Send Texts Online

Texts are fast, simple, and businesses now use them to communicate with clients and customers because many people prefer texts over emails and phone calls. If you’re worried about a lack of nimble thumbs, you can send texts online using a full-size keyboard. Online texts are simple to manage and often faster to send to individuals, groups, or entire subscriber lists. In this article, we’ll give you the how’s and why’s of texts online.

How Can I Send and Receive Texts Online?

Even those who master their mobile phones and tablets may wonder, �How can I send a text online?� It�s not hard, but it does require an app like Textedly to manage outgoing and incoming messages. Your Textedly account grants you access to a SMS marketing text number from which to contact your clients. It�s an easy way to online SMS and MMS client or customer email lists.

Easily Text Online With Our Web App

Textedly provides the speed and straightforward access to customers that overcrowded channels like direct mail and email have lost. You simply log into your Textedly account, where you can access your customer list(s). From there, you can send a message to one account, a group, or everyone on the list.

Your Textedly account sends notifications to your desktop, where you can manage and efficiently respond to requests, questions, and complaints. Notifications can also go to mobile devices connected to the account, so you can respond to client messages from almost anywhere.

Benefits of Sending Texts Online

The ability to send texts online comes with big benefits. The long list of pros includes:

Texting Online: Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Send a Text Online?

Create a Textedly account. From there, we set up a number from which you send and receive messages to and from anyone on your subscriber list. There’s no question on how to text online once you’re with Textedly. Log into your account and follow the instructions on our web-based interface. It’s fast, simple, and we’re always here to help. 

Is there a Cost for Incoming Text Messages?

Some services charge for every incoming and outgoing text. With Textedly, all incoming SMS messages are free. You only pay for the messages you send.

Can I Schedule Future Texts Online?

Textedly features a built-in calendar, so you can schedule single or group texts. Write the message, pick the date and time, and your message will be delivered.

Is There a Message Character Limit for Sending Texts Online?

Textedly can send messages with over 300 characters, which is much more than the standard 160-character limit offered by most services and apps.

How Many Subscribers Can I Text Online?

Textedly doesn’t limit your ability to reach customers. Keep growing your list and message an unlimited number of subscribers.

Can I Also Send MMS Online?

Need to send a picture along with your message? You can do that with Textedly. Plus, every MMS gets a whopping 1,600 characters in the body of the text message.

Is Sending Texts Online Secure?

At Textedly, we use some of the industry’s best SSL and encryption to secure all of your and your customers’ data and information, so you never have to worry about sending secure texts.