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Send SMS Campaigns Your Customers Love With These Free SMS Templates

Getting started texting your customers couldn�t be easier. But coming up with the right words to get your message across can be tricky.

Never fear � we�ve compiled a collection of 65 ready-to-use SMS templates to help jog your inspiration. It�s simple: 

  1. Browse our collection of helpful SMS templates for your industry.
  2. Choose the message that fits your need or goal.
  3. Copy and paste the text into your SMS marketing services platform of choice.
  4. Customize the message as needed and send!

Use these free SMS templates to promote your product or service, share exciting announcements, nurture customer relationships and much more.

Pro-tip for writing text messages: Good text messages are clear, to-the-point and encourage recipients to take a specific action.

SMS Templates for Restaurants

Restaurants can use these SMS templates to drum up new business and bring more customers through the door with special discounts, coupons, weekly menu updates and more. Texting is a great way to contact customers about dining reservations and promote special events. You can also use SMS to contact employees about weekly schedules and shift changes.

Restaurant SMS templates:

  • Coupon or Promotion
Daily deal: Order any ice cream cone and get a small cone free! Show this msg to the cashier to redeem. Valid until 5pm. –Joe’s Ice Cream
  • Reservation Confirmation
Hi, Mark, your reservation is confirmed @ 6pm for 4 people @ Downtown Sushi. Reply Y to confirm. Reply N to cancel.
  • Table Is Ready Notification
Hi, Michelle! Your table for 4 is ready at Midtown Restaurant. Please check in within 10 mins to be seated. See you soon!
  • Special Event
Join us tonight at 6pm for our Summer Wine & Dine Event. Free wine tasting when you purchase 1 entree. Look forward to seeing you there! –Oakville Winery
  • Shift Schedules/Changes for Employees
Hi Odium employees, the shift schedule for 8/03-8/07 is now available. Please click here to view:
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SMS Templates for Hotels

SMS marketing helps hotels notify customers about upcoming reservations and room updates.

You can enhance the customer experience by informing them about special events and hotel amenities during their stay.

SMS also helps streamline the check-in and check-out process, allowing customers to skip the line and start enjoying their stay sooner.

Hotel SMS templates:

  • Booking Confirmation
Thank you for choosing Midtown Suites! Your reservation has been confirmed. Arrival: 08/10/2020. Departure: 08/13/2020. Check in/out: 2pm/10am. Call to change: 555-555-5555.
  • Greeting Message
Welcome to Midtown Suites, Cathy! We are excited to have you here. If you have any questions or concerns, call the front desk at (555) 555-5555.
  • Special Events
Good morning, Cathy. Check out our special events today: Free yoga class in the gym @ 11am. Poolside cocktail hour @ 5pm. Call the front desk w/ any questions. -Midtown Suites
  • Feedback Request
Hi, Cathy - Thank you for joining us at Midtown Suites! Could you please take a moment to let us know how your stay went?
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SMS Templates for Spas & Salons

Salons and spas can use these SMS templates to send special deals, coupons, appointment reminders and other helpful information to customers. 

 Text messaging is also a valuable tool for customer retention. You can send appointment aftercare instructions, beauty tips and general wellness advice to provide customers with continuous value.

Spa & salon SMS templates:

  • Coupons
Happy Mother’s Day! Get 25% off your 90-min massage this weekend only with code MOM25. Call us at 555-555-5555 or visit us online at to book.
  • Referral
Share the benefits of Lana’s Spa with friends and family! Give them $15 off their next massage with your personal referral code TIA10. Every individual who uses your code gets you 10% off your total purchase.
  • Appointment Confirmation
Fresh Look Salon appointment confirmation: 11am Friday, October 8. Reply Y to confirm, N to cancel, or R to reschedule.
  • Appointment Reminder
Reminder: You have an upcoming appointment at Beautiful Locks Salon: 2pm on Thurs, August 6. Reply Y to confirm, N to cancel, or R to reschedule.
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SMS Templates for Nonprofits

Nonprofits depend on donors to fulfill their mission. SMS marketing is a great way to stay in front of supporters and spread the word about your work.

Send text messages to promote upcoming events, fundraisers and donation opportunities. Use SMS to manage volunteer schedules and increase the number of volunteers at your events.

Nonprofit SMS templates:

  • Special Events
Hi, Josh – want a chance to enter for a $100 gift certificate to a restaurant of your choosing? Buy your raffle ticket here: All additional donations will go directly to the Animal Rescue Campaign.
  • Fundraisers
Hi, Kimberly! Would you be interested in volunteering at Helping Hand’s “Thanksgiving for All” food drive? If so, reply YES to this text for more information.
  • Donation Opportunities
Hello, Patrick! A quick reminder that your pledge of $15 is due next week. Thank you for your continued support! -Women 4 Women
  • Schedule & Confirm Volunteer Opportunities
Hi, Jessica. Reply YES to confirm your volunteer slot at Food 4 Families tomorrow from 4 pm-6 pm.
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SMS Templates for Retail

SMS is a cost-effective marketing tool for retail businesses, from clothing stores and boutiques to auto dealers. SMS marketing lets you stay top-of-mind with customers and inform them of new products, promotions and sales to lift revenue and bring more traffic through the door. 

