Secure Texts

Information is one of today’s most valuable commodities. That’s why a secure text platform is absolutely necessary for individuals and business. Texting is fast and easy, but the latest security precautions and encryption have to be in place to protect you and your customers from hackers.

Why Use a Secure Text Platform

Texting comes with many business benefits. Texts are more likely to get read over emails or answered over phone calls. They’re also quick to send, the receiver getting them almost instantly, speeding up communication between you and your client. SMS texts reach customers on a personal level that just doesn’t translate over email. However, all that speedy communication can put both you and your customers at risk if you don’t have secure business texting.
A secure text platform:

  • Keeps your business information private
  • Encrypts sensitive payment information
  • Protects customer names, phone numbers, and identifying information
  • Let’s you own your audience

Advantages of Using Textedly to Send Secure SMS

At Textedly, we offer more than the average secure SMS texting service. By more, we mean better security, better service, and better options to help you better reach your customers.

Text messages must be compliant with current FTC and FCC rules and regulations. But we’re here to help. If you’re not sure what you need to do, take a look at our compliance guide to help you create a compliant SMS text plan. The most important things to remember are to:

  • Include the right details in your opt-in message
  • Receive prior express written consent before sending that first message
  • Confirm the opt-in
  • Communicate the terms and conditions clearly
  • Following guidelines for the timing of messages
  • Put your business name in every text message
  • Give your customers an easy opt-out
  • Avoid banned language

There’s a little more to it than that, but those basics give you an idea of what kind of text plan you’ll create. 

Beyond security, the Textedly platform provides an array of features that give you an advantage over the competition. For example, we offer 300 characters per SMS message versus the 160 offered by a standard testing service. Want to add a visual punch to your message? Send a photo with MMS messages that include 1,600 characters.

You can create messages and receive replies and notifications on a desktop and mobile device, so you can provide faster customer service. But all those incoming text messages? You don’t get charged for them. They’re free. You are only charged for the messages you send.

We also don’t believe in limiting your ability to grow. Add an unlimited number of subscribers to your list without extra charges. You get to decide when and who you contact. It can be an individual, group, or the entire subscriber list. Our platform even allows you to schedule texts ahead of time, so you spend less time inputting your marketing plan.

Textedly Provides Secure Business Texting

As a business, you can’t afford to put yourself or your customers’ information at risk. Textedly’s secure platform provides security and encryption so you can safely communicate with your customers.