Sending SMS Sales Texts to Customers

Sales texts to customers or prospects can increase brand awareness, deliver promotions, and ultimately drive sales. The right sales texts provide exceptional value and convenience for customers while promoting the brand. Send SMS sales texts to customers at scale with the right software like Textedly.
Texting sales prospects has never been easier thanks to Textedly’s easy-to-use texting solutions platform.

Why Businesses Should Send Sales Texts

There are tons of great reasons to use SMS texting for sales. Over 5 billion people in the world can send and receive texts. Texts are more direct than most advertising pathways and increase effectiveness with unheard of open rates. Around 75 percent of customers are ok with receiving sales text messages after they've opted in. That's great news for marketers looking to prove ROI.

Here are some reasons to send sales texts:

  • Text messaging is fast
  • It's easy to time strategically
  • The response rate is excellent

Besides being readily available to a large portion of the population, sales texts are also practical. They are read frequently, they are short, and they are personal. There's not a lot more to ask for in communication!

It's rare to reach a customer via their personal inbox. A sales text is a real opportunity for marketers to raise brand awareness in a space that allows for customer feedback. Feedback can, of course, be organic, but you can also gain feedback with surveys or forms. Feedback is invaluable in an age when there is so much user data but not as much personalization as we would like.

Because texting is so much easier and faster than email, it's a preferred method of contact by many marketers. People respond to and read texts faster than they do emails, and they have the promotional content with them on the go. It's harder for people to remember the promotional content in their emails during a busy day.

Texting can also be a great tactic for sales events. You can catch people when they get off work, are near your business, or at other strategic times. You don't have to worry about people being too busy to open their emails. They aren't as likely to forget a well-timed text as they are other forms of promotion, because they can take action quicker.

Sales Text Message Etiquette

There are a few basics to follow when it comes to SMS sales etiquette:

  • Identify your brand
  • Bring value
  • Be short
  • Don't repeat offers too often

Always, always identify yourself! Just like with phone calls, people consider it polite to have a caller identify themselves. In a similar vein, make sure that the tone of the text is on-brand and is a good representation of the brand's position and value.

Remember to consistently bring value. This is how to avoid being seen as a spammer. When customers know that they are getting insider access to coupons, deals, and specials that are real and meant for specifically them, they will see value in the brand.

Keep in mind that the customer's time is extra-valuable. Try to be quick without cutting short the value of the offer. 

Repeat an offer maybe once or twice, but no more. If you are not getting good responses, try re-targeting your message or offering a different product to that consumer set.

SMS Sales Text Types & Examples

Here are a few types of SMS sales texts you can utilize:
(855) 397 6679

Hi, Justin!

Jerry's Boards would like to know how your new skateboard is treating you. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your experience so far?

Text STOP to end


A follow-up text might come after a purchase that was tracked online.

(855) 397 6679

Hi Jenny!

Gail's Frozen treats would like to invite you in our Friday happy hour at 3 PM for a sundae!

Text STOP to ennd

A reminder text might be sent to encourage participation in an event.
(855) 397 6679


Holiday cards would love to find out more about your tastes. Take our shaort survey to get personalized search results delivered to your inbox this weekend.

Text STOP to end

A nurturing text might be an offer for a prospect you are working on building a relationship with.
(855) 397 6679

Hi Ken,

It was good to see you at the hotel brunch yesterday. I'd love to connect at the next conference.

Text STOP to end

Warm Touch
A warm touch text might be a personal introduction to a prospective client.
(855) 397 6679

Hi Daria,

I saw that you were posting invitations to bid for your next marketing event. Would you like to send over your specifications to our HR manager?

Text STOP to end

Lastly, a call-to-action text might be an actionable message to help close a transaction.
These can all vary, and the examples here are on the longer side. But the general idea for these types of texts is to keep them straightforward and not mix them up with each other.

Sending Sales Text Messages With Textedly

Textedly is the platform of choice for sending SMS sales texts. Easily organize your contacts and send tons of sales text messages just as fast as you can write them. Our software makes it easy to send sales texts whether you are in customer success, direct sales, event marketing, or any other role.
Whether your executives need to connect with an entire meeting or your sales team is following up after a huge online sale, you can trust our software to get the job done. Textedly will keep your process streamlined and easy to track the whole way through.