Text Advertising for Businesses

Text advertising for businesses is a modern and efficient way to take your marketing to the next level. Whether it's with the power of a website, email messaging or video content, media that renders on a cellphone is optimal. It's no surprise; sending texts is as effective as any media that shows on your tablet or mobile device. There are key concepts to consider, and many of them have to do with display types.

When someone receives a text message, they don't have to access it to know that they have one. They can be in class, at the movies or listening in on a boring-board meeting. Even without opening up their devices, your leads can get a quick glimpse of what your message is about. You can entice them with compelling subject lines and bright promotions that grab their attention. Do it all through Textedly with text message advertising.

And, best of all, SMS marketing has never been easier thanks to Textedly's easy-to-use texting solutions platform.

What is Text Message Advertising?

Consider the principles of email marketing as applied to SMS messaging. There are over 4.2 billion people actively using text. Compared to the email stats by Campaign Monitor, there are 3.9 billion email users. The reality of email, unlike SMS text, is that a third of the total existing accounts are likely fake—or duplicated.
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You're more likely to have real contacts in text messaging because owning multiple phones is expensive, but owning multiple-email accounts is free.

Text Advertisement Performance

We encourage you to choose text as a form of marketing because it works. All around the world, marketers are discovering more reasons to convert into messaging campaigns. To understand this dynamic, consider the text advertisement stats.
From all of those who receive messages on their phones, 98 percent of them will open each message. Think about the cost of sending out ads. Mobility now ensures that your message gets read—at a fraction of a website's expense.
Will Read Them All:
Studies show that 74 percent of text users won't have a single message in their phones that hasn't been read. Engagement is the secret to effective advertising. Consider it today's opportunity because you don't have to work hard to get your leads interested in your message.
of Mobile Use:
Though competing against internet and phone calls, texts account for a third of all mobile-device use. There's no second-guessing how effective messaging can be if you only start using it.

What Are The Benefits of Sending Advertisement Texts?

The #1 benefit of text advertising is sales. You're in business for a reason. Engaging more leads gives you the real opportunity to generate more revenue. While you're at it, be sure to consider the following benefits of getting started:
Higher Consumer Engagement
Adaptable Strategies and Campaign Types
A Noninvasive Approach
Proven and Results Driven

Keep Your Advertising Messages Short

Short and sweet messages with Textedly is the secret to grabbing the consumer's attention.

You want to say everything that 1,000 words could express but in about five to eight. Begin to think of what you have to say but in as few words as possible. Your readers are active with their cellular devices, but they use little time in each engagement.

How to Start Text Advertising

It's in your best interest to organize an adequate text campaign. Getting the most out of your messaging requires organization. You'll benefit the most if you have templates to use. Such templates, campaign types and message formats give you a strategic edge. Textedly is the platform that you want to start with. Putting your messages on automation requires an algorithm that you can rely on.

Industry Uses for SMS Advertising

Every industry is different, but expanding your marketing, no matter what industry you're in, is as simple as knowing your leads. The central medium used in text is words. As long as you can study the type of buyers that your market has, you can then mimic the way they speak. Getting started with text advertising and making a difference is now that easy.

Learn more about how different industries are using text advertising.

How to Send Advertising Texts

  1. Upload your contact list and segment it into identifiable groups based on factors collected at sign-up. 
  2. Use Textedly templates or templates of your own to create an email marketing campaign, targeting specific segments of your contact list.
  3. Schedule the texts, and watch as the advertising campaign takes off.

Text Message Advertising Examples

Writing a compelling headline is the first step you need to take for optimal marketing. Your headlines should condense the core information you have while still establishing a sense of curiosity. Just be sure not to lie to or mislead your readers. Be honest, forward and straight to the point. You can use the following headline examples as a framework:
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Text Message Advertising Laws

As effective as advertising through text is, there are laws that you must operate through for the greatest impact. For starters, you should only send messages when you have the consent to. You must ensure that people can unsubscribe.

Text Message Advertising Campaigns With Textedly

The easiest way to engage with your leads through text is with a reliable platform.
Textedly gives you the basic tools you need, simplifies your automation and provides ongoing support. The question you have to answer is when. This is an option you need, and our proven history of results reveals this. Don't waste time. Get started. Reach your leads, track your campaigns and generate more revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Text Advertising

With Textedly, you get 300 characters per SMS text message or 1,600 characters per MMS text message to advertise sales, offer coupons, or promote other incentives to tempt your customers.
Plan your advertising campaign. Use templates to compose the texts. Give your customers the what, when, and where. Then, schedule the texts to go out a few days before a sale or special event. You can write and schedule the texts for an entire campaign or several campaigns in one sitting.
Text marketing is legal but falls under strict guidelines to keep it from getting spammy. For example, customers have to opt-in to your contact list, and you must be clear about how they can opt-out. Check out our SMS compliance guide to ensure you know and follow federal guidelines.
Sign up for a Textedly account. From there, use your dashboard to manage your contact list, write and schedule texts, and use our analytical tools to measure each campaign's effectiveness