Sending Personalized Text Messages

If you're using SMS marketing, then you can increase the results of your campaign by sending personalized text messages.

In many cases, promotional text messages can be very impersonal and cold. By using personalization with a platform like Textedly, you can help your message stand out and establish a stronger connection with your prospects and customers.

And, best of all, SMS marketing has never been easier thanks to Textedly’s easy-to-use texting solutions platform.

Why Send Custom SMS Messages

Marketers have reported that personalization increased open rates and clickthrough rates significantly in email marketing. It only makes sense that there would be an increase in opens and clickthroughs in SMS as well. And when you do personalize, recipients are more likely to become familiar with your brand over time.
(855) 397-6679

Hi Jennifer,

How did you enjoy your recent purchase of our vanilla latte?

Let us know here:

Text STOP to end

It's important to understand that personalization goes beyond using the first and last names of your prospect or customer. There are many things you can personalize such as past actions, birthdays, last appointment, and more. Using many different personalization elements allow you to create a unique experience with SMS.

Benefits of Personalized Text Messages

The most obvious benefit is an increase in response rates. It's been found that 90 percent of texts are read within five minutes. However, recipients only respond to 45 percent of the messages. By using a personalized text message, you can expect a big lift in the response numbers. This will be very important when you are sending out a promotional text.
The second benefit is that it deepens the relationship with prospects and customers. When it comes to loyalty communication, 48 percent of American consumers preferred SMS. This shows that consumers want a dialogue using text. If you're looking to really personalize the experience with your company and serve your customers, you want to use SMS and personalize every element that is relevant to the purpose of the message or marketing goal.

Personalized Message: Key Terms

If you're in the process of learning about personalized texts and implementing a personalized text campaign, there are some important terms that you need to know. You'll see these terms mentioned on a regular basis.
  • Data collection
    A process of sending out messages to retrieve personalized information like first name, last name, zip code, etc. A series of questions are usually sent to collect the data. 
  • Custom field
    Similar to the way email marketing works, custom fields can be created to collect unique information. Standard information like phone number, name, email, and address are the default fields you can use in texting platforms.
  • List
    This simply refers to a list of text subscribers. Keep in mind that you can have multiple lists and even segment lists for better targeting.
  • Importing
    This is when you bring data sets from another platform such as email marketing platform, CRM, social media, etc.

How to Start Sending Customized Text Messages

So how do you go about creating a personalized SMS campaign? Here are the steps you can take.

Import Your Leads to the Texting 

Platform You want to start by importing the data sets from your email marketing platform or CRM platform to your text marketing platform, like Textedly. This will give you a list you can work with for your campaign. There are some things you'll want to set up before you send out your messages.

  • Ask the mass SMS provider about how to gain permission to message your list. Following industry rules and regulations is important.
  • Create a message reminding recipients who you are and why they're receiving the message.
  • Reach out to your subscribers and collect other data sets that may be valuable. This is where you want to use the custom fields.

Reach Out to Your Audience

Whether it's email subscribers, blog readers, or social media followers, you want to reach out to them to subscribe to your SMS list. It's very likely that most of your audience will not have submitted their phone number information to your business. A good way to incentivize subscription is to offer a coupon or exclusive discount.

Start Segmenting Your Audience

Just as you would do for an email list, you'll see better results by segmenting your audience. For example, a guitar retail chain would want to segment their acoustic guitar players, electric guitar players, and bass players. This allows you to target your list with the appropriate content and offers.

Create and Send the Message

It's finally time to create your message. Incorporate the personalization data relevant to the goals of your message. Double-check your message carefully and if you're satisfied with everything, start executing the custom SMS campaign.

Personalized Text Message Examples

How can you use personalization to your advantage? Here are some great examples you can learn from. Take these examples and fit them to your needs.

Hi [Name], it's about time for your annual teeth cleaning. Your last dental appointment was on [APPTDATE], so it's been [X MONTHS] since your last cleaning. Schedule your appointment on our site here (appointment scheduling page).

Hi [Name], thank you for your order. Did you know that your order of [PRODUCT] goes well with [PRODUCT2]? It's the perfect supplement and you can add it to shipment for $10 off. Click here (upsell page) to take advantage of this deal.

Hi [NAME], we noticed that your last spin class session was at [DATE]. If you're ready to come back to our class, you can attend this weekend for 15 percent off. Click here (reservation page) to lock in your spot.

Custom SMS Mistakes to Avoid

You're probably excited about the idea of sending out personalized messages with Textedly. However, there are many mistakes that can hurt your campaigns.
  • Make sure you have your data right.
    For example, you want to double-check to see that you don't mix up things like birthdays and wedding anniversaries.
  • Don't over-personalize.
    If you mention too much personal information in your messages, it may feel like an invasion of privacy.
  • You may be using outdated data.
    Collect updated information. For example, an auto shop should want to know if the recipient has gotten a new car every few years.

Start Sending Personalized Text Messages With Textedly

Ready to create and launch a personalized SMS campaign? Textedly is the platform to build your campaign on. You can schedule your messages, create automatic replies, get comprehensive analytics for your campaigns, integrate multimedia, and more. Get started today with a 14-day free trial.