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Texting has proven to increase effective communication for organizations and businesses. Get familiar with the powerful feature our SMS marketing platform offers.

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Mass Group Texting 

Sending mass group text messages is as easy as clicking one button. With our clean looking web-based interface, you can blast out a mass text message to all your subscribers in a matter of seconds.

Text Keyword

Anyone with a mobile phone can automatically sign up for your text marketing and notification campaigns by texting your custom Keyword to any phone number. Each Keyword represents a group, and is unique and dedicated just to you. Create as many Keywords as you want!

Schedule a Text

Our built in calendar feature makes it easy to schedule a single text message, or mass group text messages to go out on any future date and time.

Auto Reply Texts

As soon as a new subscriber texts your Keyword to your phone number, they will get an automatic text reply in a matter of 3-5 seconds. We make it easy so that you can customize your auto replies to whatever you want. Change them as often as you like.

Sending a Long Text Message

Standard text messages are sent as 160 characters long. If you need more, we are the company for you! Textedly is one of the only companies to offer you the ability to send a text message with over 300 characters.

Two Way SMS

Textedly provides you with a Inbox feature that allows your subscribers to send a text reply back to you. Engage your subscribers in a one-on-one two way chat, answering any questions they may have. Set up notifications, and we will automatically notify you the instant someone sends you a inbound message. Incoming SMS messages are FREE.

Authentic Text Messages

Our platform sends your text messages as authentic, real, genuine messages. Every text message sent by Textedly is uniquely identified and instantly goes directly to the mobile carriers. Everyone gets your text messages in a matter of seconds!

CTIA and Mobile Carrier Guidance

Explore our detailed SMS Compliance Guide  so you can focus on your texting efforts. Texting offers a near-instant way to get in front of your audience. Review information such as proper welcome disclaimers to opt-in and opt-out management. 

FREE Incoming Messages

Did we mention that all incoming SMS messages are FREE! Yes, that is correct. You only pay for the messages you send out. Bingo!

Unlimited Subscribers

You will never have a limit. Get as many mobile phone numbers signed up as you possibly can. We'll never limit your subscriber list. They can just keep rolling in, rolling in, rolling in!

Comprehensive Analytics

Get spectacular real-time data on all your text marketing efforts. Subscriber time stamps, activity feed, total user history, interactive graphs, performance metrics. You name it, we got it. 

Text Message Data Collection

In addition to getting the full mobile telephone numbers for all of your subscribers, Textedly will automatically retrieve and impute the State, City, and ZIP code for everyone of your subscribers. Additionally you can add more custom data fields such as First and Last name, and email address.

Just Once

This most useful feature will only allow each of your subscribers to get your Keyword welcome auto-reply message just once. Just once! So cool. Follow us here; if they are opt-in, then opt-out, and then opt-in again, they will just get a generic "Welcome back message. Thanks for coming back". 

Built-In Link Shrinking

Each plan comes with a really cool feature that allows you to shrink your hyperlinks down to just a few characters so they don't take up a lot of your available characters within your text messages. You can also get a report of how many users clicked on your links. A very awesome feature. 

Single Send

There will come a time when you will want to send or schedule a text message or appointment reminder to just one single person on your subscriber list. You can do that. We make it super-duper easy to do so.

Use Textedly From Your Mobile Phone

You can send out a blast text message on your mobile phone. If you are not near a computer, just use your phone, access your Textedly account, and blast out your text campaigns. 

Upgrade Your Textedly Account Anytime

Since there are absolutely no contracts, if at any time you need a bigger texting plan, we make it easy with just one click of a button to upgrade your Textedly plan and instantly get more out-going text messages loaded into your account.

Upload Your Subscriber List

Have you been using another text messaging provider? Are you ready to try the best? Then welcome to Textedly! If you have explicit written consent from your opt-in subscriber list, you can upload your list to your Textedly account in an instant. You can start sending out bulk text messages immediately. We've made that processes... ready for it... easy!

Picture Messaging

Want to make a great first impression? Then send out a picture message. Our platform makes it easy to attach a picture to any of your outgoing text messaging blasts. Your subscribers will love it. And check this out, when you send a picture message you can include up to 1,600 characters in the body of your text message.

Inbound Multimedia Messaging Service

Do your subscribers need to send you back a picture message? Done! We allow inbound MMS messages that will come right into your Textedly Inbox. View the pictures, zoom in on the pictures, and keep the pictures. It is all yours.

Email Capture

Easily capture a subscriber's email address with this handy feature. This is an absolutely wonderful way to grow your email marketing efforts, while at the same time continuing to drive value to our customer over text messaging. Simply export your collected emails directly to your favorite email marketing service provider.

Multiple User Support

Create as many teams and authorized users as you want. Textedly makes it easy to share your dashboard and account with anyone. And we don’t put a limit on how many users you can have. Each and every one of them are free of charge.

Voice Services

Turn any Toll-Free number, or Long Code number into a working voice call center. This feature is great when you send text messages from your dedicated Textedly phone number, you can also let your subscribers know that they can call you back on that number. You get the best of both worlds!

Two-Factor Authentication

Our two-factor authentication adds an extra level of security when you log into Textedly. Two-factor authentication requires one extra step to help you protect your account. After entering your username and password, you will get sent a text message to your mobile phone with a six-digit numerical code.

Text Marketing Tips & Guides

We created the industry’s most comprehensive marketing tips and guides to help you through your entire journey. All of this information from industry experts is exclusive to the Textedly community and made available to you free of charge.

Automatic Replies 

Use automatic replies whenever you want to respond to subscribers who send you an Inbound text message. This feature works just like an email out of office responder, but for text messaging. You can set this feature indefinitely, or schedule it to start and stop on days and times you prefer.


Your contacts are much more than just a phone number. They are a real person. You can instantly address each one by name. This feature allows you to automatically insert the first names of your subscribers into your mass group text.

Instagram Texting

Textedly has a built-in integration with Instagram, one of the world's most important social media apps. Add a "text us" button to your Instagram profile. Easily let your followers’ text your business with the tap of a single button from your Instagram profile.

Drip Campaigns

An automated feature is designed for you to send a series of time-delayed text messages to your subscribers. Drip Campaigns allow you to continuously interact with your subscribers so that they are always informed. Set this feature live based on your custom parameters.

Text to Join

Looking for a simple way to interact with the masses? Collect mobile phone numbers with our Text to Join services. Text to Join is an easy way to grow your base of SMS marketing subscribers all while collecting valuable data and insights.

Text to Vote

Text to Vote allows you to ask for your audience’s opinion. All you have to do is ask a simple question to determine the needs of your customers. With Text to Vote, you can gain awareness and full insight into your subscribers’ opinions and thoughts.

SMS Surveys

Send SMS surveys with ease using the Textedly text messaging platform. Text surveys, elicit a response more often than email or phone calls. Use advanced questions that are short and to the point. Gain quick and valuable insights on all your customers.


Use our free Zapier integration so that you can plug Textedly into over 1,000 + apps that you love and already use. Send data right into Salesforce.com, Facebook, Slack, HubSpot, Intercom, Pipedrive, and so many more. With our powerful API, there is nothing you can't do.

Love From Your Textedly Family

We care about you. We really do. We want your text message marketing efforts to succeed. There are other companies who say they care, but they don't. We really do. We are here for you! If you ever have a question, or want advice, or need instant help, we got your back. Don't ever hesitate to email us, chat with us online, or call us toll-free at 1-866-611-3050. We'll make sure you're treated like a King!

Secure Data And Information

All your data and information is 100% safe and secure behind our industry best SSL technology and encryption.

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