Text-to-Landline Solutions

Texting to landlines can be enabled so that you can send and receive SMS messages. Learn how to make texting possible on your current landline number of a VoIP line with the help of Textedly.

Many businesses prosper from customers who are able to reach them during business hours with a specific phone number. Some of these phone numbers are designed for calls instead of text messages, so customers may not have their questions and concerns addressed without picking up the phone and dialing.

To compensate for this problem, there are solutions that your business can use to allow customers to text or call a landline phone number for their convenience. With a landline that has texts enabled with Textedly, your customers can reach you at any time during or outside of specified business hours.

What Happens If You Text a Landline

Not all texts to a landline will be lost. There are only two possible scenarios: the text is delivered or it fails. The question that should really be asked is why do some texts to landlines get delivered, while others are unsuccessful? Any landline that can receive texts successfully has a text-to-landline service.

What happens when you text a landline without a text-to-landline service? If your landline only operates via phone calls, then customers who try texting to a landline will fail to receive a response, often receiving a text-failed response. Many customers tend to utilize the convenient benefits of texting for their business purposes. A landline without a texting feature prevents business owners from knowing what potential customers they may be ignoring.

What happens when you text a landline with Textedly? Your prospective customers and current customers can contact you easily and without failure. With a text-to-landline service you will not lose a customer because they’ve mistakenly texted a landline hoping for a response. You’ll open the gateway for any messages on your landline to come through.

Text to Landline Features Explained

With a text-to-landline feature, your business can respond quickly to landline texts by sending an appropriate response to the customer's request. Instead of having a negative experience, the customer will be satisfied with your response time and more than likely come back to your business. Instead of being put on hold, you can easily respond to your customers via text or call during business hours.

What is Text to Landline?

Text to landline allows a customer or client send a text message about inquiries or product questions to a business’s landline phone number

Text to Landline Features Explained

A text-to-landline feature is one in which a customer can send a text message about inquiries or product questions to a business's landline phone number, and your business can respond quickly by sending an appropriate response to the customer's request. Instead of having a negative experience, the customer will be satisfied with your response time and more than likely come back to your business. Instead of being put on hold, you can easily respond to your customers via text or call during business hours.

Without a Text-to-Landline Service

Prospect sends text
No response
Prospect is lost

When you text a landline with Textedly

Prospect sends text
Delightful Response
Sale is made
New revenue channel grows

Why Choose Textedly As Your Text-to-Landline Solution?

Why people should choose Textedly as Your Text-to-Landline solution:
Easy Set-Up

The Textedly team takes care of the setup for you.

Schedule Text Messages

Save time and simplify your workflow by scheduling text messages in advance.

Send Long Text Messages

The Textedly platform allows you to send long, 300 character SMS texts.

CTIA and Mobile Carrier Setup

Check out our complete guide to CTIA and mobile carrier compliance.

MMS Enabled

Use Textedly to send photos, PDFs, and videos with MMS-enabled texts with up to 1,600 characters.

Free Incoming Texts

With Textedly, you only pay for outgoing texts. Incoming texts are always free.

How to set up Text-to-Landline with Textedly

Who Should Use Text-to-Landline Services?

Industries across the board. Studies show texts often outweigh calls for certain kinds of messaging related to general business inquiries and minor customer service issues. The buffer that texting provides is less intrusive and often times more efficient (for the business and the consumer). Text-to-landline services are most commonly used by these industries:


Bring indirect financial communication to text to save money and redirect your employees time to more profitable engagements.


Texting customers to confirm, make changes, and reserve tables creates a seamless reservation process and fills seats in your restaurant.


Use texting on your store number to improve in-store operations and customer pick-ups from online purchases.

Medical Offices

Make it easy for patients to confirm appointments and receive reminders via text so that they can avoid late fees and missed appointments.


As enterprises grow, their numbers require scalable solutions, including the capabilities for customers to text a landline.


Admissions offices can add a text-to-landline service that allows prospective applicants to text or call the same number.

(855) 397-6679

We have received your reservation request and look forward to seeing you at 8:00 PM EST on Friday, February 14th, 2020.

Text STOP to end

Customers can send a text to a landline to make a reservation with a restaurant or make changes to the time and size of their party for a reservation.
(855) 397-6679

Thank you for your interest in our 2020 Ford Explorer Sport.

You are now scheduled for a test drive on Saturday, February 8th, 2020 at 11:00 AM EST.

Text STOP to end

Customers can send requests to car dealerships for the purpose of scheduling a test drive, and customers can make business inquiries about available vehicles.
With this feature, you can use your existing landline number to send and receive messages from your customers without the installation of any software. You can simply integrate your phone number with a text marketing service like Textedly to enable texts on your landline.

How to Text From a Landline

Once you have decided to enable this feature using Textedly our team will help you connect your number. We do all of the heavy-lifting to get you up and running same-day. From that point on, you will be able to manage all of your messages centrally on our user-friendly platform.

Can I Use My Current Number with a Text-to-Landline Service?

The simple answer is: Yes! Your calls will continue to work just like normal and for texting purposes, all incoming texts to your number will feed into your text-to-landline service dashboard provided by Textedly.

Benefits of Text-to-Landline Numbers

Since customers value their time and having their inquiries acknowledged and answered by a business representative, landline texts can give your business a boost in revenue and encourage new customers to consider purchasing products and services from your brand.

 There are many benefits that your business can achieve with this type of text-to-landline feature:

  • Increased customer loyalty to your business.
    By making communication more convenient for your customers and making them feel valued, you can encourage them to reach out to friends and family who may find interest in your brand.
  • Instant gratification to customers.
    Many customers value the power of texting over calling or email since some customers find it more convenient to text than to call or send an email to a business.
  • Quicker response times, increased conversions.
    A response time of one-minute can improve your lead conversion rate by 391%. Customers want their questions answers fast by you or your competitor and in through the channel convenient for them.
  • Organized customer service dashboard for employees.
    By equipping employees with a clean and user-friendly dashboard to funnel leads to sales or customers to support, they can improve internal communication.

Use Textedly as Your Text to a Landline Solution

You can contact a Textedly representative and request to enable texting on your landline. Within a business day, your landline should have texting functionality enabled so that you can contact your customers and respond to their business inquiries about your products and services. 

 Using Textedly to communicate with your customers is quick and easy. Get started with a 14-day free trial today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Texting to Landline

Without a text-to-landline service, nothing happens, and the customer touchpoint is lost.
Text-to-landline service allows you to send or receive texts to a landline via the Textedly dashboard.
Textedly connects a new or existing landline to the Textedly platform, where you can then send and receive texts via your Textedly dashboard.
Yes, there’s no need to change your number.
No. Textedly’s team takes care of setup, which requires no extra software or equipment.
With Textedly’s help, there’s no interference, only the added benefit of text.