SMS Human Resources Solutions

Human Resources, or HR, teams are at the heart of any organization.
They take care of all realms that deal with employee well-being in an organization. So what’s the secret to a successful HR team? The key lies in good communication. The tool to achieve it? SMS human resources solutions. Luckily, Textedly makes it easy for HR professionals and business owners to send company communications via text message.

Using SMS in Human Resources

In today’s digital era, it’s almost impossible to find a person, especially a professional, without a mobile phone. That’s because our whole life, and this refers to both our personal and professional life, is inside that small device - forget computers. There’s a reason why text messaging has a 10x better open rate than emails. If that’s true for most professionals, shouldn’t it be the same for human resources?

Your employees are bogged down by countless client emails or requests everyday. When it’s most important a message doesn’t get overlooked, that’s when HR texting works wonders for the entire company.

SMS resource solutions are the best way to breach any communication gaps between an organization and its employees.

Regardless of the size of the organization, SMS in HR can be an effective and real-time solution to reach employees individually or as a group. With Textedly, you can even create subscriber groups to quickly send texts to different departments within your company. From recruitment to new employee on-boarding, important internal communications, and even payroll, text messaging is a great way to enhance internal operations.

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How Can Using SMS in HR Benefit Your Business?

There are countless benefits to using SMS in HR. Some of these include the following:

  • Create a more straightforward recruitment process
  • Implement a smooth on-boarding process for new employees
  • Decrease miscommunications between the organization and an employee
  • Easily schedule new meetings or communicate changes to current ones and avoid double bookings or missed meetings
  • Extend your reach by communicating important news and updates instantly to the entire organization, specific teams or a single employee
  • Improve the security of confidential communications with encrypted messages
  • Survey the team to better the organization’s environment
  • Keep a record and track responses to ensure transparency in every conversation

When implemented correctly, SMS in human resources is an efficient tool to improve communication and create a positive work environment. Textedly provides organizations with an easy-to-use SMS human resources solution to reach employees effectively and breach any communication gaps that might be hindering the organization’s internal communications.