if you’ve never run a website before, you can have a basic one up and running within a few hours.

WP Marketing

WordPress (WP) creates a valuable vehicle for marketing products, courses, and other services. WP integration with Textedly adds WP SMS marketing to your outreach and marketing plans. Today, people are more likely to have a phone with texting than they are an email address. If they have an email address, they tend to respond to texts within 90 seconds but wait a full 90 minutes, on average, to respond to an email.
With Textedly’s WP integration, Textedly can send SMS to alert devoted customers to a sale or special service, confirm appointments or cancellations, or notify followers when a new post pops up. The integration process allows you to set up the parameters and fields, automating messages. That takes some of the busy work out of your hands and streamlines your communication channels and workflows.

WordPress and Textedly Benefits

WordPress provides a vehicle for impressive audio, visual, and textual communication. Textedly marketing does that on a more personal level. First, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), using text for spam is prohibited. That prevents the message overload experienced with email. Second, texts get read far more often than email; compare text’s 90 to 98 percent open rate to email’s 20 percent. Third, texts are short, quick to read, and if they’re written correctly, offer clear, concise CTA’s. For example, many airlines now use text to confirm tickets, check-in, and arrivals/departures. It keeps communication times simple and response options streamlined.
Those aren’t the only benefits, but they created the basic framework for what Textedly SMS marketing works best for, which includes:
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Thanks for subscribing to text updates from the Cyber International Inc.! What's your first name?
  • Deals, sales, coupons,
  • Important customer updates like changes in hours of operation or delivery
  • Account notifications
  • Payment confirmations
  • Appointment cancellations
  • Password verifications
  • Refill or appointment reminders
  • Sign-up confirmations
  • Opt-out confirmations
  • Follower or customer alerts

The list really does go on and on because Textedly’s WP SMS integration lets you adapt text to work for your business. While a dentist’s office might want to remind clients about an appointment, a food truck might need to alert followers of a change in location or hours. The hows and whys can vary, but with the right information gathered from customers and clients, you can sync WordPress with Textedly to automate the communication and contacts that go through your website.

The flexibility of WordPress needs an integration that’s equally flexible, and that’s what you get with Textedly.

Send Text Messages From Textedly

Textedly offers the power of mass text messaging. Our platform allows you to convert inbound text messages into texting groups based on specified fields. You collect the information through Textedly. Textedly allows you to text individuals, groups, or everyone on your contact list. Send data from Textedly into WP. Textedly is designed to let you set parameters and automate text responses, like when someone opts into your Keyword list or sends a inbound text message.

There’s no extra app for you or your customers to download. You don’t have to toggle between dashboards either. Textedly through Zapier adds the functionality to WordPress, where you can manage communication, sign-ups, and all of your WP site features.

Text marketing follows similar rules to email marketing. Things like express permission to send text and opt-out options are required. However, most businesses (and probably you) are already following similar guidelines for email marketing. Now it’s a matter of collecting mobile numbers in your contact form and expressly asking to text.

When you use Textedly to send SMS, new avenues open to you. There are a few things to learn about maximizing the potential of text. For example, text messages are limited in length. This is the channel for those, “Don’t miss our sale on xx/xx/xxxx! Here’s a coupon just for you!” or “Please confirm your appointment on xx/xx/xxx,” kind of messages. Keep these messages short, to the point, and follow with a link or clear call to action. Coupon codes and survey links can (and should) be embedded in the message. Since most texts go through mobile devices, make sure the included links send your customers to mobile-optimized pages. If you make the process painless and even fun, they’ll keep coming back.

WordPress Integration With Textedly SMS

Textedly and WordPress combine for a powerful marketing and communication management tool. Together, they let you customize how you use your contact list to best communicate with your customer base. Try Textedly with a free 14-day trial and see how quickly you can increase your customer engagement.