Online Virtual Phone Number for Sending and Receiving SMS

An online virtual phone number for sending and receiving SMS puts instant communication on your desktop or mobile device. Using an online text number also streamlines marketing, improves customer service, enhances order tracking, and lets you send promotional materials, confirmations, and reminders all from one interface.

What is an Online Text Number?

An online text number allows you to send texts using your desktop or an enabled mobile device. You don’t need acrobatic thumbs to send text messages with an online text number. Instead, you get the full use of a keyboard by sending messages from a desktop or wherever it’s convenient.

With Textedly, a toll-free texting number gets assigned to your account upon sign up. That number lets you send and receive messages from the Textedly dashboard.

But you’re not stuck with that number if it doesn’t work for you. You have the option of buying a new toll-free number or a long code phone number. Whichever number you use, it’s directly linked to your Textedly account.

Virtual Phone Numbers: How Do They Work?

From a virtual number, SMS texts can be sent to clients, colleagues, employees, or a full subscriber list. These phone numbers work similarly to a standard mobile number, but you’ll need to get an account with a texting platform like Textedly to fully connect with your customers. The process is simple.
  • Sign up with Textedly to get your virtual phone number.
  • Create a contact list (You may already have a subscriber list ready to go).
  • When there’s a text to the phone number, it shows up on your Textedly dashboard.
  • Respond via virtual texting to a single number or to a group.
  • Manage all your texts from your Textedly account.

Online Text Numbers with Textedly

Every Textedly account comes with a dedicated toll-free phone number, so you’re set up for success from the very beginning. The phone number then acts as your communication channel to send confirmations, security alerts, or reminders about special events.

You can use a Textedly account to send texts from the phone number or receive messages to the text phone number. From the Textedly dashboard, you can send, receive, and manage those messages via a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. A full screen, full keyboard, and the full range of character options let you craft messages that provide accurate information or grab your customers’ attention.

From there, customize your messaging or analyze information collected from your subscribers to increase engagement. Online text numbers are the doorway to better understanding who your subscribers are and how you can best reach them.

Virtual Phone Number Uses

Poor communication can cost your business sales. If butterflies hit your stomach just thinking about changing up how you manage client communication, virtual texting is simple, fast, and offers a wide range of uses, including:
  • Efficient customer service communication
  • Making, confirming, and canceling reservations and appointments
  • Automated appointment reminders
  • Order tracing or delivery notifications
  • Promotions, discounts, and sales
  • New product launch information
  • Client surveys
  • Appointment follow-up surveys

Virtual Phone Number Benefits

Virtual phone numbers let you use SMS messages to bring in new leads, provide better customer service, and increase your customer retention. You can also:
  • Get a 45 percent response rate from text versus a 6 percent response rate from email.
  • Build your customer base by creating a keyword-based message sequence that allows customers to opt-in or out of your subscriber list.
  • Full technical and customer support from Textedly as you implement your communication strategy.
  • Send MMS texts.
  • Send SMS texts with up to 300 characters.
  • Create an interactive business identity.

Industries That Can Use Text Phone Numbers

As mobile devices have become an integrated part of our society, so too has texting. There’s a long list of industries that can use the popularity of texting and an online text number to reach their client base, such as:
  • Restaurants - send coupons, advertisements, or manage reservations
  • Hotels - confirm bookings and cancellations
  • Nonprofit organizations - send event reminders and keep subscribers updated on the latest news
  • Schools and education - contact parents via text, send event flyers, and send teacher communication
  • Healthcare - send appointment reminders, follow-ups, review reminders, prescription updates, or provide info about employee schedules
  • Athletic clubs and sports teams - share game photos, team schedules, collect fees, and receive RSVPs
  • Travel agencies - follow-up texts, offers promotions, and advertise sales

Start Virtual Texting with Textedly Today

Virtual texting lets you interact and engage with your subscribers on a personal level. The best part — you can customize how you use texting to enhance your business and better reach customers. Use your virtual number to gather customer information and analyze when and where they respond, send links to customer surveys, or employee evaluations.
At Textedly, we’re here to give you a convenient texting platform that includes the customer service and support to take your business communication to the next level. We put instant communication where you need it — at your fingertips.

Online Phone Numbers: Frequently Asked Questions

Every Textedly account includes a dedicated toll-free phone number. Input your customer or subscriber list to instantly start sending text messages. We're here to help you familiarize yourself with our dashboard as well as guide you through compliance rules and regulations. We've even created a Complete SMS Compliance Guide to help you develop compliant communication practices and strategies.
Yes, the phone number that comes with your Textedly account is toll-free. It's included as part of your sign-up package. All messages sent and received from this number show up in your Textedly dashboard, where you can then interact with customers.
You can change your toll-free number at any time. We also give you the option to buy a dedicated long code phone number as well. Long code phone numbers allow you to send MMS, pictures, music files, and PDFs. This type of virtual phone number works well for dynamic businesses that want to provide an audio and visual experience or send flyers to their subscribers.
Virtual phone numbers give you some flexibility that you can't find with a traditional phone number, such as choosing any area code you want.

Like everything with Textedly, use your dashboard. The process isn't hard, but if you have any trouble, we can walk you through the steps.

  • Click on Buy a new number.
  • Choose either the Toll-free number or Long code number tab.
  • Select the toll-free number or long code number you'd like to use.
  • Then, click Pay Now.

That's it. Your unique number is all yours. Start texting and watch your response, retention, and engagement increase.