Retail SMS templates:

  • Coupons & Promotions
Hi, Pauline! Get 20% off your next purchase with code SPRINGSALE20 when you visit us in-store -- we hope to see you soon! -Artsy Accessories
  • New Product Alert
Have you seen our new headwraps? We think you’d love them! Check them out at our Costa Mesa store before they sell out. -Artsy Accessories
  • Back-in-Stock Notification
Hey, Mark! Tommy’s T-Shirts is back in stock with our fan-favorite cotton V-neck tees. Click here to shop:
  • Shopping Suggestion
Our team here at Lucy’s Leggings saw this product and thought of you! [Insert link to content]. We hope you love it as much as we do!
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SMS Templates for Real Estate

In the real estate business, timing is everything. These real estate SMS templates will help you quickly communicate with prospective buyers, clients and partners and churn out deals and contracts faster than the competition.

SMS marketing lets you send custom messages based on listing prices, preferences or property size to ensure each customer receives highly relevant information.

Real estate SMS templates:

  • Greeting
Hi, Anthony -- we’re glad you’ve joined the Beach Real Estate family! Are you looking to buy or sell a home?
  • Location-Specific Alerts
A new property has been listed in your desired neighborhood. Click here to view: -Town Real Estate
  • Available Homes
Hi, Leah! I have a few homes I think you’d be interested in that are located a couple of miles away from the previous listings we have viewed:
  • New Listings
A new property we think you’d love has been added to the market and is available for viewing. Click here to view:
  • Open House Follow-up
Hello, John! Thank you for joining us at 1234 Beach St. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (333)333-3333 or email us at
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SMS Templates for Churches

Religious organizations and churches can use SMS to share inspirational Scripture verses, encourage giving, notify the congregation about upcoming events and communicate internally with the leadership team. Texting can also be a friendly way to welcome new visitors.

Here are some sample church SMS templates:

  • Prayers
Hi, Joan. We have received your prayer request here at Gospel Church and are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Is there anything else we can do for you?
  • Church Service Reminders/Updates
Come celebrate the holidays with us on Saturday at 4pm or on Sunday at 12pm or 2pm. We hope to worship with you! -Middletown Church
  • Upcoming Event
Join us this Wednesday at 5pm for our weekly Young Adult service -- ages 18 and up are welcome! We hope to see you there. -Prayer Church
  • Verse of the Week
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16. - Hope Church
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SMS Templates for Gyms

Gyms and fitness studios can leverage SMS to promote memberships, announce referral programs and fill class schedules. Text individual clients to coordinate personal training sessions, or send a mass text to all gym members to promote a new refer-a-friend program. 

Choose from these ready-to-use gym SMS templates:

  • Special Deal/Discount
Limited time offer -- attend one weight-lifting class for FREE within the next week by using code LIFT80! -City Gym
  • Refer a Friend
Hi, Karamo! Refer a friend to Pump Up Gym using your personal referral code KARAMO10 and get a FREE week-long membership -- we hope you won’t miss out on this opportunity!
  • Schedule change
Good morning, Eduardo! Fit Gym’s weight lifting class has been rescheduled from 9am to 10am. We hope to see you there!
  • New Classes/Offers
We are offering a new weight-loss program at Downtown Gym! Click here to view the schedule and enroll:
  • Class Reminder
Join us tomorrow for pilates at 9am -- we hope to see you there! -Peaceful Pilates
  • Gym Membership Renewal
Hey, Julie -- we noticed your year-long membership to Muscle Pump Gym is almost expired! Click here to renew your membership:
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SMS Templates for Schools and Colleges

Text messaging helps schools and universities keep students, parents and faculty informed. It’s a fast, efficient way to get important information out to the masses, from sporting event schedules to class cancellations.

Here are some bulk SMS templates for schools:

  • Events
Main High School’s production of Hairspray is premiering THIS Friday at 8pm. Click here to buy tickets:
  • No School Reminder
There is NO SCHOOL tomorrow, November 8. Have a great day off! -Middletown High School
  • Health/Safety Alerts
Johnson University is on lockdown until further notice. Please find shelter in the nearest locked room and await instruction via this number.
  • Canceled Classes
Hello, Josh. Intro to Marketing at 11am is CANCELED today. Please check the syllabus for required readings and make-up work.
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SMS Templates for Doctors & Dental

Medical and dental offices can use these SMS templates to communicate appointment confirmations, reminders, cancellations and special offers to patients.

Many SMS communications can be automated through an SMS platform like Textedly, helping healthcare organizations save time and reduce missed appointments.

