Salon & Spa SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a great way for salons and spas to generate new sales and make your existing client base aware of any specials or promotions.
Text marketing for salons provides beauticians, hairstylists and aestheticians the ability to send beauty salon messages to your client base. Textedly makes it easy for beauty professionals to customize and automate marketing texts to book, confirm, and market your salon and spa.

What is Salon SMS Marketing?

Salon SMS marketing, or text marketing, is a form of mobile communication used to engage your clients. This form of communication allows business owners to compose one message and send it out one time to multiple clients. It is an effective form of communication that can increase foot traffic and strengthen the brand awareness of your business. This is also an opportunity to reward your loyal customers with rebates and promotions.

Why Use Text Marketing for Salons?

The ultimate goal for any business is to increase company revenue. The only way to achieve this goal is to increase the number of customers that visit your business. For salons, text marketing is an excellent way to bring awareness to the company and keep the client engaged with your products and services.
When a salon first launches, build up momentum using a salon opening message to all prospective clients. Text marketing for salons is an excellent way to establish relationships with newer clients. Often, when a new client visits a salon, the probability of them returning is lower than it is for a repeat customer. By utilizing text marketing, you're able to keep those clients engaged.

How to Start Sending Beauty SMS Messages

One of the easiest ways to start sending beauty SMS messages is to register with a text marketing service like Textedly. Often, these companies offer a free trial that allows you to test out their services to determine if it is right for your business. Here are the steps to follow if you’re ready to start sending text marketing messages for your salon.
  • Sign Up For a Text Marketing Platform

    A simple online search will give you an array of companies that offer SMS marketing services. We’ve made signing up for our messaging platform quick and easy. Using our texting service is even easier.
  • Upload Current List of Contacts

    After you build your marketing list with your current compliant clients, upload your list to your platform. These instructions could vary based on the company you choose for this service. With a click of a button, you're able to upload multiple messaging contacts within a matter of minutes.
  • Compile Text Templates

    Once you've uploaded your list of contacts, it is important to stay engaged with your customer base. Spa text templates allow you to customize the information that you want to share with your customers to keep them interested in more of your products and services. These templates can be a one-size-fits-all message for your entire customer base or can be segmented for specific customer needs.
  • Set Up a Campaign Keyword

    After you customize your list and set up your templates, it is important to know if your customers want to engage with you. Setting up campaign keywords gives you an indication of your customers’ interest in your business and your products. For example, if your business asks a customer to reply to a message to show interest, you're able to have them respond with a keyword “SPA-DAY” to 246803.
  • Promote Your Keyword

    Once you set up a keyword in your text marketing platform, you’ll need to spread to word to your client base and potential new clients. You can do this through word of mouth when a client visits the salon, or even announce the big news about your salon texts in an existing email newsletter.
  • Send Spa and Salon Texts

    Now comes the fun part. After you've created your list of contacts, you want to send messages to your clients that are fun, engaging and will promote your brand. It is important to send just enough messages to keep your clients engaged, however, too many messages can make your clients feel inundated with excessive messages. Keep the messages creative and fun but at the same time make them a professional representation of your company.

Spa and Salon SMS Marketing Ideas

To increase revenue, beauty businesses should consider the many ways to apply SMS marketing for salons. You're able to send messages to clients to remind them about their appointment or to keep new clients engaged after their first visit to your salon. Some other creative ideas to keep your clients engaged include:
(855) 397-6679

Happy Leap Day!

To celebrate, we're offering 29% off your next service when you book online.

Just use promo code LEAP29 at checkout.

Text STOP to end

Enticing customers with coupon promotions.
(855) 397-6679

Hi Melissa,

This is a reminder that you are booked for a wash & cut with Erin on Wednesday, April 15th at 3:00 PM.

Please call the saloon if you need to reschedule.

Text STOP to end

Reminding customers of appointments.
(855) 397-6679

Looking to spurce up your look for Valentine's Day?

Call today to learn more about our special Valentine's Day promotions!

Text STOP to end

Special holiday savings (example: Valentine’s Day specials).
(855) 397-6679

Have you checked out our latest blog post, "20 Hot Hair Color Trends for 2020"?

If not, give it a read here:

Text STOP to end

Sending newsletters to customers keeping them up-to-date on current events in the salon.
Utilizing these marketing strategies will help keep your clients engaged and increase your company's brand awareness.

Beauty Salon Text Examples

Here are some great examples to keep your customers engaged using SMS marketing:
(855) 397-6679

Hi Ashley.

Thank you for your recent visit to our spa.

Show promotional code SPA HEAVEN to the receptionist to receive 10% off your next visit.

(855) 397-6679

Heavenly Spa has a Valentine's Day promotion of 25% off all of our CBD facial products.

The promotion runs from today and ends on February 15th. Visit us today.

Sending Spa & Salon SMS Messages With Textedly

Textedly can help you coordinate sales events, coupons or any company announcements that could benefit your customers. Get started today with a 14-day free trial to take the guesswork out of sending spa and salon text messages.