Text to Win Texts for Businesses

Text to win texts engage customers on a new level. People love winning things! And, when it's from a brand they know and love, the prize is even more precious.

A text only takes a short amount of time to send, which makes it a great format for contests. In the past, most contests required a paper entry. While they aren't too long, paper entries do take a bit more time and energy than a text. With texting, all the information that is needed for contacting the entrant comes with the text.

And, best of all, SMS marketing has never been easier thanks to Textedly’s easy-to-use texting solutions platform.

What Does “Text to Win” Mean?

A "Text To Win" message means that all the entrant has to do is respond to the marketer's message in order to be entered in a contest. It doesn't mean that everyone who sends a text will win. It also doesn't give an advantage for multiple texts.

Think of texting to win as a replacement for a paper raffle entry. When all the texts are received, a random generator will choose the winners. It's just like drawing numbers out of a hat.

Just like with paper entries, there are limitations on prizes and local laws with "Text To Win" contests. Usually, these are provided in a link at the bottom of the original text message.

Winners at large brands win things like cars, vacations, and memberships. But your business doesn’t have to be huge to run a great contest! Smaller prizes include iPhones, dental cleanings, gift cards, and free product on any scale. People also love samples or "bento" boxes.

Why Would a Business Run a Text to Win Contest or Sweepstakes?

Businesses benefit greatly from receiving any kind of text from their customers. One of the primary reasons to run a text to win sweepstakes is to promote customer engagement. Sometimes, customers love a brand. Sometimes they're somewhat neutral on a brand. And sometimes, they don't know a brand.

Whatever their engagement level is with the brand, it's always great for business to increase that engagement. Businesses benefit when new customers sign up for sweepstakes. They also benefit when "lukewarm" customers and customers who already love the brand either engage or win prizes and tell their friends.

Increased engagement not only leads to more sales, but it also drives brand loyalty. In today's competitive marketplace, it's important to cater to customers who absolutely love the brand. Think of a text to win sweepstakes as a way to find more customers who will come to love your brand if they don't already.

How Texting Contests and Sweepstakes Work

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Remember that since a company is texting, they have to get an opt-in before they can text the customer. Using an opt-in list, a company creates an enticing offer. They will create a legal entity for the sweepstakes and post the local and federal legal requirements somewhere online.

The business needs a software to run the sweepstakes, and then they will send the offer out to customers from the software hub with a keyword. They will provide a link to the legal statements in the text. The random number generator will choose a winner once the enter to win contest has run.

Usually, companies love to post winners on their social media to promote brand loyalty and share the fun! Most marketing platforms also include data and analytics for the campaign. After the contest has run, there's a lot of data to look at and measure.

Sign Up For a Text Marketing

Platform Finding a text marketing platform requires that you know your needs as a business. How large of a contest are you running? How integrated is it with your social media and other platforms? Is the contest running at an event?

Research a text marketing platform that will meet all of your business needs like Textedly. Once you've got one, make sure you sign up for the right plan. Usually, bigger is better when it comes to sweepstakes.

Set Up a Keyword

Keywords make all the difference in great campaigns. Businesses can choose keywords in a lot of ways. You can choose current buzzwords, or work with a marketing expert to mine data from your local business scene to come up with keywords.

Many people choose keywords that promote an upcoming sale, and this works well. You can get creative with the spelling and percentage points or dates to create a keyword with letters and numbers in it.

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Increase Awareness

Contests always create more awareness. But businesses can create awareness on another level by promoting their sweepstakes. Social media is an important platform for doing this. You can get a lot of new phone numbers and opt-ins running a contest on social media.

Radio, mail campaigns, receipt printouts, and print ads are also great ways to raise awareness for large sweepstakes. These reach a huge audience.

Choose Your Winners

Using your random number generator and the software you've acquired, simply pick your winners! You can announce the winners at an event or on social media.

Creating Text to Win Campaigns With Textedly

Textedly makes managing your SMS lists and choosing a winner easy. We make it simple to get the most out of your campaign.

When you run an enter to win contest, you want to benefit as a business! Though it's always great to see smiling customers, it's important that sweepstakes help your bottom line as well. People that don't win sweepstakes are still an important asset to your business. They might become winners later, or they might simply increase their engagement with the brand.

You can use Textedly to build customer relationships long after the contest has been run and the winners have been announced. The Textedly platform tracks data in an easy-to-use format and keeps things organized. Create printouts, drip campaigns, reports, and more from your Textedly hub. You will have tons of information usable for following up with customers after the contest is over.