Political Text Messages for Your Campaign

Political campaign text messages are more irresistable now more than ever due to the enormous popularity of smartphones.
A decision to adopt the benefits of connectivity lets politicians incorporate immediateness as an influential tool that can affect public opinion. As an alternative to passive email, text messaging opens communication paths to heightened interest and interactive participation that alters the tactics of running for office. With Textedly, you can keep track of your supporters and easily send out texts keeping them updated on your campaign.

Why Candidates Should Send Political Campaign Text Messages

An increase in smartphone ownership since 2011 puts the mobile devices in the hands of 77 percent of Americans, according to Pew Research. Because of sms campaigns ability to stand apart from alternative methods like ads or cluttered email inboxes, results prove texting to be more effective. Almost all reports show that more than 90 percent of text messages receive immediate attention while the open rate for email falls far short. This is why we place such strong value on text message communication here at Textedly. The assurance that a political message can get through to recipients quickly gives politicians access to voter persuasion. As a live and vital form of communication, political campaign texts invite the participation of candidates who understand the power of the medium.

Political Campaign SMS Tips

The arrival of a text message does not ensure its importance or readability, however. A persuasive message that politicians hope to deliver requires careful crafting by texting professionals who understand the best approach to use in political messaging.
  • Keep Messages Short and Sweet: The best techniques require a sparing use of words in a medium that features brevity. Readers expect to find the essence of a message with only a brief look, and successful senders respect the requirement. 
  • Understand Your Audience: While it may look easy, the best political message only seems as though someone dashed it off in a moment. The reality of creating a well-designed, informative text requires a creative bent and a deep understanding of the preferences of smartphone users who receive them. Missteps can come quickly and easily, and they can prove embarrassing and often irreversible. 
  •  Be Authentic: The adage about creating a first impression only one time rings especially true with text messaging. Discerning recipients can recognize messages that miss the mark sooner than politicians may realize. 
  • Collect Data: Read into the data within sms political campaign software that allows you to look into demographics and see who opens your emails most. SMS texting services like Textedly provide text message data collection reports that allow you to learn more before sending your next campaign message.
Decide not to dial in on your user data, they may not bother to read them the next time. The preparation of a political text represents a serious responsibility that can affect the outcome of a message campaign, and a sample message for election campaign can help. Almost no aspiring politician wants to offend a target group, but a candidate's ignorance of the craft can make a critical difference in establishing credibility and respect. Each voter has the power to influence an election through a single vote, and candidates want to deserve each one.

10 Benefits of Sending Political Campaign Texts

Politicians send a signal to the public by their knowledge of the sophisticated communication techniques that people expect to receive. Those who adopt popular messaging skills can deliver persuasive content while other political groups let opportunities to connect with voters bypass them. This is why many turn to Textedly for sending political campaign texts; you can easily customize your text messages and even save templates to reuse in the future. These tips from experienced professionals below can help novices learn, and they help improve skill levels for everyone.

