SMS for Healthcare

Healthcare companies, hospitals, and medical professionals select SMS healthcare solutions to improve communications between patients and medical staff.
SMS healthcare solutions with Textedly are fast and readily available. While you have to make a lot of time to get through emails and make two or three points of contact with a pager, texting is instant.

Most people scan through texts very quickly. The tiny pieces of important information that it takes to run a hospital or health-related business are easily absorbed via text on-time and without delay.

Uses for SMS in Healthcare

SMS healthcare solutions can work for your practice or network like it has for many doctors and health-based companies. Apply the SMS health method that suits you or your patients.
Staff Scheduling

All Kaiser Health X-Ray Technicians. We have a need for nine more Technicians to work this Saturday. Reply to this text message to sign up. Thank you.

Aftercare & Management Plans

Hi John, our Aftercare plan is ready to assist you in your early recovery, prevent relapse, and help you towards your life goals. Thanks for enrolling in the program.

Appointment Reminders

Hi James, looking forward to seeing you at Dr. Carson’s Dental office tomorrow 3/20/2020, 3PM for your yearly examine and physical. Reply if you need to reschedule.

Getting Reviews

Rebecca. How would you rate your appt yesterday with Dr. Smith? Help others by giving us a quick review. 1-10. Reply let us know. Thanks!

Emergency Alerts

If you are feeling ill and believe you may be infected with the COVID-19 virus, please reply to this message to make a Dr. appointment ASAP.

Healthcare Notices

This is a reminder that your medical bill is 30-days overdue. Please take a moment to pay your outstanding bill by clicking here. Thank you for your cooperation.

Prescription Updates

Hello Mr. Sandoval. Your medical prescription at Target Pharmacy is now ready. You can pick it up anytime between the hours of 8am-7pm. Thank you.


Come in anytime this week for a couples 60-minute therapeutic deep tissue massage, for only $150. Click here to make an online appointment.

Healthcare organizations love using Textedly

Texting is Thriving in Healthcare

Many doctors are noting the effects of technology on their practice, including SMS marketing in healthcare. One study at the Wall Street Journal suggested that approximately 18 percent of physicians text their patients.

Texting in hospitals is done on secure applications in order to remain HIPAA compliant. Text messages to patients have several HIPAA requirements, like not using both first and last names in case the phone is lost or stolen.

When best practices and HIPAA regulations are observed, texting increases communication between physicians and patients as well as between staff by a significant amount.

Benefits of Sending Healthcare Messages

Sending healthcare messages allows for important reminders to reach the audience in a timely manner that captures their attention. Too often, important health notices are lost in full inboxes or real mailboxes.

One study in Seattle, for example, was able to test out different wording to find the optimal format for 30-day immunization reminders. Some texts were more effective than others. 

 Using this format, how much could communication improve between healthcare providers and patients? Because the texts are so easy to send and short in format, health care providers have a better chance of A/B testing their copy to find actionable templates.

Some other benefits of a health SMS include:

  • Texts are safe to send on secure platforms like Textedly to protect patient information.
  • Patients have easier access to appointment reminders via text message.
  • Patient safety. Poor communication with patients leads to unnecessary illness.
  • More actionable information is available to the patient regarding their health care.

SMS Healthcare Examples

Get started using any of the following examples for your healthcare company or medical practice.
(955) 397-6679

Hi Lisa,

We'd love to hear about your recent appointment.

Please rate your experience on a scale from 1-5 with 1 meaning extremely unsatisfactory, and 5 meaning extremely satisfactory.

Text STOP to end

For quality assurance, healthcare companies and practices use feedback text messages to gain more information on the experience of patients. For the purpose of digital marketing, many local medical practices also seek reviews and link to their Yelp or Google Business listing.
(955) 397-6679

Hi Jason,

You are due for your annual physical.

Please reply Y to this text message to schedule an appointment.

Text STOP to end

Reminders from medical practices on upcoming procedures or examinations are convenient for patients that lose track of due dates or exams.
(955) 397-6679

Hi Diane,

This is a confirmation that we have received your question for Dr. Kramer. Please expect a call back by the end of the day.

Text STOP to end

Questions for physicians come frequently and often get lost or forgotten with traditional bottlenecks and software. In the Textedly dashboard, doctors have an easy and efficient option for responding to patients.

Sending Healthcare SMS Messages With Textedly

Textedly makes sending SMS to staff and patients easy. Whether you are a manager in a B2B healthcare network, a doctor sending tips, or if you are helping patients get to their immunization appointments, Textedly has a plan for you. Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Textedly and start sending SMS healthcare messages.