Text message templates for doctors and dental offices:

  • Appointment Confirmation
Your appointment with Dr. Lee is confirmed for Jan 10 at 3pm. Reply 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel or 3 to reschedule. Click here to fill out the required forms:
  • Appointment Reminder
Hello, Marie. Your appointment with Dr. Johnson is scheduled for 10am today. Click here to confirm your appointment:
  • Cancel/Reschedule Appointment
>Your appointment has been canceled. Click here to reschedule your appointment: -Good Doctor Hospital
  • Special Offers
Hi, Christine! Get 25% off your next appointment with code SMILE20. -Great Smiles Dentistry
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SMS Templates for Political Campaigns

Political organizations and groups can leverage SMS to drum up support for a candidate, garner petition signatures or spread awareness about new legislation. Texting allows you to keep track of your supporters and quickly send out campaign updates, donation requests and voting reminders. 

Political campaign SMS templates:

  • Petition Signatures
Hi, Kailyn. Join us to demand social justice by signing our petition here: -Social Justice Society
  • Voting Reminders
Hey, Anna -- it’s Frank Jones, running for City Council! Did you know that the deadline for voter registration is right around the corner? Click here to register:
  • Donation Opportunities
Support us in the race to beat Councilman Pete by donating directly to our campaign -- any amount helps. Click here to donate: -Melissa Hernandez
  • Links to Speeches
Hi, Ferdinand -- did you miss Councilwoman June Perth’s speech today? If so, follow this link to watch her address recent issues in the community:
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SMS Templates for Insurance

Using SMS, insurance agencies can build better client relationships and become more efficient at collecting payments and scheduling appointments. These SMS templates can help you automate payment reminders and overdue notices, request reviews from happy customers and reduce missed meetings.

Insurance SMS sample templates:

  • Account Setup
Hello, Jen. We are happy you have joined our Best Insurance family! Please click here to continue setting up your account: Please reach out to this number with any questions!
  • Payment Reminders
Western Insurance: Your payment of $54.50 is due this Friday (7/24). Please submit your payment by mailing a check or visiting our website for e-payments:
  • Schedule Appointment
Good afternoon! We noticed that your Western Insurance policy is up for renewal -- would you like to meet with us to review your options? Reply YES to schedule a meeting.
  • Review Request
Hi, Thomas! I hope we were able to help you out at Middletown Insurance. Please tell us about your experience on Yelp -- we would appreciate it! Click here to leave a review:
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SMS Templates for Finance

Banks and other financial institutions can text customers account balance information, friendly payment reminders and other essential alerts. These SMS templates will help you notify customers about the security and status of their bank account. 

Financial SMS templates:

  • Account Setup
Good afternoon, Phil! We are glad you have joined us at Blue Bank. Please click here to complete your account setup:
  • Payment Reminder
Hello, Jennifer. Your credit card bill of $187.50 is due this Thursday (8/27). Please submit your payment by mailing a check or visiting our website for e-payments:
  • Overdue Payment
We noticed you have an overdue payment of $50.78. Please submit your payment by following this link: for a secure e-payment. -Downtown Bank
  • Transaction Alert
Your payment to Starbucks on 04/24/20 for the amount of $2.95 has been processed. Your acct balance is now $845.17. -Downtown Bank
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SMS Templates for Sports Teams & Coaches

Sports teams at the youth, amateur and professional level use SMS to keep players informed on game and practice schedules. Coaches and league managers can send mass text messages to players and parents to provide game updates, schedule changes, reminders and more. 

Sports team SMS templates:

  • Practice Reminder
Football practice will be held today, September 20, at 6pm on Johnson Field. Please reply to this number if you are unable to attend practice. -Coach Dave
  • Schedule Change
JV soccer practice has been rescheduled from 5pm to 6pm today (7/20). Please call or text if you are unable to attend practice. -Coach Jill
  • Game Reminder
The tennis match against Oakwood High School will be held this Thursday, March 25 at 2pm. Please call or text Coach N if you are unable to attend the game.
  • Game Cancellation
The football game against Patterson High School this Friday has been canceled due to poor weather conditions. Please await updates via this phone number. -Coach Jenson
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SMS Templates for Ecommerce

Ecommerce businesses can use SMS templates to increase customer satisfaction, boost customer loyalty and grow online revenue. Through SMS marketing, ecommerce companies can send personalized text messages, mobile coupons, contests, promotions and product teasers to their subscriber list. 

Choose from our ready-to-go ecommerce SMS templates:

  • Order Confirmation
Hi, Eric – Your order #Y08P32 has been processed. We are so glad you shopped with us! -Perfect Pet Accessories
  • Coupons/Promotions
It’s finally summer, which means that our annual Summer Sale is happening NOW! Click here to shop and receive 30% off your entire order:
  • Back in Stock Notification
Our fan-favorite sneakers are back in stock in all colors and sizes! We hope you’ll take the opportunity to buy them before they’re gone -- click here to shop:
  • Abandoned Cart Reminder
Hey, Maya! We noticed you left some items in your cart. Still interested? Click here to continue shopping or check out:
  • Shopping Suggestion
Hi, Brooklyn. We just released a new jewelry collection that we think you’ll love! Click here to shop:
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