Zapier SMS

Textedly Integrations With Zapier SMS

Textedly’s Zapier SMS integration streamlines the efficiency of your Zaps by connecting text communication with the apps that power your workflow. Zapier connects apps in ways that take busy work out of your life, so you can optimize your productivity.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an app that connects your apps. Think of it as the telephone operator of apps. Zapier lets you create trigger words to automate workflows between apps. For example, you can set a trigger word based on email or text responses to a meeting or event invite. The Zapier integration can connect your Textedly and Gmail accounts to generate welcome responses, reminder emails, and an updated attendee list in Google Sheets. You get notified that someone has responded without it starting a long list of busy work for you. 

Essentially, Zapier lets you create connections between apps without the need for a developer to do it for you.

Why Use Zapier SMS With Textedly?

Textedly brings the power of fast, convenient communication and connects it to a host of other apps using the Zapier SMS integration. Business text messaging and text message marketing keep you in touch with your employees, clients, and customer base. Textedly and Zapier together take that communication a step further. With the Zapier integration, you can create actions and triggers based on your latest marketing strategies to better manage CRM and email subscribers.

Textedly’s Zapier SMS connects automated text features with other apps, magnifying what you can already do with Textedly. Zaps can trigger Textedly data to go out as soon as someone subscribes to your Textedly list. Zaps that include Trello or Slack improve internal communication between team members. For example, as soon as someone subscribers to your Textedly account, send that data into Slack. It is that easy.

Textedly’s Zapier integration broadens the ways you can use text and takes busy work out of your hands.

Ways to Use Zapier SMS With Textedly

Zapier SMS and Textedly can combine to send out automatic responses to customer surveys or automatically create Trello cards based on customer feedback. Send Thank Yous, automate the generation of text responses and add them to Google Sheets, or create Google Calendar events based on new Trello cards triggered by a texted survey response. The possibilities go on and on, with the center of the integration coming from Zapier’s connective programming and Textedly’s flexible communication applications.

Benefits of Textedly’s Zapier SMS Integration

Textedly and Zapier work together to let automation handle the busy work, so your expertise and experience get used to their fullest. Textedly’s Zapier SMS integration allows you to:
  • Create leads in Salesforce or HubSpot when text messages are received
  • Send welcome texts to new leads in your Textedly account
  • Send SMS reminders for events 
  • Send a text to all your subscribers
  • Log text message information into Google Sheets
  • Send data from Textedly into MailChimp based on a text
  • Send and receive text alerts inside Textedly
  • Add notes to apps based on information in text messages
  • Send Textedly leads into Facebook Ads
Textedly’s Zapier SMS integration opens a new world of communication between the apps that boost your productivity and work management. You decide the connections that work best for you, and Textedly works with Zapier to make it happen. You can view the officially Textedly integration page on Zapier here, and view all the possibilities that await you.

Start Integrating Zapier With Textedly SMS

The integration possibilities are waiting for the right triggers and connections. Sign up for a free 14-day trial with Textedly to connect the speed and convenience of text with the apps you use most.