Insurance Text Message Marketing

Using insurance text message marketing, agents are able to convert more leads and provide additional value to current customers. Textedly’s SMS insurance agency solution has proven to transform client relationships and efficiency for insurance agents.
It’s easy to become overwhelmed when building your business as an insurance agent. You need to send payment reminders, review long policies and answer client questions on a regular basis. Using insurance text messaging with Textedly is the answer for handling many of your client-related issues.

What is SMS Insurance Marketing?

SMS insurance text messaging isn’t simply a matter of sending messages from your cell phone. Using text SMS messaging as a business and marketing tool is more involved than that. You and your team can text clients from a shared dashboard. You can also use SMS insurance marketing to schedule messages, generate leads and create entire campaigns.

Why Send Insurance Marketing SMS Messages?

Many insurance agents have already retired from the industry in the last few years. With more prospective clients available, insurance agents have the ability to get ahead. Sending insurance marketing SMS messages is a way to stay in contact with more prospects and clients without increasing the time involved.
Text engagement rates are far better than email engagement, coming in at six to eight times higher.
By the end of each day, 98% of all text messages are read by recipients.
67% of your clients prefer texting as a way to set up appointments over using the phone or email.
Want more millennials as clients? 33% of all cell phone use by millennials is texting.
48% of people like text messaging better than email or direct mail when receiving loyalty communication
Insurance text messaging also provides a layer of protection when it comes time to document conversations between you and clients. You gain the advantage of pulling up the entire conversation when using this technology.

Insurance Text Message Marketing Results

Zhaneta Gechev, Founder of One Stop Life Insurance
"My name is Zhaneta Gechev, founder of One Stop Life Insurance. I have been in the insurance industry for over a decade now. There is no doubt that SMS marketing plays a huge role in the success of my business. I send a text message to EVERY lead and client. It has proven to have the following advantages for me: 

  • Fastest way of communication
  • I am able to weed out wrong numbers
  • A client could advise me if they had changed their mind
  • Can quickly send me additional information
  • Confirm appointments and/or reschedule
  • High view and response rate

Text messages save me time. It makes me more efficient and productive. There is no doubt that the use of insurance SMS marketing will only grow. If business owners are not utilizing the power of texts, they are missing out."

Uses for Insurance Text Message Marketing

  • Schedule meetings and appointments: Your prospects and clients have their cell phones with them at all times. This makes insurance text messaging a great way to set and qualify appointments. 
  • Generate website leads: Use chat widgets on your website to encourage text communication between you and prospects. Site visitors gain the ability to message requests and you now have a direct line into their cell phone’s text messenger app. 
  • Generate online reviews: Use text messages to ask happy clients for positive online reviews.
  • Create payment and meeting reminders: Sending a quick text message the day before an appointment increases show rates. Sending payment reminders protects clients against cancellations and protects your commissions.
  • Internal communication: Improve staff communication by using your insurance SMS system for event reminders, employee benefits, tech issues, etc.
  • Build relationships: Use insurance text messaging to send anniversary and birthday wishes. Create upsell opportunities: Use SMS to upsell a client from health insurance into dental insurance, for example.
  • Create upsell opportunities: Use SMS to upsell a client from health insurance into dental insurance, for example.
  • Use SMS for renewal time: Don’t lose business by letting renewals fall between the cracks. Send a text and make sure renewals stay with you.
  • Get referrals: Using insurance SMS for referrals is effective. It can actually lessen any awkwardness because people can text the information of their referrals after receiving your text request.
Generate online reviews

Hi Janice,

We hope you are enjoying our service! If you don't mind, could you please leave us a quick Google review?

It would be much appreciated!

Text STOP to end

Build relationships

Happy birthday, Jeff!

-From your friends at AllSafe

Text STOP to end

Get referrals

Hey Alice,

Have a friend in need of home insurance? They can text HOMEREF to 31131 amd mention your name to receive special pricing.

Text STOP to end

Text Messaging for Insurance Agents: Key Terms

Here are the terms you must know once you get involved with insurance SMS marketing.
  • SMS

    This stands for Short Message Service. It’s the oldest form of text messaging and the most often used method.
  • MMS

    This stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS was developed so people could text multimedia files like pictures, video and audio files.
  • Keywords

    These are the phrases you give prospects to text over to your number. This process opts them in and provides you permission to send them SMS messages.
  • Campaigns

    This represents an SMS message sent out to a group of contacts. It’s similar to when you send a broadcast message via email.
  • Subscribers

    The group of prospects and clients who opt-in to receive messaging via text from you.
  • Segments

    You can group your subscribers into various categories, or segments. This allows you to send more targeted messages to the right people. For example, you wouldn’t want to send a marketing message for prospects to your clients because your clients will become annoyed.
  • Templates

    There’s no need to come up with new messages each time you need to send texts. Instead, templates can be reused when sending campaigns, messages and responses.
  • Autoresponders

    These are the messages that get sent out automatically once a person opts in to receive your insurance SMS marketing messages. You can set up pre-written campaigns that get dripped out over several days or weeks.

Thank you for signing up for AllSafe text alerts!

4 Msgs/Month. Reply STOP to cancel. HELP for help. Msg&data rates may apply.

Insurance Marketing SMS Examples

Hi Jill, it’s Brian from Farmers. I see that your policy is due for renewal. How would you like to meet and talk through all your options?
Hi Bill, just a reminder that your bill of $123.78 is payable tomorrow. Submit your payment via mail or do it online!
Jim, I really appreciate your patience. Everything should be updated on your claim by Tuesday!
Hi Mary, I hope I was able to serve you well today. Would you mind leaving a Facebook review for me? It only takes about five minutes and I would be so grateful!
Happy Birthday, Jeremy! I hope you have a great day. Do you have any fun plans in the coming year?
Dominick, shoot me a reply of the photos from your accident today and I’ll get them into your file.
Hey Tina, your policy expires next month. I’d like to offer you one month free if you renew your policy within the next 14 days!

How to Send Insurance Texts

Are you ready to start on this exciting insurance SMS marketing journey? Here are the steps to take.
  • Sign Up For a Text Marketing Platform

    Choose a text marketing platform like Textedly to work with.
  • Upload Current List of Contacts

    Use a file to upload your prospects and clients into the marketing platform you’ve chosen. Make sure your contacts have given their consent to receive messaging from you.
  • Compile Text Templates

    Gather a list of the templates you’ll use. Keep a separate set of templates for prospects and another for clients.
  • Set Up a Campaign Keyword

    Reserve a short keyword that’s easy for people to remember. This is the keyword your prospects and clients text to your number as they opt-in to your marketing list. You might want to combine your company name with the type of insurance you sell, such as AllstateHealth.
  • Promote Your Keyword

    Get the word out by promoting your keyword on your website, on social media and on your business cards. Send Insurance Texts Start sending campaigns once you start building your list.
  • Send Insurance Texts

    Start sending campaigns once you start building your list.

Encouraging Clients to Subscribe to Your Insurance Texts

You need to be proactive when helping clients understand why they should subscribe for your insurance SMS messaging. Use a signup form on your site. Create helpful social media posts and then promise an enticing offer in exchange for the opt-in. Use your business cards as a way to encourage the opt-in. Ask clients to subscribe after they’ve signed off on their policy.

Sending Insurance SMS With Textedly

Increase your sales and deepen relationships with insurance SMS messaging. We encourage you to try Textedly for free. We make it easy to get set up and send your campaigns, and it all starts with a 14-day free trial.