Promotional Messages

SMS Promotions for Businesses

Everyone today has their cell phones with them at all times. Many people will grab their phone the second they hear a notification. More and more companies are using messaging programs like Textedly to reach out to customers via text message. If done properly, sending SMS promotional messages can be quite effective.
Learn more about everything you need to know about sending promotional texts along with some promotional message examples for you to try.

How Do SMS Promotions Work?

SMS promotions refer to messages a company sends directly to a customer's phone. The messages tend to offer a special promotion or information about a new product. Naturally, the business needs to gather a cell phone number first. Some companies will ask for this information when a customer makes a purchase. A business may also give customers the opportunity to sign up on the website. Many times, people receive something for signing up. The incentive helps increase the number of people who will get the messages.
When people do sign up, they are put on a large list of subscribers who will get messages regarding special deals and new products. These messages are sent out automatically with the program of the company's choice. With Textedly, you can create the message and set the time for it to send.

Text Message Promotion Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits of message promotion:

People receive promotional messages right away

When a company sends a message, the recipient's phone receives it in just seconds. Since most of us have our phones with us at all times, many will see the message right away. There's no waiting for people to check their inbox like with email marketing.

Reach the customer personally

When someone gets a message on their cell phone, it feels personalized. You are reaching the person at their fingertips. You are not simply a commercial they hear in the background as they refill their bowl of chips or a billboard they sometimes see when they take the expressway home. Since you have their personal number, they feel that they can trust you.

People read the messages

SMS messaging campaigns have an astounding 98% open rate. This is much higher than email and other direct marketing techniques. You can almost guarantee that the customers will read the promotion. At that point, it's out of your hands.

How to Write Promotional Texts

It's not enough to create a message promotion. It has to be effective. Here are some ways to best utilize the promotions:

Write clear messages

You get about 160 characters to utilize in your messages. Make your messages clear and to the point. The shorter the message, the more likely it is that the customer will read the whole thing.

(855) 397-6679

Our chicken sandwich is back!

Order it now:

Text STOP to end

Use calls to action

You need to tell customers what you want them to do at the end of your message. You have a number of different options. Some popular calls to action include "show this message", "click here for more info", "reply to enter", and "buy now". Use hyperlinks when applicable to get people to the right place.

Personalize your messages

Your customers can all be divided into different categories so you can send personalized text messages. You should focus on the customers who buy the most first. These are the people who should receive the most messages with the best deals. You can find these customers by reviewing the frequency of purchases on their account. You can also lookup customers based on what products they buy. If they bought one product, you can send them information when you have a new, similar product coming in.

(855) 397-6679

Thank you for entering our text-to-win contest!

Winner will be selected on Tuesday, March 31st 2020.

Text STOP to end

Launch a contest

People love thinking they have the opportunity to win something. You can throw a text to win contest that will encourage customers to sign up for your messages. The people will remain on your messaging list after the contest. You can let them know about everything else that your store is offering.

Promotional Message Examples

If you want to come up with a good promotional text campaign for your business, you should take an example from other companies that have had success. Here are some good examples:

Pizza Hut- "OMG Becky. Look at her Pizza Hut text message deals. Text pizza to 69488 to get unreal deals sent right to your phone."

Applegate Kitchens- "Buy one hot dog and get one FREE when you join our mobile text club. Text APPLEGATE to 585858"

You can even put the messages on receipts. Don't forget to give people a reason to sign up.

Lunds and Byerlys- "Thank you! Join Our Text Club! Get exclusive deals by texting FRESH to 95173"

Send Promotional Texts With Textedly

Textedly is one of the most popular programs to help with text message campaigns. Sign up for our free trial today and we will help you create effective messages that will entice your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Promotional Messages

A promotional message offers information about a special promotion or product.
  • "Enter-to-win! Subscribe and enter to win a free dinner!"
  • "Our taco pizza is back! Order online at (include link)"
  • "BOGO! Buy one pair of shoes, get a second pair free! Two days only!"
With Textedly, your monthly package includes a set number of outgoing texts each month. Incoming texts are free.
Less is more to prevent your texts from feeling spammy. Once every few days tends to work for most industries.