Text Message Alerts: Emergency Text Message Alert System

Sending text message alerts with an emergency text alert system like Textedly allows you to streamline communication with your contacts when it's needed most.
When your company uses an emergency text system, you can inform your group about any upcoming situations or emergencies. Emergencies can happen unexpectedly, but an alert system can help in those situations. You can quickly contact your organization and inform them of emergencies or deadlines. You can keep your team together and aware by using an emergency alert system.
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CHS cheer squad members,

Due to the inclement weather, CHS cheer practice for this afternoon has been canceled.

Please stay safe!

Text STOP to end

What is a Text Alert System?

A text alert system is software that you can use on your smartphone to instantly transmit text message alerts to a great number of people. With Textedly, you can select a group of your subscribers to receive the message and even schedule out your message in advance. Many types of organizations use this software type to contact their group and notify them.
Based on a research study that the Pew Research Center conducted, 96% of the American population has a cellphone. Americans keep cellphones on them throughout the day, and this makes cellphones an optimal target for alert systems. Rather than selecting all of your contacts every time you want to send a critical message, you can use an alert system to select your desired contacts only once and send your message as a typical SMS text message to any phone at any time.

Who Can Benefit From Sending Emergency Texts?

If you must communicate with a multitude of people, then you can benefit from an alert system. Textedly has helped users in these common roles by means of this communication system:
School & Colleges Administrators
Keeping students, their parents and teachers safe is crucial at any time. You can inform institution members about any inclement weather, cancellations or building drills.
Sororities & Fraternities
Members of a sorority or a fraternity should know about special announcements, deadlines or event cancellations. You can increase safety within these organizations by using a text alert system to send important notices to members.
Businesses & Their HR Staff
Employees and HR staff should be aware of upcoming meetings or mandatory events. You can send an emergency text to members so that they can assume their responsibilities and not miss deadlines.
Safety Facilitators
Everyone inside of a building should be aware of hazardous hallways or rooms that they should avoid. You can issue text message alerts to inform groups about any risks so that they can travel safely.
Meeting at a place but finding no participants is an issue for business, personal development or social groups that must discuss important matters. Use text message alerts to caution groups about meetup adjustments.
Athletic Teams
Coaches and athletes should know about game cancellations due to inclement weather or other circumstances. You can use emergency text message alert systems to notify athletes about any schedule changes.

Text Alert Service Implementation Tips

After you have signed up for an alert system service, you should know how to use it and involve other people with these tips:
Invite people to use the service.The service has no purpose if you do not encourage your group members to opt-in for message alerts. If you already have the phone numbers of everyone in your group and they accept usage of the service, then you can import their data into the system. You can also ask all the members of your group for their phone numbers and for their approval of opting in for the system. With Textedly, you can easily select a keyword for users to text in to instantly sign up for your text alerts. You can then incorporate all the data in the system.

Determine your purposes for using the service.
You should be aware of your intended purposes for using the service so that your members do not receive unwanted messages. Your purposes depend on what kind of team you are part of. If you work as a sports coach, then you may send out messages about game or practice cancellations. You should understand why you are using the alert system and who is on the receiving side of your alerts.

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Thank you for signin up for CHS cheer squad text alerts!

4 Msgs/Mnth. Reply STOP to cancel. HELP fot help. Msg&data rates may apply

Make sure that the system is working properly.
It is recommended that you test your alert system periodically but not an excessive amount of times. If you abuse the system, then people will opt-out of receiving your alerts and forfeit any important messages that you would normally have sent to them. These tests are meant to verify recipient information and clear old member data. Textedly also offers the option to send a preview message to review your text alert message firsthand.

Sending Your Message Alert

Setting up an emergency alert system and sending alerts to your members is easy with Textedly.
You can create a group and let members opt-in to the service with a given keyword. You can use a filter to send a message to a specific set of people from your group. You can use Textedly's templates so that you can create message formats with specific blanks and fill them in when you need to use them. You can schedule text messages that you want to send to your group members at a later time. If you need to send a message in one week but may forget to send it, you can schedule your message to be sent in one week with Textedly's built-in calendar.