Toll-Free Texting for Businesses

In today's world, businesses need to prioritize responsiveness and staying in communication with their customers. 

Services like Textedly that provide a toll-free texting solution for SMS marketing make that simple by giving your customers a fast and easy way to reach businesses while giving businesses one convenient place to collect and respond to customer messages.

And, best of all, SMS marketing has never been easier thanks to Textedly’s easy-to-use texting solutions platform.

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How Does Toll-Free Texting Work?

  • Sign up for your new texting number.
    Create a contact list of customer phone numbers. They can sign up for this list or be added to it after reaching out to your business with their own text, once you've shared the number.
  • When a customer texts your business, it will appear on your Textedly account page instantly. From this page, you can reply to the customer and they will get the message in the form of an SMS text.
  • You can also message everyone on your contact list at once, promoting products, coupons, news, and more with the push of a single button on your account page.
  • You will receive alerts
    directly to your phone when you are not near a computer, and you can easily respond from your mobile phone as well.

Why Businesses Should Use Toll-Free SMS

An important part of growing a business today is understanding how to keep in touch with your customers. You want them to know you, trust you, and know exactly what is going on with your business at any given point.

Nearly every customer you have has their phone on them at all times. So, this provides reassurance that you can reach every one of them at any time with the simple push of a button by using a reliable text message.

Toll-free text messaging is also just a convenient, fast, and personal way to interact with customers. The process is easier to navigate and more streamlined than sifting through emails. Having all of your customers’ messages in one place allows you to more easily respond to them quickly and in a way that feels personal to them.

Toll-Free Text Benefits

  • Stay in touch with customers
  • Easier to collect and send personal messages than email
  • Fast promotion to entire contact list at once
  • Customers' preferred contact method
  • Sets your business apart as memorable and interactive

Toll-Free SMS Statistics 

Using professional text services to stay in touch with customers and market your business is incredibly effective and has quickly become the top way business owners choose to reach people. According to Small Business Trends, texting has an impressive 45% response rate, compared to just 6% when using email.

Toll-Free Text Message 

Uses Your business can use this text service to:

  • Let customers know about a new sale or coupon.
  • Update loyal customers about a new product or news about your business.
  • Respond quickly and personally to customer questions and concerns.
  • Collect contact information from new customers, establishing a trusting and loyal relationship.

Common Questions About Toll-Free Texting

Yes. With this service, you will be able to both send and receive text messages instantly from your account page online or a chosen mobile phone.
We will work with you to help you set up an account with your existing number. Once you choose or are given your new number, you will be able to keep and use it across the Textedly platform.
Absolutely. The text messages you send from the Textedly platform can contain the multimedia you desire to share with your customers, and they will reach customer phones as a real, authentic text message instantly.
Yes. With a toll-free text, your messages are sent and received from a standard 10-digit phone number. With a short or long code text, your message is sent from a generated or chosen number that customers won't see as a phone number.

Send Toll-Free Texts With Textedly Today

Don't miss out on this effective and convenient marketing tactic. There is no better way to establish a clear line of communication and promote your business's products and services at the push of a button. Set up an account with Textedly and start sending and receiving toll-free text messages from your loyal customers today.