  1. Sticking to the Point with Reminders
    The ease of overlooking the purpose of a message can render it ineffective and virtually useless. A reminder to vote misses the critical components of messaging unless it includes the day, time and location for performing a civic duty. Inexperience in creating a text message may lead politicians to think that almost anyone can do it. A checklist of essential items can help prevent omissions. Last-minute reminders keep the words in front of voters as they go to the polls. Everyone who participates in a campaign needs regular reminders that keep them in the communication loop. An assumption that the campaign volunteers know everything they need can lead to disappointing turnout on Election Day. With Textedly, you can schedule out a single SMS reminder or even a series of text reminders to your supporters to remind them about important dates.
  2. Receiving and Opening a Message
    Many of the traditional campaign outreach tactics do not work as well as contemporary methods. Research shows that knocking on doors produces minimal results, and the response to phone calls reaches a stunningly small number. With the labor-intensive work that phone banks and door-knocking require, candidates can get more significant benefits from text messaging that get immediate attention. Campaigns that adapt technology to replace outmoded techniques may find value in text messaging.
  3. Funding a Campaign
    Donors appreciate knowing that their money helps a campaign, and an acknowledgment of a donation needs to say something meaningful. By saying "thank you," a candidate does not let the donor know that the funds contributed to a fast-food takeout for canvassers or some other event that made a difference to a campaign. A personalized text message that addresses the donor by name invites attention, and a reference to the candidate helps make the thank you note especially meaningful. SMS lets campaigns reach donors who contribute by check or other methods, and their funds can make a critical difference. An unintentional slight can discourage a donor from participating in campaign funding.
  4. Responding to Changing Market Dynamics
    Inc. Magazine reports that millennials understand the benefits of digital communications perhaps more than older generations. They regard phones as time-consuming invasions of their privacy that they value highly. Political campaigns must respect the preferences of age groups that rely on technology to maintain any hope of reaching them. Texting as a preferred communication method seems very practical to them, and the 2016 campaign showed the growing acceptance of peer-to-peer texting. The rejection of telephones seems to apply to anyone who has lived for less than 45 years, a caution that campaigns can benefit from observing.
  5. Preserving a Precious Commodity
    Almost every candidate can attest to the availability of funds as a critical issue, and expenditures on dated forms of communication can exert unnecessary pressure on campaign budgets. Campaigns for even the most highly qualified candidate can rise or fall on the availability of funding. Text messaging avoids expenses and lets parties reach willing donors through cost-effective SMS texting. It serves to convince donors that every dollar receives consideration as a worthy investment in achieving a goal. The contributions that people make may deprive them of a treat, and they deserve appreciation.
  6. Promoting Registration
    As the voter registration process represents the only access to voting, campaigns may use political campaign SMS text messaging to distribute information about the critically important process. A message can remind voters about polling places and times when early voting starts to make sure that voters perform their civic duty. Even though campaign materials offer slick printing and well-crafted information, a text message may help clarify it. The ease of reading digital communication appeals to many and makes it highly effective. Try creating subscriber groups in Textedly to organize your supporters by poll location, and creating a text message template for each with specific registration and polling location details.
  7. Following-up with Workers
    The contributions of volunteers can go unnoticed in the intensity of a campaign, but election campaign messages can provide a remedy. With an approach that shows sincere appreciation for service, a political campaign may send a note to say "thank you" for doing a task by stating the time and location. Even when campaigns lose, a summary of appreciation matters more than ever to some people. Supporters may experience some disappointment after a loss, but a kind message can help alleviate it.
  8. Keeping Everyone Posted
    The need to communicate seems to apply to the human condition, and the abundance of information that surrounds everyone may overpower even the most avid reader. In the crowded space of the internet, announcements of events can go unnoticed. Frequent users of social media may have many accounts that can lead to confusion. Users may make errant replies to people or groups instead of the ones they meant to select, and messages can disappear in the resulting confusion. Campaigns may opt to send simple SMS messages to help users stay on track and in touch with the objective. Rallies need massive participation to show support for candidates, and a text message can deliver a reminder fast and effectively.
  9. Receiving Prompt Replies
    Medium reports that mobile devices in the United States account for about 45 percent of all messages sent around the world, and more than 80 percent of Americans use SMS every day. With a highly active and responsive user base, campaigns can use technology to learn about voter preferences for issues and candidates. The responsiveness that it provides can encourage voter participation.
  10. Focusing on the Message
    The creativity and nearly endless hours of research that experts invest in developing a campaign identity deserve respect by staff, volunteers, donors and everyone who participates in the civic activity. The brevity of slogans makes them ideal for sending a political campaign SMS. Campaign managers choose slogans for their ability to persuade, and every use can help influence a voter's decision. The repetition can assist voters in remembering the goal of a campaign and its candidate. Create a template in Textedly featuring your campaign slogan at the end to easily send texts that supporters will remember.

Structuring Political Campaign Text Messages That Captivate

A message that expresses voter concerns and suggests alternatives to resolve them can generate the responsiveness and support that elects candidates. A realistic approach to goals and a practical strategy to reach them shows a level of understanding of the issues that appeal to voters.

Examples of Political Texts for Candidates to Use

An outreach that appeals to the concerns that voters express can create a good start on writing political texts for candidates. Successful candidates put their understanding of issues into political texts, and a sample message for election campaign can help get writers started. Political text campaigns also drive home the message of a political slogan to a different type of audience that now have a higher chance of hearing your messaging.

Add more fire to the flame by kicking off your campaign with unifying statements or main items on your political agenda.

(855) 397-6679

Bob -

Our campaign this year faces strong challenges from the opposition, and we need every vote to defeat them.

Not everyone shares our passion for fair representation, but I know that you do. Can we count on you stand with us and vote for a good government?

text STOP to end

When it's time to vote, the only next step is to get your supporters to the polls. Encouraging your audience to vote is the last step to implementing a successful sms political campaign.
(855) 397-6679

Dear Sam -

Your polling place has changed from last year. Your vote matters a lot to us, and we can help you to get to the new polling location if you need it.

You don't need to call Uber on your own. Just click this link, and we can provide a ride for you.


Text STOP to end

Try using an update like this one above to remind advocates where to vote and providing resources for transportation. Every vote counts.

Sample Messages: Using Election Campaign Texts for Main Issues

Raising money for a cause you care about during your campaign? Let your advocates know for extra support and awareness. Not only will pushing out a mass text to your list instantly boost the money you raise towards any cause you aim to help, it will tell the masses you are actively working on an issue they care about.
(855) 397-6679

Hi Betty - 

Your donation of $20 at my rally yesterday helps us meet our fundraising goals.

Stay in touch with us at Camp2020 for the latest developments.

Text STOP to end

Texting groups that have become patrons of your campaign because of certain causes they care about allows for hyper-targeted messaging. From health care to economic growth and beyond, Textedly provides segmentation that propels campaigns to win with the masses.
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Barbara -

The healthcare concerns that you shared with me matter significantly, and I understand the difficulties that you face. My votes in the Senate show my commitment to resolving these issues.

Please reply to my campaign office to tell us about any other questions that you have

Text STOP to end

Political campaigns matter to us, and Textedly provides technology that offers candidates an easy way to reach voters. We support your efforts to create an informed electorate.