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Text Blast Services for Businesses

Text blasts are a convenient way to reach people that are always on their phones. And, that's a great thing for marketers since there are easy-to-use platforms for reaching their audience via text messaging like Textedly.

A well-written text blast can introduce a brand to customers or showcase a specific product. Texts are also highly effective for getting people excited to attend events. Texts should be friendly, engaging, and branded for best results.

And, best of all, SMS marketing has never been easier thanks to Textedly's easy-to-use texting solutions platform.

What is a Text Blast?

A text blast is a shout out to your whole customer phone list via text. The text is meant to be promotional in most cases. However, text blasts can be more personalized in order to follow up after an event. In that case, they would be less promotional and more geared toward building relationships.
The blast should include basic information such as who is sending the text, why they are texting, and the information that the business needs to convey. It's very important to identify the sender. The business needs to appear knowledgeable and friendly.
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How to Send an SMS Blast

  • Log on to a text messaging platform like Textedly
  • Tailor your phone list for the blast
  • Craft a great headline
  • Identify the business who is texting
  • Include your promotion or event dates
  • Leave a good contact number or email
  • Include any brand promotion at the bottom
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Why Text Message Blasts Are Effective

Impressive Open Rate

Research shows that most people don't mind receiving promotional texts. In fact, they are five times more likely to open an SMS than they are to open an email. And, many customers respond within 90 seconds.

This is especially interesting given the fact that federal law requires opt-ins for people to be on a blast list. While this would seem like a way to minimize productivity when it comes to SMS blasts, text message blasts are still beating email blasts for open rates.

They're Convenient

Today, people treat their phones as an extension of their hands. They can read and respond to texts within seconds because the phone is always there. In general, people like keeping up with their texts and making sure that they get all the necessary communication for the day.

Text marketing is successful because it's short. Of course, there will always be a place for long-tail marketing and publishing. But there are a few factors associated with this quicker format that make it effective.

One, the message is often effective because it has to be. Texts are truncated by design, so marketers must make a point with only a paragraph or so. Those little texts really pack a punch!

They're Straight to the Point 

The other reason is that people have short digital attention spans. If there's more relationship marketing to be done via text, it takes place over bite-sized conversations. This makes the marketing message easier to absorb over the long run.

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Text marketing is advantageous because people can read their messages quickly whenever it's suitable for them. They might catch up on texts for half an hour before bed. They might relax after dinner and finish all their conversations for the day. Whatever they choose, a text can wait until the reader actually has the time to read it.

Why Use a Text Blast Service

A blast service like Textedly is drastically more effective than using a mobile app. You will only reach the people who have the app installed if you take the other route. With text blast services, you can reach anyone who has opted in.

Text services are important because not everyone has an advanced smartphone or even a smartphone at all. Texts work on all equipped phones, and no other apps are needed to respond to the message.

How Businesses Are Using SMS Blasts

Some common uses for sending text blasts are:

Event marketing to customers
Get customers excited about upcoming events with activity, time, and location updates.

Event management for staff
Stay in touch with staff, so everyone has the latest guidelines and information.

Follow up after events
Send out a satisfaction survey link or offer a coupon code for attendees.

Participation during events
Text blasts let you interact with everyone in real-time. Receive and send instant responses as the event runs live.

Distributing digital coupons
Blast out digital coupons to a select number of customers or all at once, targeting a specific audience.

Product promotion
Textedly’s platform puts information about your latest product directly in the hands of your customers.

Text Blast Use By Industry

Some of the industries using text blasts the most are:
The idea is generally to use SMS as part of an integrated campaign. Marketers want to text exclusive content and deals with a clear call to action. So really, every industry could use SMS marketing. However, retail has been nailing it more than other industries.

Text Blast Compliance

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires that consumers opt-in to text marketing. There are several other rules about privacy and providing a STOP feature. You must also notify the customer if message and data rates apply. Be sure you maintain your compliance with your text blasts.

Send Text Blasts With Textedly

Textedly makes your text marketing easy. We have an all-inclusive platform to help you manage your phone list and conversations from a computer or smartphone. We also have several special features to help you use texting at events.

Frequently Asked Questions About Text Blasts

Text blasts open up a new work of marketing, advertising, and organizing your business.
Log into your Textedly dashboard, and: 

  • Pick your customer list
  • Write a headline
  • Identify your business Include the where, when, and hows
  • Include contact information
  • Add in a little brand promotion

The Textedly platform lets you schedule texts in advance.
Textedly gives you 300 characters for every SMS text.
Yes, our MMS texts let you send photos, videos, or PDFs, with up to 1,600 characters.
Most definitely. Link to a survey, promotional page, or special offer.
Send a text blast from anywhere you can log into your Textedly dashboard, including your phone.
As long as you’ve collected the right permissions from your customers, text blasts are compliant. Check out our best practices guide.

Why Use Textedly to Send Your Text Blasts?

Textedly’s platform simplifies communication for better, faster access to employees, clients, and customers.
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Use your Textedly dashboard to schedule texts in advance, smoothing your workflow.
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Integrate Textedly with Zapier, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and dozens of other apps.
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