Text Messaging for Dispatch & Logistics

Text dispatch messaging for contractors, managers, order tracking, and training.

Dispatch and logistics are global systems that require a global communication solution. In today's world, you can't let messages age in an inbox while things change faster than you can write an email.
Keep up and get ahead of the curve with dispatch and logistics text messaging with the help of Textedly. Text dispatch and logistics can be used for contractors, managers, order tracking, and training.

What is SMS for Dispatch and Logistics?

SMS for dispatch and logistics encompasses all the texts it takes to make your company work at the speed of sound. Whether you are managing 100 orders or 100,000, you will find that things go smoother when you utilize SMS for your business.
Text messaging helps people stay in contact with contractors and keep them up-to-the-minute. In a business where things can change at a moment's notice, this is invaluable.
Dispatch SMS messages also keep your customers in touch with the status of their order. Customers could potentially track their order, make changes, or schedule a time to receive their order depending on how you use the texts.
(855) 397-6679

Great news, your delivery id on the way!

Track the ststus of your order: https://bit.ly/39mRsvt

Text STOP to end

Uses for Dispatch and Logistics Texts

There are tons of uses for dispatch and logistic texts, just as there are tons of factors involved in making a delivery a good one. Some uses include:
  • Notice of weather changes
  • Traffic conditions
  • Fuel issues
  • Checkpoint delivery
  • Order confirmations
  • Scheduling personnel
  • Making transfers
  • Changing trucks or other vehicles

Texting for Dispatch and Logistics: Key Terms

While the list is long for knowing how to fully apply text messaging to your dispatch and logistics business, there are a few key terms to know upfront.
  • SMS

    Short message service. Text messages are sent with a platform like Textedly that allows for 160-306 characters per text.
  • MMS

    Multimedia messaging service. This allows people to send pictures and sound clips over text.
  • Keywords

    A relevant keyword must be set up in the text marketing platform which will allow users to text-in to subscribe to your text dispatch campaign.
  • Campaigns

    Campaigns are messages targeted toward a specific audience that revolve around a certain message.
  • Subscribers

    People must opt-in to receive text messages from organizations and companies. The people that opt-in are called subscribers.
  • Segments

    A segment is a filtered section of your subscriber list.
  • Templates

    Most marketing texts use a template. The templates are formatting requirements that help your message stay effective across the audience.
  • Autoresponders

    Autoresponders are the instant replies that you can set up from your program, including the welcome text a new subscriber will receive after opting-in.

Dispatch and Logistics SMS Examples

Some examples of a text for dispatch and logistics might be:
(855) 397-6679
Refueling at X station for 30 minutes.
(855) 397-6679
Impromptu staff meeting at X location. 8 AM.
(855) 397-6679
Your delivery is set to arrive at Port X at 5 PM. You can meet us at X for pickup.

How to Send Dispatch and Logistics Texts

Sending texts is an art, but it doesn't have to be difficult. It takes a bit of time to find out what type of texts are most effective for your subscribers.

Here’s how to set up your SMS transportation and logistics campaign:

  • Sign Up For a Text Marketing Platform

    Textedly makes it easy to run all kinds of campaigns and events all convenient from the dashboard.
  • Upload Current List of Contacts

    You've got to have contacts! Simply import your list using a computer to make things go faster. Our dashboard makes saving and grouping contacts a cinch.
  • Send Dispatch & Logistics Texts

    Schedule your campaign texts, or send them out instantly.

Sending Dispatch and Logistics SMS With Textedly

Textedly makes managing your dispatch and logistics texts easier than you ever thought it could be. No matter whether you've got to send 10 texts or 10,000, you can get the job done with Textedly. Sign up for a 14-day free trial today.