SMS Lead Generation: Text Marketing for Your Leads

Most leads require multiple touch points to convert. Using sms lead generation as a part of your lead outreach allows sales to instantly show potential customers their message.

Your business needs new customers to grow, that’s why new leads are so important. Unfortunately for many business owners, recruiters, and sales reps, this crucial part of their job is also one of the hardest. Endless hours of cold calling with no results can be a frustrating and demoralizing waste of time.

If this sounds like you, SMS lead generation with Textedly is your solution. Marketing and sales teams across the world are switching automated outreach to SMS lead generation so that they can connect instantaneously with prospective customers.

Obtaining Text Message Leads With SMS Marketing

Text message lead generation has quickly become the preferred electronic communication. Sales is a numbers game and a staggering 95% of text messages sent are read by their recipient within 3 minutes after receiving it. Compare that to your email open rates.

Text messages are such a powerful marketing tool because they are simple, easy to use and lead to very high engagement. Almost a fifth of links sent via text message are clicked by their recipients, an unheard-of number in any other form of digital advertising. Follow the steps below to begin your own SMS lead generation campaign with Textedly.

Choose a Relevant Keyword

The first thing to do is to pick a keyword that your new leads will use to initiate contact with you and join your list. In order to begin receiving promotional messages from you, your prospect must text your keyword to your assigned shortcode. Because this keyword will be used on your marketing material, it is important that this word is relevant to your brand.

Example: Barbara Jones is a personal injury lawyer. She could choose a keyword like “INJURY” or “LAWSUIT” to represent her practice or something more personal like “BARBARA”. This will allow you to put clear and effective calls to action in your marketing materials. An example of how this would read in an ad is: “Were you injured in a car accident? Text BARBARA to 33445!”

Set Up an Auto-Responder

Once a prospect shows interest by texting your keyword to your shortcode, it’s crucial to text them back right away. That is the purpose of an auto-responder.

Your auto-responder should provide the information that motivated your potential customer to send a text in the first place. When you set up automatic text replies using Textedly, we also make sure that the automated texts include an easy way for the subscribers to opt-out of messages to comply with the law.

Your auto-responder sequence can include texts, website links, photos and more. It’s like having someone on call to respond to your text marketing leads 24/7. By quickly providing them with the information they need, you’ve given them the ideal introduction to your business, all without lifting a finger.

The “Secret Sauce”: The Follow Up

Now that you’ve got their attention and started the relationship, you’re going to want to stay in touch. It’s important to keep the momentum going with regular text messages. You’ll want to keep the focus of these followup messages on providing value and important content instead of simply promotional material.

There is a delicate balance to strike here. If you send messages too infrequently, you risk losing engagement with your audience. However, if you send too many messages, your leads may start to find it annoying and unsubscribe from future follow-ups.

There is no universal answer for what your exact follow-up strategy should be because it changes for every business and every audience. Think about your audience, why did they subscribe? Put yourself in their shoes and think about what kind of content you would want to see pop up on your phone.

Follow-ups create value because they strengthen the relationship between your brand and a potential customer without you having to do too much of anything. In fact, 50% of all sales happen after the 5th contact.

Text Lead Capture Example

Andrew Portman is a financial planner who recently left to start his own firm. He has a few clients that followed him over from his previous job at a much larger corporate firm, but so far, lead generation has been much harder than he anticipated.

At first, he tried reaching out to potential clients using cold email, but that just results in a lot of unread emails and spam complaints. He then moves to cold calling and subjects himself to several hours of rejection every day, resulting in only a handful of lukewarm leads.

He even took a weekend to write a really valuable report called “5 Ways to Plan For Your Financial Freedom” and spent a small fortune having a one page website funnel built. He then sent it out through social and email. He notices site visitors come but they quickly disappear, but nobody calls him.

Why Try SMS Lead Generation With Text Marketing?

This scenario left Andrew beyond frustrated, he had totally lost sight of the work he loved and was instead caught in a downward spiral through complicated marketing hell.

The next month, instead of spending a lot on a fancy website, Andrew spoke at a conference and left the last slide with contact info and a message that said “Text FREEDOM to 14661 for my free report.” He sent mass-texts with customized snippets to those he personally spoke to and a separate SMS lead generation campaign to those that attended.

Because of a simple and clean lead generation approach, Andrew was able to see prospects texting to get his report, allowing him to keep contact with them and nurture his prospects. They opened texts early on. As his auto-responder delivered more information, he was able to cultivate relationships 1-on-1 and outside of a cluttered digital environment.

How to Start an SMS Lead Generation Campaign

  1. Decide on a Keyword

    This is the most important part of any SMS lead generation effort, and the first step to get started with your campaign on Textedly. This is because this keyword is at the center of all your marketing efforts. It’s important to pick a keyword that is descriptive, on-brand, and easy for your prospects to remember and spell.
  2. Configure Your Auto Reply

    Before you begin collecting text message leads, you must have a plan for what to do with them once they join your list. This step includes deciding how many follow up messages you will send and how often you will send them to your prospects. This can be edited over time, but it’s important to always have something in place.
  3. Offer an Incentive

    If you want potential customers to join your text message list, then you need to give them a good reason! Good incentives for attracting leads for your text message marketing include special offers, expert information, exclusive discounts and more. This is a good place to get creative, any offer that can be advertised on TV, print or radio can be effective using SMS.
  4. Spread the Word

    Now that your campaign is ready, it’s time to let people know. You’ll want to include your shortcode and keyword in your advertising to let people know how to opt-in to your SMS marketing. As SMS marketing becomes more common, consumers are becoming much more familiar with the standard call to action: “Text KEYWORD to SHORTCODE”.

Examples of Text Lead Capture Tactics

(855) 397-6679

#TACOTUESDAY: Show this text to your server today for 10% off your meal.

Text STOP to end

Exclusive Offers & Promos

Allowing your customers to unlock offers and promotions by joining your SMS list is a very powerful tactic. This can lead to increased engagement very quickly.

(855) 397-6679

Make sure to read my report, "Get 500 Twitter followers in 30 days!"

Text STOP to end

Valuable, Relevant Downloads

Sending a link to a valuable piece of content on your website can earn trust and get your leads browsing your website! This is a very effective tactic for displaying expert knowledge.

(855) 397-6679

Click here to sign up for my "Hot Stock of The Week" newsletter:

Text STOP to end

Get Leads to Opt-in

You can also use your SMS marketing list to encourage your leads to engage with you on your other channels like signing up for email newsletters or following you on social media.

(855) 397-6679

Here's the linkk to my "Weight Loss Plan for 2020" video you requested

Text STOP to end

Send a Short Video

Sending a short video with valuable information is a great way to reward prospects for joining your SMS list and introduce yourself to them.

(855) 397-6679

Hi John, I see that you are interested in investment management services. Give me a call and I would be happy to explain your investment options.

- Larry

Text STOP to end

Keep it Simple

If your goal is to get a prospective client on a phone call as soon as possible, be direct and keep your message simple and personal.

By providing value through text messages, you can create a strong relationship quickly. When implemented correctly, an SMS marketing campaign has the potential to totally change the way your business finds new leads and converts them into customers. Sign up for a free trial with Textedly today to see how easy it is to implement your first SMS lead generation campaign!