10DLC (10-Digit Long Code) is a brand new, high powered, texting product rolling out Nationwide by all the mobile carriers. 

And Textedly is one of the best texting providers to offer this solution to our customers. With 10DLC you can send high-volume SMS and MMS text messages from a special local number, such as 555-555-5555.
10DLC is an awesome product. 10DLC is also known as "A2P messaging", or Application-to-Person messaging. The process of sending mobile messages from an application, like Textedly, to a mobile user. Get started with your first 10DLC number today!

10DLC texting overview

10DLC is the next generation of text messaging. It is designed by the mobile carriers to replace shared short codes. Shared short codes are no longer supported by the mobile carriers and have reached their end of life across the entire texting industry. In other words, mobile carriers have eliminated shared short codes. Texting companies who are not quick to adapt, are out of business. Luckily, Textedly is a pioneer when it comes to 10DLC. We are indeed the World’s Best Text Messaging Company!

10DLC phone numbers available with Textedly

10DLC also does not come with the high-cost of a short code. Short codes cost between $1,000-$1,500 a month. Your 10DLC phone number is free with Textedly and is included in your account. You pay for the text messages you send.

10DLC can send a lot of mass SMS text messages

10DLC is designed to send a much higher volume of mass SMS messages, up to 65x times faster than traditional texting. With 10DLC you can count on our text messages being delivered quickly. This is because the mobile carriers have approved this high volume of messaging on 10DLC telephone numbers. And the beauty of 10DLC is that it is all based on trust. With 10DLC, your brand will be registered, recognized and approved by the mobile carriers. Work with Textedly as your trusted provider.

Powerful local 10DLC phone numbers

Power of local phone numbers
With 10DLC phone numbers, you can send mass text messages to all your contacts from a local number. You choose the area code. Simple!
Unparalleled flexibility
Send all the text messages that you want. Send 10 or 100,000. Send instantly or schedule your messages to go out based on your timelines.
Direct-to-carrier services
10DLC provides you with an unprecedented opportunity. Get access to special mobile carrier routes for 10DLC text messaging traffic.
Support from a great team
Textedly is the World’s Best Text Messaging Company. Our dedicated Support Team is ready to make sure you are successful with 10DLC.
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Want to stand out? Get a 10DLC local phone number today.

Built on the power of 10DLC, your business or organization will be on local phone numbers, using the area codes of your choice, to send out thousands of text messages.
Textedly is hard at work to ensure you will get the best 10DLC experience possible. With cutting edge mass texting technology and best of bread features.
  • High volume support over local phone numbers
  • Choose the area code you want
  • Reliable delivery
  • Higher throughput sending rates
  • SMS and MMS - videos, gifs, pictures, and more
  • Provision your number lightning fast
  • Each number is dedicated just to you
  • Support from our great team

Get your 10DLC account going

Provisioning your 10DLC number is easy. When you partner with Textedly, our expert team of 10DLC specialists will guide you through the entire application process.

Step 1: Apply for a Trust Score

Textedly will help you get a Trust Score. During the registration process, The Campaign Registry will look up certain pieces of information regarding your business or organization. The Trust Score is important because it will control your future throughput per second. Textedly will help you submit the  information needed so that you can receive a Trust Score.

  • The Campaign Registry organization is being used by carriers
  • Trust Scores range from low, medium, and high risk
  • A better score leads to more trust by the mobile carriers

Step 2: Choose your 10DLC local number

Search for the area code of your choice, and then select the number that you want to send SMS and MMS messages from. This number is dedicated just to you and is not shared with any other company.

  • Search for any area code across the U.S.
  • Enable your phone number for SMS and MMS messaging
  • Confirm your number and add it to your Textedly account

Step 3: Send SMS and MMS messages

Use your new 10DLC phone number across the Textedly platform. The Textedly platform is filled with all kinds of advanced features ready for you to use.

  • Use your 10DLC number to send photos and videos
  • Schedule your text messages or use Drip Campaigns
  • Enable voice calls on your 10DLC phone number

10DLC | Toll-Free Numbers | Short Codes

Review the benefits bellow of each product that Textedly offers.
Name Dedicated Short Codes Toll-Free Numbers 10DLC
Approved for A2P Messaging Yes Yes Yes
Support Voice Calls No Yes Yes
Local Area Code No No Yes
Number of Msgs Per Second High Medium High

Frequently asked questions about 10DLC services

The answer is yes. Every mobile carrier across the U.S. and Canada have come together and have made the decision to unilaterally end service for shared short codes. This means that every company and service provider like Textedly will no longer have any shared short codes. If you are using a shared short code you will need to switch to a long code telephone phone number or lease your own dedicated short code. Textedly is an professional provider of dedicated short codes. If you would like to lease a dedicated short code, just let contact us at any time.
Yes you do. Keep in mind that 10DLC across all the mobile carriers provides the very best experience for you, with faster sending speeds. The mobile carriers require that you register with them, in order to build trust with the mobile carries.
Yes. Textedly is an official Campaign Service Provider of The Campaign Registry. The mobile carriers are using a new organization called The Campaign Registry as the middle man between your business or organization and the mobile carriers themselves. The Campaign Registry is a neutral third-party organization with the entire purpose of brokering trust between you and the mobile carriers. We have streamlined the process and integrated with The Campaign Registry to make it super easy for your business or organization to onboard. We handle all interactions with The Campaign Registry on behalf of our customers. Once your business and campaigns are reviewed, you will be assigned a Trust Score. Most of the time the approval process will take less than 24 hours for completion.

The registration process is easy through Textedly. You will need to fill out and submit just a few online forms. The forms that you will need to complete are: 

 Business/Organization information – Provide basic information about your company/organization, such as name, URL of your main website, country of registration, and office address.

Business/Organization information – What type of business or organization you operate (public, private, non-profit), your Employer Identification Number (EIN), or DUNS Number, and the vertical you are in.

Contact Details – Contact information for the individual who should be contacted for any questions or additional information.

Yes. The Campaign Registry charges a small independent fee for your business and campaign. The one-time fee to register your business or organization is $4. The cost from The Campaign Registry to register your text message sending campaigns are $10/month per campaign.
Yes absolutely! You can send both regular SMS text messages, as well as MMS picture messages over any 10DLC number.
Application-to-Person (A2P) messages are generated via a software application like Textedly. Whereas a Person-to-Person (P2P) message refers to conversations between two individuals from your personal phone to another person’s personal phone. P2P has very low volumes and lower throughput compared to A2P. Fortunately, Textedly is a certified A2P/10DLC provider of mobile messaging. A 10DLC phone number looks the same as a regular phone number (555-555-5555). In fact, customers won’t be able to tell them apart. 10DLC telephone numbers are local. You can choose a number or numbers with any area code that you want. And unlike shared short codes, your 10DLC is dedicated just to you. You are not sharing it with anyone. In summary, 10DLC is the messaging option for your business or organization if you want to start messaging quickly and easily without the higher cost of dedicated short codes.

Start 10DLC Texting with Textedly

Get started today with Textedly, the trusted provider of 10DLC messaging, and see just how easy mass texting messaging is!