Textable Coupons for Businesses

Text message coupons are sent to your customers or to a select audience of customers offering a discount or deal for products or services.

Text messages reach customers in real-time, considering there is an incredible 90% open rate and 15-minute open rate response time. Customers love coupons and deals, especially those sent from their favorite companies via SMS.

And, best of all, SMS marketing has never been easier thanks to Textedly’s easy-to-use texting solutions platform.

What is Text Coupon Software?

Text coupon software is specially designed software that allows a business to easily send coupons to their SMS opt-in list. Textedly offers all-in-one software for all of a businesses’ SMS marketing needs, including text message coupons. This all-in-one software allows you to add links or photos, schedule messages in advance, and complete a myriad of additional activities related to the campaign, all of which minimize the amount of time and effort needed to conduct a successful marketing coupon promotion.

Text Message Coupon Types

QR Codes, ‘Show This at Checkout,’ and unique discount codes are the three most common types of textable coupons. Discount codes can offer a percentage off a purchase, a fixed dollar value, or shipping discounts. You determine the amount of the offer, its start and end dates and other important factors. QR codes are increasingly popular as the world becomes more tech-savvy. The codes require the user to scan a pre-designed code from their phone, which applies the discount at that time. The show at checkout offers is the easiest of the three. The customer simply saves the offer and presents it at checkout.

Static Barcodes

Most commonly known as QR codes, static barcodes can be used both in-store and online. The customer simply scans the code at the time of purchase and the discount is automatically applied to their purchase. Many customers prefer static barcodes over other types of textable coupons and discounts because they’re simple to use.

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Static Promo Codes

Static promo codes simplify life for business owners. Simply create the offer, insert it into a message, and send it to one contact or to an entire group. It is the easiest way to send offers to customers who can then see the promo code by scanning the promo code during their in-store purchase, again using their smartphone device.

Unique Barcodes

The QR code is one of the most common barcodes used in SMS marketing, although several others are easily generated to provide a discount to customers. With unique barcodes, you eliminate duplicate use and can provide customer-specific deals.

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Unique Promo Codes

Similar to unique barcodes, unique promo codes offer a specific deal to a specific customer or group of customers. This code is typically usable both online and in-store.

Show This Text

Show This Text is an offer the customer must simply show to the cashier at checkout. These coupons are usually redeemable only in-store, but exceptions may apply.

How to Send Coupons By Text Message

Now that we’ve talked about the available types of coupons you can send via text message, let’s learn just how it's done.

Sign Up For Textedly

Textedly is one of many SMS marketing companies out there, but we are at the top of our game. We help customers get on the path to success, making it easy to create successful campaigns time and time again. Our simple sign-up process takes only minutes. Once you sign-up, one of our technicians is available to answer questions or help you get started.

Collect Subscribers

SMS marketing is permission-based so you’ll need to collect subscribers before sending coupons. Sending SMS messages to a telephone number that hasn't opted-in to receive the messages could result in huge fines and other legal troubles. There are a couple of ways to do this. The easiest is to advertise your SMS marketing campaign online, social media, in your store, etc. A special freebie or special deal entices people to sign up. You can also use a web form to collect subscribers' names and telephone numbers.

Create User Groups

Create user groups to easier target customers with coupons and offers. There are several ways/types of groups you can create, including gender, age, geographical region, etc. Separating your contacts into groups makes sending targeted coupons and offers much easier. It takes only a few minutes to create these groups using our specialized software.

Compile Templates

Now it’s time to compile the template or the offer you’ll send out to customers. Be precise and detailed in the wording. Include any minimum quantities required to receive the discount or other specifications, as well as an expiry date. Detailed coupons receive the best response from customers.

Send Text Coupons

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! It’s time to send your coupon text. You are now one button away from sending your coupons to the selected audience. Pick one or more recipients and the work is done. The results will soon show you how amazing SMS coupon text messaging really is for your business!

Increasing Sales With SMS Coupons

It’s reported that a whopping 86% of customers will choose one brand or company over the next if the coupon offer is right. Regular coupon codes and offers also promote customer loyalty, an important aspect of any business operation. They bring businesses a 45% conversion rate, which is a pretty high number. SMS coupons make customers happy, increase profits and customer loyalty, and bring a host of additional benefits your way.
Textedly makes it easy to reach customers with coupon offers. Learn firsthand why we’re the #1 rated text message marketing service and allow us to help you start a great SMS campaign. We offer a 14-day trial, professional service, and many other qualities you’re sure to appreciate.