Using Employee SMS Alerts for Internal Communication

For many organizations, having a strong communication strategy is one of the most important parts of making sure employees are on the same page.
There are many solutions available from emails, phone calls, voice mails, group meetings, and mobile apps, but SMS is something many organizations don't consider. A mass employee SMS alert is an effective and reliable way to communicate information, and Textedly makes it easy to send and keep track of the texts.

How Mass Texting Employees Works

To send mass text to employees, you will need to utilize an employee messaging system such as Textedly. Usually, the system works by setting up a short code. This is basically the sender of the SMS blasts. Once you've set this up, you can choose a keyword that employees can use to subscribe.

For example, employees can text UPDATEME to the short code 23123. Once the text message is sent, they will receive SMS alerts. The process is similar to a person subscribing to an email newsletter. It is easy to use as the sender. Your employees will also be familiar with text messaging since most people already use it every day.

The reason why SMS can be more effective than phone calls and email is that it's instant and direct. You also don't have to deal with other competing emails in inboxes, bad internet connections on mobile devices, and the intrusive nature of phone calls.

Why Send Mass Texts to Employees

You may be wondering if it's worth changing your communication strategy to SMS. After all, why send mass text to employees when you already have a system that works? There are several reasons why an employee SMS alert system is a better alternative.

It's Instant and Fast

As mentioned moments ago, it's instant. The message will get to your employees usually under a minute's time. Many smartphone users even have set up shortcuts that display a pop-up text message notification that takes them to the message in a single click. 

 It's Direct and Less Clutter

While many organizations have problems, it comes with its own set of issues. First, it may be possible for your message to get sent to the spam folder where it will never be seen. Second, many people have email notifications turned off because they receive so much email. Third, your email has to compete with other messages in the inbox.

You Get Better Open Rates

It's been found that the open rate of SMS is 90 percent. In comparison, email open rates are around 20 percent. That means SMS delivers 4.5 times better results than email communication.

There Are Fewer Connectivity Issues

One of the problems you have to deal with when it comes to email is connectivity issues. Employees may not have a big data plan for internet access. Their connectivity to the internet may also be limited by the area they are in. Internet networks can also get overloaded which can delay the process of opening the email message.

You Can Track the Results

With the right system, you can get reporting on your campaigns. You'll be able to see how many texts were sent, how many messages were opened, how many times your links in your messages were sent, and more. Using these reporting features will allow you to improve your internal communication efforts.

Save Time and Money

It's more efficient to mass text employees than calling them or getting employees to attend meetings. It can be challenging to get every team member to make it to a company meeting, especially with conflicting schedules. It saves a lot of time and money that you'd have to spend on traditional communication methods.

Other Common Uses for Employee SMS Alerts

There are other ways to use a mass SMS messaging system. It's not just about providing regular updates to your employees. Here are some examples that you may find helpful:
  • Companies that need to update their employees with critical news and emergency announcements can do so with a mass text platform. It's better to mass text employees in these situations because they are more likely to receive your message.
(855) 397-6679

Atention all employees,

Tomorrow we will be having a company-wide fire drill at 10 AM. Please do not be alarmed.

Text STOP to end

  • You can organize your communication with a mass text system. You can create different groups for various teams. This allows you to target the right employees when you are sending out your messages.
  • SMS can be used to create a more personal connection. You can use mass text announcements to motivate your employees, offer rewards, and lead teams. Because people respond more to texts, you know that your encouraging messages will actually reach your employees.
  • SMS is a better way to link to your website. The traditional way has been to add website links in emails. Whether you want to link to new content, updates, or important news, SMS will improve the chances of your website content getting read.
(855) 397-6679

Good afternoon everyone,

Have you had the chance to check out our latest company blog post written by our very own Veronica?

If not, read it here!

Text STOP to end

  • You can embed and send media files by SMS as well. If you need to send important files quickly and make sure your employees receive them, SMS is a reliable channel for sending audio files, videos, and images.

Try Out an Employee Messaging System

Whether you're managing a team of 10 or a team of 100, there are benefits of using mass text for your communications. Communicating via SMS is a more efficient and effective way to send your message to employees compared to the other channels.

What's even better is the fact that an employee SMS messaging system is very affordable. Textedly offers different price points for businesses of all sizes. You can try our solution for yourself with a 14-day free trial.

There's no credit card required to sign up. Simply create an account and test out our solution without any commitments. Click here to get started.

You'll see how efficient and effective communication with your employees will become. Improve your communication efforts using employee SMS alerts and see into your employee communication performance using Textedly’s analytics.