SMS for New Arrivals & Freshly Stocked Garments

Mobile accounts for 57% of sales in fashion retail. Using SMS to relay freshly stocked clothing or give extra attention to new arrivals will very likely boost sales and increase engagement for any apparel brand.
Fashion and apparel brands use text messaging to increase sales using loyalty clubs, new arrival SMS messages, discount texts, and freshly stocked SMS alerts.

New Arrival SMS

In the fashion industry, more than anywhere else, new arrival sms campaigns have the ability to amplify your product line sales. New arrival text messages motivate your customers to view and fall in love with your brand. Creative marketing can take new arrival messages to customers from buyers to loyal advocates of your brand. When done right, new arrival SMS will actually increase awareness and engagement about a collection or new item.

Tips and tricks for sending new arrival texts to your customers:

  • Start with a smaller segment loyal to your brand - Send out your new arrivals only to a small segment of your brand via text: VIPs, clubs, and influencers. Special treatment will send tremors of suspense and pre-arrival noise. This works best for SMS new arrival campaigns around collections. 
  • Tell the story of a garment’s creation beforehand - Whether your new arrival is an item or collection, fashion brands can attach meaning behind a launch by showcasing why and how the collection got started, with sneak peeks of patterns or technical benefits. 
  • Flash sale - Flash sales are a great way to add a sense of urgency around any product, accessory, garment, or line that needs extra attention. Do a flash sale on new items just to celebrate (or provide proceeds to a relative non-profit cause) within the first week in a SMS new arrival campaign. 
  •  Limit supply - Every manager in fashion knows that desirable items may sell faster. Purposefully let a product go out of stock within the first 2 days (if it’s believable). Make a statement about how fast the collection or new arrival is depleting in stock. Try using our out-of-stock sms tips below and very quickly restock to keep the sales going.
Using analytics, your business can track how segments within your brand respond to SMS new arrival campaigns. View metrics and see how it promotes your growth from a user-friendly dashboard. With Textedly, you can measure every click to a product link or collection living on your site.

Texting Fresh Stock Arrival Messages

When an item actually does go out-of-stock, letting customers leave their number to receive an SMS fresh stock alert will bring them back into their purchase. Fresh stock texts inform customers of freshly stocked lines and items that have recently been out-of-stock.

As you create a stronger mobile relationship stemming from your first freshly-stocked SMS message, you can use that contact info and customer data to send custom updates such as:

  • Similar items 
  • New products that compliment a recent purchase 
  • Refer a friend discount 
  • Loyalty programs

Your customers may come to your business for a particular product and if that product ever runs out of stock for an extended amount of time, take advantage of fresh stock arrival messages because they can increase sales instantly!

Texting Discount Offer Messages

Discount offers often work very well for customers that have left their carts abandoned. Within a few hours of an abandoned cart, send a discounted sms message with a percentage off for a limited amount of time (up to 24hours or less). When marketers incentivise visitors on an item they wanted enough to put in their cart, the combination between a sense of urgency and the desirable item often brings them to purchase. For all other potential customers that need more nurturing to convert, a light drip campaign with occasional discount text messages will keep them in touch with your brand.

Promotional SMS Examples

There are different promotional SMS messages that you can send to your customers regarding new arrivals, sales promotions, discount offers and fresh stock arrivals. Here are some examples of messages that retailers can use as inspiration for sending to their customers and even save in Textedly as templates they can customize.

New Arrivals

(855) 397-6679

New arrivals for summer wear and gear are out now!

Come see our new swim shorts, beach attire and swimming goggles at our store.

Text STOP to end

 Discount Offers

(855) 397-6679

Limited time sale for hoodies and sweatshirts!

Use the promo code HOODIE at checkout to receive 25% off when you make your next purchase.

Text STOP to end

Fresh Stock Arrival

(855) 397-6679

No more waiting for office supplies and furniture!

Shredders, filing cabinets, and binders are officially back in stock for your spring cleaning.

Text STOP to end

Start Sending SMS New Arrival & Fresh Stock Messages

SMS promotional messages are a great way to spread the word about your brand's promotions and special offers, and Textedly makes it easy for you to send your promotional messages to your customers. With the Textedly platform, your business can send promotions to many customers simultaneously so that they will be informed about your deals. In this way, they can act upon your message and purchase your product or service before the promotion ends. To have your customers opt-in to promotional messages, send a keyword of your choice so that you can monitor who is a part of the service.